Red Copper Flipwich Dub

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B.W.B : I know what you like.... WIENERS

Guly N : I know what you like. *W I E N E R S*

deadlyNightshade789 : BON VOYAGE MOTHERFUCKER

Skaya Powell : Yass Cathy's Back!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

AnimeNightcores150 : Oh god is this dunkey's grandma?! LOL

michael gatlin : Whitey off of eight crazy nights lmao😂😂!!!

Bianca Rose : okay but why do these videos make me actually want to buy the product??

Minerbros365 : 1:02 - 1:04 *Bonvoyage Mothafucka*

Jack1775 Gaming : Hell yea more Jaboody!

ThAt OnE bLuE fReAk : Go and flip it and flop it, ur gonna flippity flopptiy flip floop it! Look at that meanie panini😂😂😂😂😂

Warrior 500 : I upgraded my weapon arts to duel wield

Jones HD : "You know what would go great with this rock? Some tomato" Like if you remember that 😂

Don Freecs : If this thing is legit, I want one. I guess I'll have to look at some reviews.

Equiliz : Can we get a bear grylls dubs please daddy?

Emily Clairmont : nini's and weenies

Andrew Bertain : Holy SHIT, it's my gurl Cathy heeeeeey

GogetaRules7 : 1-800-FAT-WIENERS

Leonard Church : Those fuckin squelching sounds xD

Timothy Hermanto : I bet she's currently bathing in the tears of George Forman

Justin : God damn yall! Just when I quit makin the sounds and mocking the infomercials on tv you pull me right back in. INFUSED WITH THE POWER OF COPPER!!!!!

jeweleton gem : Your voice sounds like Pennywise but in a higher pitch

Skarlis : I have never seen the original version of this commercial, but this dub has made me buy one. Thanks, Jaboody!

alex jones : Hit me up I got a couple grams and I aint talking about these crackers

leah : I know you want some P U D G Y P I E S

GreenEggsAndSpanks : Sounds like this was done by Adam Sandler

Reyes Mata : Those sound effects

targetdemonchains : 'ninis and wieneis

danehb89 : Can I cook up some HOT BEANS in there?

Jesse Hewitt : Heeeeyy it's yo gurl Kathy!

Reyes Mata : at 0:39 those wrymes

hailman345 : This makes me want to have that pan

voicetube : "Bon Voyage mother **uckers" - HILARIOUS!

avoca dude : 1800 fat weiners... Your mom's number.

CinnaBear _ : Fuck now im hungry

Catareachkon : "Bon voyage motherfuckers"

BloodEXE : B 0 N V 0 Y A G E M 0 T H E R F U C K E R S

Same Leader1134 : OH YEAH! FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THAT now listen to it without the visual aids

PerfectParadox : The rock/tomato thing was actually really funny! :D

GeekVids : 1-800-FAT-WIENERS

theDevilgun111 : Please more Diners Drive-ins and Dives!

Reyes Mata : at 0:11 dose flipps XD


joseph fernando : the five first seconds allways gets me to laugh like crazy

Hi P : I know what you like wieners

The_ _Ch!3f : Porn: Meh Jaboody Dubs: Erection longer than Baguette


LinusScrubTips : Ok but this is actually a decent idea. I mean ya of course a spatula and regular pan work, but it's just an interesting thing. If you preheat both sides you can cook shit kinda fast IDK.

Marius West : Not funny :D come at me Janiooby dickriders 😜🔯🕎🤡❤️🔫

Spider-Man Unknown : Please make an it dub

Shy Weeaboo : "Yo Hit me up I gotta couple grams, And I Ain't talkin' about these crackers" ;)