Lebron James Hugging A Teenage Girl After Hitting Game Winner On The Warriors

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Prod.godlife : Yoooo this comment section got me weak 😂😂😂

warfare73 : I would hug her too

Laurence___17 ELITE : Not a fan of Lebron but Lebron giving that girl some love for being a fan. Good for that girl. She deserves it.

Ermak47 Bullsky22 : That face she like an orgasm at the 1st time

Jon H : She gonna sue this man for sexual harassment in ten years just wait on it lmao

M home : u deserve it. beautiful

Timothy Marland : I can just sense all the white guys she’s turned down since

Sαd Dyɴαѕтy : she was about to cry

Sh0rty_jay : She was shook asf

Big Game Shane : Jordan wouldn't have even acknowledged her.

Jared Grimes : White guys ain't got a chance with her now 👀

Animations Reel : Where is she now! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

ReFuND PLaYs : And after that she realized... that black lives really do matter.

Media Ghost : Welp parents...the deal is sealed...welcome to the family, the cookout is on Saturday...make sure to bring something, but don't you dare bring that soggy ass white folks tatta salad with all that damn mayonnaise or that Kraft macaroni and cheese out the box...Lebron slipped her the mental BBC right in front ofyou, she will never be the same...your house at Christmas time is gonna be full of interracial grandkids, with light skin, hazel green eyes, curly hair and occasionally the Migos might pop up...see you Saturday cousin 🙋🏿‍♂️

Thanos : she literally has no idea what just happened😂😂😂

moses : And that was the end of her and tommy and the beginning of her and Tyrone

Hugh Jaynis : Pervert

KaHLiL 2Classy : Y'all needa chill w these thirsty comments

Wazze Gaming : I'm here just read all the comment haha

mykylc : LOL....nice!!!!

Its Carlito : Bet lebron creampied those sweet sugar walls after the game

berk sönmez : Didn’t know lebron was an actor in blacked.com lol

Toxic Melody : *You have touched greatness*

Jacob Kirby : Now shes probably married to a 6"5 300 pound black man named deandre

Tone202 : so you cant hug teen aged girls now smh

cooleycat89 : The game winner wasn't the only thing Lebron hit that night :-)

Rogelio Barraza : At that moment she realized....she no longer wanted a Tyler.

Kennedy Linder : #Metoo

kevin durant is a stupid snake : Once you go black...

Obi Wan : **Now change those wet panties* 😅

Dustin Soderberg : Greatest comment section i've ever seen

lighty805 : Blacked

Bilguun Otgonchimeg : but she cute tho

Victor : *AND THAT DAY, LEBRON AND WHITE GIRL TRADED BODIES* * *Lebron starts flopping like crazy**

FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT) : And at that moment she had a vision that one day... The Warriors would be up 3-1

westsideAUKILANI : She got pregnant from that brief encounter

King Youngblood : That's face was priceless. She was so happy to get a hug.

Dae Dae : i got a hug from a Big Black guy

Antonio Robinson : The reason he hugs HER is because in the sea of Golden State Jerseys..She's wearing a Miami Heat Jersey.. And she was also asking for his headband so that look is a combination of disappointment and surprise that he actually acknowledged her..

ONCE;PH🇵🇭♥️💕 : I bet she’s a warriors fan now.

Dudley Red : Lol her face expression was comical

Nav Skrt : I wanna hug lebron so i could use my rinnegan to absorb his powers and chakra

Chung Man : Beautiful

NANDO R/T : Well he just made her day/lifetime memory! 😊

BUZZ TRASH YEAR : Gotta admit I used to hate LeBron but he’s actually a cool guy

tele68 : These little clips of the human experience are why I love YouTube. You can't script this stuff,

cptroupe : 2 weeks later; hello is this Lebron`s agent? my name is Becky and I`M PREGNANT !!!

Nightcore Songs : Once u get hug from LeBron James u will feel greatness in u...

Funn Man : All these Racist jokes come on now 😂

Jon.o : why does SHE get a hug