White Women's Workout

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mr zed : I literally choked on my saliva laughing at this

Rayray1001 : The black man workout is running from the police

James Vaughn : “First I slowly follow you so you can get your prejudice going “😂 lmao

Sezim Taalaibekova : Why is this on my recommendations after almost 9 years???

bb z : Ironic in reality its white girls following black men and then calling cops lol

Corpsie : I love the way the dude actor turns on the crazy eyes. Also, thank you for filling the void that owned when Dave Chapelle stopped doing his show.

Cochi Verde : Save money..move to a black neighbourhood

rahmat mousavi : 8 years ago. and now im seeing this

Sherpa Sonam Tobden : *_AthleanX wants to know your location_*

Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking : The slow-mo on the shuffle!!! Im dead 💀💀💀💀

Kris Silver : *Give that man an Oscar for Best Facial Expressions of the Year!*

Leanne Terroni : As a white woman I feel I shouldn't be laughing at this, but I can't help it.

I eat Vegans for Breakfast : Let's do a black man's work out joke. Running from the police and the kkk. He can do various maneuvers as he dodges those bullets! 😀 This will work out your legs train your agility, EVERYTHING! 😁👍

Samuel Davidson : If only it were a joke.

carmay3600 : "...Slowly follow you to get your prejudice going..." lol

MAGNETIK ALLAH : there are alot a brotha's locked up who shud be getting a $check$ from windy mindy and cindy.

Lyric B. Lyricly Speaking : "My name is Tiger Woods!!!"

multuminparvo5 : I dated a black man for awhile years ago and found out old white men and black women were really mad at me for dating a black man. So I got scared of old white men and black women for a while. Now that I'm older, I'm pretty much scared of everyone...lol.

Baby Shenron : 8 years but still gold

Rice MenaRQ : 0:49 *DAT FACE*

T1Oracle : It's like the segregation academy school bus just dropped a load of bigots off in the comments section.

oyinbo peppe : I hav never met a Black person in my Life who wasn't Racist.

damon sturgill : mite work in britain but in america you get shot..

Tony S : I Find this distasteful, yet funny as Hell!!!!! 🤣😂😂

reli:c : Only a beta would dislike this

levity90 : 15 seconds in...hasn't even started yet...and im alreay dying.

Kiwi Twogunz : Woman are more likely to call this for the BBC!!!!

Marijan Karaula : 15% of the pop. over 50 % of violent crime. Who am I talking about? Asians? Nah.

James Mccorkle : This workout is old. It's been going on since the 70s, maybe earlier. Especially New York and Chicago...

Eamonn : In the USA, 6.5% of the population does 52% of the crime. In a "free" country anyone should be able to jog where and when ever the want. Same goes for sitting on your own in a park. There's a reason why this is funny but it's not the same as what the maker intended.

S Duck : Black men workout ? The Jail 👍🏻

jimmy rodriguez : I always saw the white women chasing the black men....

Scott H : Conceal and carry no more black guy work out

Mr'Sejd : why is this in my recommended?

stan broniszewski : This was pure genius.

Francesca Morgan : I could excuse this video if it was actually funny. As a woman I have had uncomfortable experiences in the past with sexual harassment, so yeah I can't help but feel nervous if it's dark and there's a man walking close behind me. But I can honestly say that race does not affect this anxiety.

ToneyCrimson : Just love the faces he makes xDD

Russell Johnson : But... it's not racist. Dude chases woman and she runs. You can't even build a good strawman in your own video.

Abigail Sockeye : fake

mark johnson : how about the black boy workout, being chased by the cops?

only one Mr X Only one Mr y : where do I sign up ?

mscardioqueen : "I was able to study white women's activities which are really really stupid, like being in the park by themselves, jogging when they're not supposed to be jogging, walking down the street by themselves and just being scared of black guys." Loooooooooooooooool.

Vanessa Learning : This is extremely hilarious

Ray Charles : How many people are robbed/raped/killed every year by black men? Never mind, I'm sure it's not that much, I mean they're only 6% of the population right?

Robert Lembo : I imagine this got demonitzed after the adpocalypse... :(

paul adams : You black men are welcome to this white trash 👍 but remember white men built the west and when we’re gone ?? lol

charjl : Remember when comedy was funny?

Mukiwa Banda : Yeah black men never chase mug and rape white wamen that's just a stereotype

Cineva 304 : Do you imagine the world's reaction if this was made TODAY??

TankCop : wow how far we have changed cause there's no way you could make a vid like this TODAY.  Only back before the SJW's and LEFT could you make a vid like this.