White Women's Workout

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mr zed : I literally choked on my saliva laughing at this

Rayray1001 : The black man workout is running from the police

Sezim Taalaibekova : Why is this on my recommendations after almost 9 years???

Krad Links : Im black and i miss these days when people could have a sense of humor. So sick of race pimping politics and SJW bullying.

Spidey Parker : Why am I watching this gold now....Eight years ....really????

Thelonelygirl : The Mexican woman workout has ICE following you instead.

rahmat mousavi : 8 years ago. and now im seeing this

Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking : The slow-mo on the shuffle!!! Im dead 💀💀💀💀

Northern_ Savage : racism + exercise = exorcism? ...wait..

Corpsie : I love the way the dude actor turns on the crazy eyes. Also, thank you for filling the void that owned when Dave Chapelle stopped doing his show.

Promethean Allegory : Thank god for politically incorrect hilarious humor.

Sherpa Sonam Tobden : *_AthleanX wants to know your location_*

Samantha Peters : In my country there's not many black people. Usually they're are tourists visiting. They only follow people when they're lost, needing directions to location they're going to. The first time a black man followed me, I was scared because of what Americans say about them. I did the walking fast down the street. He ran up to me. The black man wanted to know if there was any churches that has lots of black people. He felt isolated not being around any black people. I learnt a big lesson that day. My country isn't anything like America. I should have known better not to judge.

charjl : Remember when comedy was funny?

ToneyCrimson : Just love the faces he makes xDD

Comrade Stalin : The Mexican workout is jumping over the border

MAGNETIK ALLAH : there are alot a brotha's locked up who shud be getting a $check$ from windy mindy and cindy.

Rice MenaRQ : 0:49 *DAT FACE*

RebelWarMann : White men workout is chasing after alittle boys leaving schools or parks...

carmay3600 : "...Slowly follow you to get your prejudice going..." lol

Hotel Delta1 : And then i turn on the blackness 😂😂😂

Ricky Spanish : Remember when california was cool, not full of sensitive cry babies and can take a joke?

Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking : "My name is Tiger Woods!!!"

Reverend Mayhem : "Then I turn on the blackness" oh helll no I died laughing!

reli:c : Only a beta would dislike this

Baby Shenron : 8 years but still gold

Rosemarie Brown : I should really be mad at this but it’s soooooooooo funny.

T1Oracle : It's like the segregation academy school bus just dropped a load of bigots off in the comments section.

bd z : Ironic in reality its white girls following black men and then calling cops lol

levity90 : 15 seconds in...hasn't even started yet...and im alreay dying.

damon sturgill : mite work in britain but in america you get shot..

The Opal Fox Channel : Muslim workout: a bunch of dudes wearing MAGA hats chase you

Victoria X : “And then I turn on the blackness” 😂

Tony S : I Find this distasteful, yet funny as Hell!!!!! 🤣😂😂

Sanmit Gaikwad : "Modern problems requires modern solutions"

oyinbo peppe : I hav never met a Black person in my Life who wasn't Racist.

stan broniszewski : This was pure genius.

Giovanni : Fight prejudice, despise everybody equally.

Marcel Smet : He’s lucky he lives in the USA Here in Amsterdam he would be out of a job. Here we only run if we are out of green to get as fast as possible to the nearest coffee shop to buy some and roll a relaxing splif Black man equals good food for us. So we will asked him where the best soul food restaurant is 🤘🏻🤘🏾🤘🏿

GAMMA 1184 : I am so glad this is the sort of humor I grew up with😂

Russell Johnson : But... it's not racist. Dude chases woman and she runs. You can't even build a good strawman in your own video.

Menelik The First : 0:52 Holy shit, I can’t stop crying.

Lin Y : I have a white girlfriend and I can tell you this video is so right. She's always complaining she's scared of being raped, yet she has no issues dressing almost naked running in a dark park at night. I just don't get white women

Robert Lembo : I imagine this got demonitzed after the adpocalypse... :(

Deenah Rae : I wish you people could just stop one second and have a good laugh.. This is so funny... I pissed myself...

Bux Bunny : His facial expressions, lol!

Kris Silver : *Give that man an Oscar for Best Facial Expressions of the Year!*

Cineva 304 : Do you imagine the world's reaction if this was made TODAY??

kwnyupstate : Racercise...Exercism.

superstafford09 : Racism is so funny 😆 just can’t get enough of that hilarious racism. Unless it’s against, well... you know who...