Travel The World - One Second Every Day

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I was fed up on living life on everyone else's terms so I decided to do something drastic and I quit my job and spent almost a year traveling the world. Solo travel around the world and quitting my job was one of the best things that has happened in my life and I wanted to share my travels. I made this video to show one second every day of me traveling the world and living the adventure. One second every day to show the highs and lows of traveling. I traveled all across Asia, trained kung fu in China, learned to scuba dive, climbed one of the highest mountains in the world and worked on a project in Borneo to save the orangutans. I hope you enjoy my one second every day video of my travels. I'm heading off for the next adventure soon and this one will be even more epic. STAY FOR FREE - AirBnB Make sure you subscribe for more videos

Comments from Youtube

The Fresh Squid : What an epic journey!

Lukas Duszak : love it!