F1 Braking Systems

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Chain Bear F1 : *CORRECTIONS CORNER*: - I say "fluids" are incompressible but what I meant to say was "liquids" are incompressible as "fluids" includes liquids and gases (and some other matter states). Because my brain was saying "brake fluid" I accidentally used the word fluid instead of liquid.

Shiqari145 : wow. Love those explainations! Please do more of this stuff!

oinka720 : Wow technology has progressed quickly. I can remember in the early years of f1 when the brake discs were pinched by real live clams. So when you wanted to slow the car you would yell at the clam and he would use his shell to pinch the disc. We called it "clamming on the brakes". Then they improved it so that instead of yelling at the clam, you would push a lever that struck a flint and lit a fire under him. We called that "brake by fire". And later on came the invention of having aquatic birds in there to blow air on the clams and those were "cooling ducks". Goggles Pizano won 11 races that year. Those were the days...

Pagani 974 : This video is brillant i feel more clever now ! just woaw thanks you man keep your excellent work ! From France

R Garlin : You've (once again) perfectly explained a very complex part of the F1 universe, and I am (once again) indebted to you. Thanks a gazillion!

Leddy : i didnt know i could be so amazed by a Video about brakes

RAWR & Pupatin : Great explaination! Please do one on how the MGU-K harvests kinetic energy because right now this seems like 100% magic to me

Moss Foster : You're painfully under subscribed. These video are fantastic.

Spam Can : The race car fan world needs your videos. You do an excellent job teaching things and I hope you can continue.

NJ : Groesjean got so triggered by this video

Amandeep Singh : great explanation..appreciate your hardwork..keep it up 👍🏼

The Saplas : Im new to F1. Really love what you're doing with the channel! :D

Mikka : I just feel the need to let you know that i learn so much from your video's i was previously never able to understand! Thanks so much!

Lochie G-P : Beautiful explanation of why daniels car went to hell at monaco

Arti Qormemeti : It would be great if you could get into more detail about how the MGU-K actually uses the braking energy. Other than that, fantastic job!

William Keenaghan : I wish I could learn things like these in my school!!

Jinesh Jk : Awesome info and explanation. amazing thing is even under heavy braking while on front bias, still it is 55% - 45%!! wow F1 aerodynamics.

Jelle Brouwer : Solid video, as always. Props to you chainbear.

Mo's videos786 : As always, one of the most entertaining videos on youtube! This channel deserves million of subscribers! Keep up the exceptional work!

XxJoe1101xX : Finally caught up to your videos. Have watched every single one. This is the first one I've caught as a subscriber. Great work on these, they really show how advanced F1 engineering is.

Jason Kuy : This is the best channel ive came across. And very well explained for beginners like me

Fergiator : Wow that's great video, very good explanation. Cheers from Italy!

DevilzzzzOwn : Cool. Thanks for the info.

YZ FFF : Do F1 drivers still have KERS button on their steering wheel? How come they don't show you how much KERS is being used now?

andyjdan : Fluids are not necessarily liquids, but also gasses (and plasmas) too. While it is hard to compress a liquid, I can assure you that compressing a gas is trivial. It is important not to get confused between a liquid (the state of matter) and a fluid (anything that has the capacity to flow) as you have done in this video.

EzPz JayZar : Absolutely awesome video. So much details perfectly explained. Keep up the fenomenal work!

Connor Mahoney : Awesome video man. Sick animations

Jonathan Baston : Your video on crash barriers and its uses was excellently demonstrated in this this last weeks Canadian GP. Hartley "slid" off the hard wall surface and Stroll was "absorbed" by the crash barriers at the end of the run off. Two very different yet effective barrier systems.

Mari Mbiru : Loved the video, learnt a lot. Just wondering why brakes aren't as effective when they are too cool. Can anyone explain?

17Spartanac : So dedicated. Great job mate!

Utku Yücel : This channel needs more attention

Filip Tomic : Thanks for making these amazing videos they really help me gain a greater appreciation of an already great sport!!

Hyperzz : Would love to see how cambers and suspension works irl, can I get such a video?

vogliounacocacola : I was expecting stellar quality. I was not disappointed.

Heizoel_Walther : Great video, though it would have been interesting to see how the MGU-K transforms kinetic energy into power for the battery. Also the brakes are a big factor in heating up the tires. Otherwise very informative video! :) Keep up the good work.

Sam : This was amazing thank you!

TheKincognito : Braking is very Important in Racing. Turns out if you brake later, you drive faster for a longer Time ^^

DOOMZDAY : Next working of mgu k and mgu h please?

John Hudock : Absolutely LOVE the videos Stuart! This is my favorite channel on YouTube and I check daily to see if you've posted yet another zinger. Every video you make makes me appreciate and love F1 even more! Keep up the great work mate!

Soulless Creature : Just as always, very well explained video, it also looks very professional. Keep up this outstanding work!

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Mark : 8k more subs till 100k subs are you going to do a special?

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RentgenBeard : Another amazing video, great work!

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Tristan Bouhez : One of the best F1 videos I've seen so far on Youtube if not the best.

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