[SFM] Super Smash Brothers Infinity Trailer - (Infinity War Trailer Parody)

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TheRyanSpark : My new novel Descendence The Island of Alter is available now on Amazon! UK Paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1717764657 US Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1717764657 I know shameless self plug, but I've been working on this for ages and it's been a long time coming. Thank you all for the support on the video!

Master0fHyrule : Why wasn't I reccomended this video like a month ago. It was amazing.

Cosmic Block : Subspace Emessary 2

Dog9040 : I like how you used your own animation and not cut scenes from the game 👍

Aditya Valvi / Adi : Mr. Mario I don't feel so fast

mngentry : LINK IS CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! I’m sold. “Get this man a shield.”

Electrix 272 : Is there going to be a Smash Bros Infinity War fanfiction? No? “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”

McBenedict : Finally. SFM used for something other than porn

Mutafukaz Spider : Sonic: Mr.Mario...i dont feel so good Mario: you be alright Sonic: I-i dont know what happen i-i do- *He Hug Mario and crying* Sonic: i dont wanna go, i dont wanna go, please mr. mario please..i dont wanna go.... *sonic fall down* .... Sonic: im sorry........ *he disappear*

ThatOneGuy : You mean to tell me Ganon gets his neck snapped in the first 5 minutes?

Rohith K : Sonic: Nintendo I don't feel so good...I don't wanna go back to Sega

Xanman : 2:21 The Downloadians of the Galaxy.

Theoretical Physics : Waluigi: Sakurai, I don't feel so g o o d

BGames : Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe...but super smash bros.........does put a smile on my face.

Young Szymczok : where are you kirby :(

LatinGuido817 : So, does that mean we'll see Donkey Kong fight Tabu for 20 seconds? 😂

Connor Allen : I made a list of all of the characters as a reply to someone else, but I figured I’d put it here so every can see Mario: Iron Man PAC-Man: Bruce Lucario: Doctor Strange Greninja: Wong Lucina: Scarlet Witch Captain Falcon: Vision and Thor Ike: Thor Samus: Bruce and Bucky Zero Suit Samus: Black Widow Sonic: Peter Parker, Spider Man Ganondorf: Loki Tabuu: Thanos SuperSonic: Spider Man Meta Knight: Black Panther Link: Captain America Zelda: Scarlet Witch Donkey Kong: Giant Iron Man Suit Mega Man: Vision Bowser: One of Thanos’s children (Maybe) Giga Mac: The Hulk THE CLIP AT 1:59 IS WEIRD, IM NOT SURE WHO IS WHO SO I WILL PUT MY GUESSES FOR THIS SECTION SEPERATELY: Link: Captain America Samus: Bucky Giga Mac: The Hulk PAC-Man: Black Panther or Okoye Meta Knight: War Machine SECTION OVER Roy: Starlord Ryu: Drax Bayonetta: Gamora Cloud: Most likely Groot, could be Rocket Mewtwo: Most likely Rocket, Could be Mantis Certain characters represent multiple people and multiple characters represent a single one at times because the video was a little weird on that. I hope this clears up any confusion

Arnold Eli : “Get this man a shield” *Link appears* GOOSEBUMPS.

goalazo93 : Please Mr. Sakurai give us a story mode!!

TheRyanSpark : For anyone who asks: Why Captain Falcon and Lucina? It's because he's Captain Falcon.

MW Playz : YouTube waits till now to put this in my recommended...ok I see how it is

Justyn The Gamer : The DLCs of the Galaxy

Tevin Banks : Me: If Space Emissary was so good, where is Space Emissary 2? Sakurai: Hold my beer

G U R T : **puts an x over arms** NINTENDO FOREVAH!

Masterbuilder 164 gaming and reviews : 0/10 Waluigi is Missing

The Peacemaker : *"Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history"* Me:

Doctor Nefarious : This is the only time that I agree 100% with the characters

Lorenzo Vega : Thanos should've been Waluigi...

Supernøva : Mega man is always the one that has to suffer

Miguel Mercado : I'd watch the full Super Smash Bros. Infinity War for SURE

ThatGuy Atom : Wait, so Sonic is Spidey? ...Ah man.... 😅😅

Lil Jae : Super Smash Bros. Ultimate War

Brendon Dellinger : "Who the Hell are you guys? *DLC CHARACTERS* That made me laugh so hard, well done XD

Lumberarc 31 : Mario... I don’t feel so good...

Mr. Boi : Mr. Mario, I dont feel so good...

CrepaKappa : Emissary in a nutshell. Good animation as well

Eduardo Condori : mario = Tony Stark lucario = doctor strange mega Man = vicion Pac-Man = Bruce baner sónic = Spider-Man meta knihg = blac panter

Chorus Kid P : "Where's bayonetta?" "I'll do you one: who is bayonetta?" "I'll do you one better: why is bayonetta?"

Joaquin Maran Carbia : I am glad my Main Pac-Boi Is a protagonist in the movie. Also, he does not have a >:v expression? It looked strange when they were trying to save the world like at the end of the video and he was like :/

ThreePunch5 : Not gonna lie I fanboyed the hell outta watching this

Neo Matthew Matheos : Captain Hyrule

Spoopy Boo : So does that mean Captain Falcon will Falcon punch right into Tabuu’s chest?

AwesomeGreninja22 Aka AwesomePikachu22 : Take my money I want this.


BlackStarVega : I thought I was looking at a Nintendo Switch add, so when I saw Mario look sad like that, I literally was like, "DUDE WTF IS THIS?!" ha ha ha Anybody else got goosebumps while watching this?!

Nelson The N : Not only is waluigi not a playable character in smash, but he's also not even a background character in this trailer. RIP WALUIGI (It's actually a pretty good trailer tho, good work!)

zigzag14 : Love the DLC part. “Who the hell are you guys”

Tommy Castellon : yay tabuu is thanos

FortniteGod : This should be Subspace Emissary 2

Cosmic Reader : I love that you made my favorite video game character link as my favorite comic book superhero captain America