Full Interview with Jan Huang re: Pick-up artists Harassing Women

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Lee Wang : Sexual harrassment does not equal rape, so the chances of actually approaching a woman who was raped is not 1/4. Although I understand that guys should just back off after few rejections from women, but guys still have every right to approach/talk to women on the streets. PS, since u r a media guy, aren't u suppose to hold a mutual stance instead of being so judgmental of ur interviewees? Who's gonna accept ur interviews from now on ?

Matt C : Initially I thought this was an interview. Maybe not like The Tonight Show, but a chill interview. Not one with a probation officer. lol

Pawkinn : The interviewer should be more professional. We can see he was too uncontrollable with his anger, he literally stood up, get very close to him and say things like he is talking to a small kid. This is too unprofessional.

Andrew Gao : I have so much more respect for Jan after watching this. I would have walked out the interview for these extremely poor and unprofessional lines of questioning.

willyjofo : Mike Schwarz needs to get laid, that big-smiled, professional picture ain't foolin' nobody.. He's not even a good interviewer

Andrew Gao : Jan did this interview extremely well giving thought out and reasonable answers. I am a little disappointed in this interviewer. He does not understand the subject matter at all and came in with an accusational vibe trying to be the white knight. This is what is wrong with males these days. No wonder the majority of guys don't get laid very much.


heymanhaha : such poor interview questions..

Kai : Despite whether Jan is doing right or wrong, this interviewer is certainly not professional at all.

Ban Nsabin : This interviewer is lame af lmao. What is he some attorney or judge smh

half : harassing women....

ceeloc : Women would complain if no one approached them. Also, they would only complain if the guy wasn't attractive to them

Tale of 2 Piggies : I can't stand that lack of facial hair..

mi6ful : White Knight

EbbWeaver : The problem is that you have a mentor teaching people that don't have social skills to force social interactions. it's not just about having "social skills" you have to do a lot of internal work on your self to be happy and comfortable within yourself before you can have interactions with others. there are a lot of different kinds of people out there and forcing social interactions with them can cause conflict regularly. that being said, I don't think having someone encourage you to interact with people is a bad idea. people do that all the time in a lot of different cultures. Everyone needs to take accountability for their own actions. there is one thing that frustrates people who are unaware of it. Vancouver society is full of stuck up self entitled assholes. Guys and girls alike. I suggest if you want to meet someone who is normal. don't approach girls on the street or at bars or Starbucks. Go to a concert or go do something fun. that's free advice. Also this guy is not a psychologist or a therapist. He's uneducated and who wants to work a regular job when you can convince other people to pay you to mentor them.

2% milk : This dude gon' get clocked out next time he on Granville

Nataly Zehr : Mike I think a good solution for this would be to teach people at a young age courses on how to be more social and talk to people in the education system both men and woman. Also educate what is harassment and what is not harassment that way this country as a whole could grow to become better. Or am I the only one who thinks so..

Nataly Zehr : Mike LMAO with the last part try calling the police to tell them he said that and see what they say I have tried they won't do anything you are just supposed to block people this is the 21st century.

Dillon X : Did you not making any eye contacts and speak to her with jokes and laughter? It would be strange without any eye contacts before kissing her!! Ask yourself, brother!!

Dillon X : I wonder how Mike Meet his wife?

Dillon X : Mike, how did you meet your Wife? Are you not approach her?

Youtuber 10489 NA : Glad i'm set, great humor and confidence, deadly combination lol

D L : Mad respect for Jan!!!! Although, he might've been a little off in the messages..but everyone goes through a learning process and make mistakes... The bald beta is just dumb AF and highly unprofessional. Thats why the news media is losing credibility fast these days...

Manuel Bart : Lol ‘i don’t teach such thing with my students’ this guy went beyond simple emotions. Put that SoB in jail

Hubert Applebaum : In the Netherlands they would say, Jan met de kleine achternaam.

leon yoo : why did jan have to talk here??? is it like a punishment??

Bavinh Pham : This is really eye opening. Jan isnt as good as i think he is. Hes only 26. Hes young. He still has much to learn about the seduction community. At the end of the day its not bad but you need to be communicate honestly about why you do it. Honesty clarifies and resolves alot of issues.

TYRES1987 : Why do pick up artists turn into such faggots as soon as the difficult questions are asked? If people don't like what you're doing, who gives a fuck, they are just trying to halt the advance of men taking their power back from an increasingly feminized society!