[SFM] Super Smash Brothers Infinity Trailer - (Infinity War Trailer Parody)

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Master0fHyrule : Why wasn't I reccomended this video like a month ago. It was amazing.

BiXDus Nutzakk : You basically predicted the story mode of Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Young Szymczok : where are you kirby :(

Xanman : 2:21 The Downloadians of the Galaxy.

Mutafukaz Spider : Sonic: Mr.Mario...i dont feel so good Mario: you be alright Sonic: I-i dont know what happen i-i do- *He Hug Mario and crying* Sonic: i dont wanna go, i dont wanna go, please mr. mario please..i dont wanna go.... *sonic fall down* .... Sonic: im sorry........ *he disappear*

Cosmic Block : Subspace Emessary 2

[EPT]Samu rblx fan : Did you predict world of light?

ThatOneGuy : You mean to tell me Ganon gets his neck snapped in the first 5 minutes?

Lorenzo Vega : Thanos should've been Waluigi...

RedWood Cosplay and Gaming : Came here after the last Smash Bros Direct, who would have thought that nintendo would pull an infinity war for Ultimate

Dog9040 : I like how you used your own animation and not cut scenes from the game 👍

ThatGuy Atom : Wait, so Sonic is Spidey? ...Ah man.... 😅😅

ThreePunch5 : Not gonna lie I fanboyed the hell outta watching this

Justyn The Gamer : The DLCs of the Galaxy

Max Lelq : Well boi you weren't too far from ssb5 new story

Rohith K : Sonic: Nintendo I don't feel so good...I don't wanna go back to Sega

The Peacemaker : *"Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history"* Me:


MW Playz : YouTube waits till now to put this in my recommended...ok I see how it is

KingGordo Productions : So I see you accurately predicted the latest Smash direct...

TheRyanSpark : For anyone who asks: Why Captain Falcon and Lucina? It's because he's Captain Falcon.

Marian Jenickah : And then months after this video. They announced World of Light adventure mode...

Eduardo Condori : mario = Tony Stark lucario = doctor strange mega Man = vicion Pac-Man = Bruce baner sónic = Spider-Man meta knihg = blac panter

Nia'Geri Cameron : Bruh I saw this in the morning and then the smash Direct ;-;

Spoopy Boo : So does that mean Captain Falcon will Falcon punch right into Tabuu’s chest?

Mickcrazykid : I would watch that in theaters

wmiller20002 : How accurate this is now!

timrob12 : "Who the hell are you guys?" "We are the DLC of Smash Bros." Okay, they don't really say that, but it's funny to think that that will be their response.

kamba Berserker Monster : "Infinity war is the best movie in history" Ryan:hold my bear.

mngentry : LINK IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! I’m sold. “Get this man a shield.”

Chiggaman23 : I loved this! One of the only parodies that actually took the plot of the movie and recreated it instead of using half-assed clips. (Lol jk I’d probably do that myself) Let me just point out a couple of criticisms, animation could be improved a bit to be a bit more dynamic, and your characters were a bit inconsistent, for instance, Vision became C. Falcon, then Mega Man, Scarlet Witch was Lucina then Zelda, and you lead us to believe that PAC-Man is Hulk, but then we see Giga Mac as Hulk, with PAC-Man in the same scene. Just some tips for if you plan on remaking this or the second trailer in the future. Other than that, great animation! My boy Lucario as my boy Doctor Strange there! Love that!

Tommy Castellon : yay tabuu is thanos

shin goijra fan205 : Mr. Mario...i...i...don't feel so good....

G_Esco_19 Minecraft : Is it me or should this be an actual movie

Brendon Dellinger : "Who the Hell are you guys? *DLC CHARACTERS* That made me laugh so hard, well done XD

Ghoststorm : *Dread it,* *Run from it,* *The Final Smash still arrives* *EVERYONE IS HERE !*

Cosmic Reader : I love that you made my favorite video game character link as my favorite comic book superhero captain America

Joaquin Maran Carbia : I am glad my Main Pac-Boi Is a protagonist in the movie. Also, he does not have a >:v expression? It looked strange when they were trying to save the world like at the end of the video and he was like :/

Queen Sectonia : Captain Falcon X Lucina? *Y E S*

Chorus Kid P : "Where's bayonetta?" "I'll do you one: who is bayonetta?" "I'll do you one better: why is bayonetta?"

Joshua Metcalf : Would pay actual money to watch if this was real

erick rodriguez : TAKE MY MONEY!!

Joseph Garfield : well this is suddenly relevant

Dustbowl Refugee : This needs to be the next subspace

Mr GhostMan : Make a movie out of this because you're awsome

Stevenator Bensonica : You accidentally predicted world of light,lol

Flipperdude : Okay but I can’t stop watching this! You did it so well and now I want this to be a thing.

Grace anonymous : I loved the end with the DLCs 😂

Electrix 272 : Is there going to be a Smash Bros Infinity War fanfiction? No? “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

itsko orihara : super smash bros wolrd of light! lol this is what nintendo should have done for their trailer for that new mode