Holland 1945

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Comments from Youtube

Teeg Monkey : This is very very cursed but has wholesome energy to it. I don’t understand why

jjswag : Its wierd because I kinda understand it but I dont at all

Ə þ : */ m u / w a n t s t o k n o w y o u r l o c a t i o n*

Bjork Lover : This video wasn't necessary to exist, but now it does and there is nothing we can do about it.


disconnected from the interweb : I don’t think it worked. I can still hear them in my wall. Any other recommendations?

(° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) : this channel is trying to summon satan

spiderman with a simit : This video: *exist* YouTube Nibbas: *Top 10 scary YouTube Videos (with link)*


Wool Wash : Thanks for getting me into neutral milk hotel

Brazoria : I'm a girl and within seconds of meeting a guy my age I can tell whether or not he has listened to ITAOTS and whether, consequently, he is someone I want to spend my time with. I meet a guy, he's quiet, reserved, he stutters and stumbles over basic sentences. He doesn't smile, he laughs politely and rarely, he wears clothes that are either too tight or too baggy and which look as if they were picked from a thrifstore clothesrack by his mother back in 2008. When I ask a question his answers come in "yes" and "no"s, when I begin talking about a subject he has expressed (mild) interest in he simply agrees with what I say and smiles the way a small child does when praised by his aunts at Christmas. In short this guy is not a reader. Instead of venturing out in the world, instead of asserting his will and demanding that the world yield to whatever demands he may have, instead of turns inward, his will is inverted, he would prefer to plummet than ascend. Rather than reach overcome his anxieties and mental peculiarities through empathy and conversation, he allows them to entirely dominate his perspective and disposition, to make themselves so much at home in his distorted psychology that the disorders and peculiarities and paranoid distortions themselves eventually become the essential substance of his character. I'd buy him a music ticket myself if I thought he had the courage to use it.

brushbust : I have never seen a single video on this channel but I'm guessing this is a great introduction

Tomatoes4life : I ask god why and he only answers with silence

Eric idontknowwhattocallmyselfimtrippingsack : Why does it feel like I've known you my whole life


KARIM : This is the last thing you see before dying

Animated Graph : Mfw when semen stain the mountain tops

dog : YouTube rewind deleted scenes

Sucky Egg : Please do this for the whole album, it makes so much sense.

bodysnatchers 4 ever : voyager's golden record contents, 1977

Janet Godinez : This is what I see when I try to fall asleep

firebird188 : I think that Neutral milk hotel is an icon in underground meme's. ...I can't believe we reached this point on the internet.

FLANERRY : Somtime, suicide is not the answer, But I have seen enough, I'm going to do it anyways.

q u e e n o : my fallopian tubes have been extracted

Alexander Holland : Can I get sources for all of these vids please.

Gerardo Ortega : I'm crying and idk even know why

SAVIOLI SAVIOLI : Wonderful of you to use a song from aero plane over the sea

H O A F : This video may seem cursed but it is the perfect accumulation of everything I love

sn a tc he d : i feel like i know what this means, but then i dont because it has a deeper hidden meaning, thats not what it actually appears to be. im

Harry Hughes : i need a girl who gets buried alive

NINJA's Depression : No but seriously, why do we exist? I want to know.

Dab Savage : That was the Slow Dancing In The Dark video at the end

Maximus Baker : This almost feels like a finale

Subscribe If You Hate Pineapple on Pizza : Hey I know you probably won’t see this, but I justed wanted to say this. Thank you. This channel has been there and has a video for me in every stage of my life. When I felt on top of the world, to when I had a gun to my head. I’ve always always been able to turn here. So thanks

XpertMarksman 77 : Why the hell did I sub to this channel?

colenol MD sues : this is the most /mu/ thing I've ever seen, and I've only been there once.

Mr. Asbestoss : this is what hell feels like

Herleifr : Longest 1 minute 45 second video ever.

Harkonar : I can look back to this video 10 years from now and I will still be confused over it.

48 _ Martins : What level of hell is this, and what can I do to stay here forever?

Aidan Childers : Can't believe how long it's been since Shrek shot himself :(

jacobsammartin : My love for ITAOTS has risen once again

A s t r a : Better Holland 1886, the best channel on YouTube

HEV Suit : We all have had this feeling at some point in our lifes.

dat boi : _Germany in April 1945:_

Thomas Wielgus : This is even more lo-fi than the original, instant classic

CaptainWhatsHisFace : Is this what it's like in holland

Johnny Boy : I didn’t even know the song but immediately knew it was Neutral Milk Hotel

turkish Thanksgiving : I'm shidding and fartting my pant rn.