Lebron James Hugging A Teenage Girl After Hitting Game Winner On The Warriors

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Toxic Melody : *You have touched greatness*

Bilguun Otgonchimeg : but she cute tho

Prod.godlife : Yoooo this comment section got me weak 😂😂😂

Ermak47 Bullsky22 : That face she like an orgasm at the 1st time

Jon.o : why does SHE get a hug

RJ TV : She dead got wet

Big Game Shane : Jordan wouldn't have even acknowledged her.

Just Sayin : When you feel your first orgasm

GETURHANDSUP916 : And at that moment she was ready to go on a campaign to end all racism and become the first female president of the U.S.

Kennedy Linder : #Metoo

DRIFT - : At this moment.... her cherry popped

LeBeautiful : Hey, that's what GOATs do 😉

The Truth : Only goat's make a young lady day spectacular

Mr. confuse : what episode of Blacked is this?

Michael Simmons : Now she’ll marry black hahaha

richard87haynes : I think she got wet a lil lol

B J : Be careful Lebron, she’s gonna claim you grabbed her ass 20 years from now

Giraffe Juice : She can't wait to turn 18 to get dat bbc

Timothy Marland : I can just sense all the white guys she’s turned down since

SuicideSaint 2005 : And she never dated a white guy again..

Francis Albiol : If Kobe hugs this girl, you'll know what happens next..

John Nike : Yep she going to get some BBC LOL

Round : In the end you can see how she thinking how to turn this moment into a rape allegation

CHiLLiN HENDRiCK : 😂😂She looking like, " *What is life* "

Jon H : She gonna sue this man for sexual harassment in ten years just wait on it lmao

M hombink : u deserve it. beautiful

warfare73 : I would hug her too

chas charles : As soon as it finished, i already knew the majority of what the comments were gonna say 😂

TheSpeedKnot : 0:26 the moment she realized that she left the stove on at home.

Jordan Marley : 10 years later. #MeToo

Lonzo Ball : If I hugged that girl, she finna be moister than an oyster.

LAO : she cute

Laurence___17 ELITE : Not a fan of Lebron but Lebron giving that girl some love for being a fan. Good for that girl. She deserves it.

PG 13PACERNATION : how old is she?? would honestly smash

Media Ghost : Welp parents...the deal is sealed...welcome to the family, the cookout is on Saturday...make sure to bring something, but don't you dare bring that soggy ass white folks tatta salad with all that damn mayonnaise or that Kraft macaroni and cheese out the box...Lebron slipped her the mental BBC right in front ofyou, she will never be the same...your house at Christmas time is gonna be full of interracial grandkids, with light skin, hazel green eyes, curly hair and occasionally the Migos might pop up...see you Saturday cousin 🙋🏿‍♂️

Packo_ Hubu : She wants BBC

Aglo Calma : She cums 🌊🌊💦💦

Jared Grimes : White guys ain't got a chance with her now 👀

DivineForcesBro : Sexual harassment case in a couple years.

Teenage Mutant Piana Turtle : She will never date a white man now.

Camilla Joyce : B L A C K E D

ReFuND PLaYs : And after that she realized... that black lives really do matter.

george mikal : Imagine her face when he slips inside her!

Malik Pearson : he hugged her like yeah if u can find a way to my room i will let u in

Sαd Dyɴαѕтy : she was about to cry

blanchecolombe1 : Rumour has it that Beverly has refused to take a shower since😂

mykylc : LOL....nice!!!!

It'salwayscloseenought : She lost her virginity after that warm hug.....

Banana99 : So down to earth 🌏 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Giraffe Juice : I bet he smashed the shit out of her in the locker room showers