[SFM] Super Smash Brothers Infinity Trailer - (Infinity War Trailer Parody)
SFM Super Smash Brothers Infinity Trailer Infinity War Trailer Parody

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Been working on this on and off for the past month. I should warn now, for the month of June, while I'll be doing my annual Spark's Take on E3 video, I'm focusing right now on getting my second book out, that's why there hasn't been much content lately.


Vinegar Cheesecake : You basically predicted the story mode of Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Samu games 07 : Did you predict world of light?

Luigiman266 : Ike: Who the hell are you guys? Mewtwo: The DLC

System509 : Sonic: What is this guy's problem Mr Mario? Mario: Uh he's from space, he came here to steal a ball from a dog

RogueTNT : Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light: Shulk: I saw about 5,340,200 futures of how this will turn out Mario: In how many do we win? Shulk: One *slowly turns to Kirby* Kirby: Poyo :D

Max Lelq : Well boi you weren't too far from ssb5 new story

Pardoxia : Pit gets snapped... "MS. PALUTENA, I NEVER LEARNED Hᵒʷₜₒ ᵣₑₐ𝒹!"


TheRyanSpark : For anyone who asks: Why Captain Falcon and Lucina? It's because he's Captain Falcon.

RedWood Cosplay : Came here after the last Smash Bros Direct, who would have thought that nintendo would pull an infinity war for Ultimate

Darkky : Sonic dies in Infinity War.

MW Playz : YouTube waits till now to put this in my recommended...ok I see how it is

Marian Jenickah : And then months after this video. They announced World of Light adventure mode...

Nia'Geri Cameron : Bruh I saw this in the morning and then the smash Direct ;-;

KingGordo Productions : So I see you accurately predicted the latest Smash direct...

Spider Gnat : Please make a full movie sfm smash bros infinity war Edit: please Edit2:if this gets 100 likes he has to make it + make peach pepper please

Jennifer Gallegos : Walluigi should be thanos

The_RyujinLP : Given yesterdays direct..... Oh god... how fitting this video is... Sakurai: *SNAP!*

Sammy Jones : Smash Stone Space-Warp Star (Kirby) Time-Xenoblade (Xenoblade Chronicles) Reality-Triforce (Zelda) Soul-Umbra Watch (Bayonetta) Mind-Mega Man Power-Chaos Emeralds (Sonic)

wmiller20002 : How accurate this is now!

Envious Gaming : super smash bros wolrd of light! lol this is what nintendo should have done for their trailer for that new mode

Brendon Dellinger : "Who the Hell are you guys? *DLC CHARACTERS* That made me laugh so hard, well done XD

Ryce Gabriel Major : Sanic: Mr. Merio I don't feel so gudd


Stevenator Bensonica : You accidentally predicted world of light,lol

Iron Crafters : I still say Shulk should've been Doctor Strange

mngentry : LINK IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! I’m sold. “Get this man a shield.”

Pixel Bit : Deaths based on appearance Lucario Lucina Captain Falcon? Sonic Ganondorf Meta Knight Zelda? Mega Man Samus

Joseph Garfield : well this is suddenly relevant

Nathan Trinh : Well, you got pretty close to predicting World of Light.

Yolanda Rosales : "PG-13 Language, violence, rude humor, mild blood, mild drug use

Adi / Aditya Valvi : Mr. Mario I don't feel so fast

Little Cat : You predicted The future

vintage xxx : TABUU IS BACK AFTER SITTING IN THAT CHAIR 2014 he let Bowser get the orb but the downloadians killed him XD

The Phoenix : Did anyone watch this directly after the last Nintendo Direct?

Germanator6000 MF : Imagine this when Smash Ultimate is done with DLC and the game is done with development entirely. Tbh we need Thanos in Smash lmao

Trishia Bidaure : If Sonic is Peter and Mario is Tony... Uh oh...

Raulgamer_70 : le metieron la espada a megaman :,v ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rosani Rodrigues : Do you have a scene with Tabuu with Thanos voice? That be very cool! 😎

Derpy Snowman : World of light is the snap

Mr Memes : Super smash bros ultimate infinity war

Rohith K : Sonic: Nintendo I don't feel so good...I don't wanna go back to Sega

Joseph Joestar : Sonic: Mr MARIO... I don’t feel so good.

Ace Colton : Where was this when they revealed World of Light

Riolu's Company : Mario:hey mister of the aura, what are you doing? Lucario: I'm looking at the possible timelines Mario: To what good, and... in which we win? Lucario: ...In only one

Mr.Perfect Gamer : I would legit pay money to see the full movie redone LMAO.

SmokieTheDog : I like how you used your own animation and not cut scenes from the game 👍

Jason Bumpus : I think Samus should be Captain Marvel actually

Shinta Himura : Knuckles: "Oh my God... we're all gonna die!!" Sakurai: "What's the matter, you kids never seen an alien spaceship before?"