[SFM] Super Smash Brothers Infinity Trailer - (Infinity War Trailer Parody)

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Master0fHyrule : Why wasn't I reccomended this video like a month ago. It was amazing.

BiXDus Nutzakk : You basically predicted the story mode of Smash Bros. Ultimate.

[EPT]Samu rblx fan : Did you predict world of light?

System509 : Sonic: What is this guy's problem Mr Mario? Mario: Uh he's from space, he came here to steal a ball from a dog

Luigiman266 : Ike: Who the hell are you guys? Mewtwo: The DLC

Rohith K : Sonic: Nintendo I don't feel so good...I don't wanna go back to Sega

Max Lelq : Well boi you weren't too far from ssb5 new story

RogueTNT : Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light: Shulk: I saw about 5,340,200 futures of how this will turn out Mario: In how many do we win? Shulk: One *slowly turns to Kirby* Kirby: Poyo :D

The Otter Ones : Came here after the last Smash Bros Direct, who would have thought that nintendo would pull an infinity war for Ultimate


Cosmic Block : Subspace Emessary 2

MW Playz : YouTube waits till now to put this in my recommended...ok I see how it is

Marian Jenickah : And then months after this video. They announced World of Light adventure mode...

Nia'Geri Cameron : Bruh I saw this in the morning and then the smash Direct ;-;

KingGordo Productions : So I see you accurately predicted the latest Smash direct...

Dog9040 : I like how you used your own animation and not cut scenes from the game 👍

Jennifer Gallegos : Walluigi should be thanos

wmiller20002 : How accurate this is now!

Stevenator Bensonica : You accidentally predicted world of light,lol

TheRyujinLP : Given yesterdays direct..... Oh god... how fitting this video is... Sakurai: *SNAP!*

TheRyanSpark : For anyone who asks: Why Captain Falcon and Lucina? It's because he's Captain Falcon.

The Phoenix : Did anyone watch this directly after the last Nintendo Direct?

Little Cat : You predicted The future

Joseph Garfield : well this is suddenly relevant

Nathan Trinh : Well, you got pretty close to predicting World of Light.

Chorus Kid P : "Where's bayonetta?" "I'll do you one: who is bayonetta?" "I'll do you one better: why is bayonetta?"

Ace Colton : Where was this when they revealed World of Light

Envious Gaming : super smash bros wolrd of light! lol this is what nintendo should have done for their trailer for that new mode

Game&Josu : World of Light

Izzy W : You have shulks future vision

Young Szymczok : where are you kirby :(

Ryan Martell : TABUU IS BACK AFTER SITTING IN THAT CHAIR 2014 he let Bowser get the orb but the downloadians killed him XD

Game Insane : 1 criticism.... some don't match the intended character and others seem to multitask


JRC SMASH : Anyone here after World of Light.

Smg4 Bowser : Super smash bros ultimate infinity war

Alpha Shitlord : This video aged well.

Louis Belmont : Wow this is some future predicting shit plus mad talent.

Xx Z1nQ xX : Sonic has a hot dog nice

Adi / Aditya Valvi : Mr. Mario I don't feel so fast

The Ultra Sceptile : Mah gawd giga Mac as hulk XD

Darkky : Sonic dies in Infinity War.

EwyN : Lucina x Captain Falcon?!?! Whats?? :V

Jonathan Tarver : Amazing. Just...... props man.

Brendon Dellinger : "Who the Hell are you guys? *DLC CHARACTERS* That made me laugh so hard, well done XD

bowser jr and King bowser : I always knew mario was iron man.

Pineappable : When someone gets the final smash

Haz Meme : This aged well

I don’t Know why I’m here : You predicted the future

mngentry : LINK IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! I’m sold. “Get this man a shield.”