Diy 3D Heart Shape Tree Wall Decor With Lighting!

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Gabriela 111 : How is it possible to fall in love at first sight, so many times? LOL. Yet, here's another one of your projects that I'm in love with. I have said before that you are one ingenious inventor. I stick by my theory. LOVELY!

Coco, My Heart : I like that you have your own original ideas....hard to find on YouTube DIY's! Keep it up!!

Kiesa Green : This is gorgeous and this idea can be used for so many things. Love this craft so much!

A Lopez : I loved it. Have to do this for my room.

Joann Jones : Yes you did it again and it is just beautiful.

Pam C : beautiful, try a hair dryer on low, it will melt all the glue strings off.

Phoenix Q : Love it.

View Epic : Youduvh essentials on its finest

Love Mariposa : I love it! What a great and beautiful design!!!

Luxy Basurto : It’s adorable🌹❣️

Claudine Riduet : Sur quoi est ce que les arbres sont découpés ?? C'est superbe !!!!!!!!!!! Plein de magie !!!!!!!!!

Ciecie Newson : I am so doing this project. I LOVE trees. This looks like a carving. ~Smile!

Dalva Antunes : Amei 💐💐💟💟

Liana Kurker : I love everything you made. Make me hard to choose which one to start.... Hahaha... Thank you for the ideas.....

katrina kenney : Truly adorable. Thanks for sharing. Now this is a must try project, If I could draw.

Faithlyn McKenzie - Creating Elegance for Less : Hi👸🏻!! Thank you so much for sharing love your creativity.

Design On A Dollar : I love this. I made chargers out of this same shelf paper, dollar tree has this one and a lighter version as well.

Blkbeautee : I love it, yes I will try try it.

Steph S4steph : I don’t like this. Especially the gold paint. Think should use different color. At the top where the pieces were glued together to make the branches/leaves taller, think should have glued them together at the tips and not by placing the extended branches behind the board.

Hope Loomis : That's to much for me I'm 9

being human : superb amazing and different project.u r innovative miss.keep it up.


Brenda Hutcherson : WOW,

Sabina Shaikh : No words to say how beautiful dis looks so real i m in love with ur projects i would really like to try dis one but i wont be able to even draw tree branches😔😅..u havr done a great job..👌👏👏👍

SexyMorena20 : U give your best is EVERYTHING U do!!!

Daisy Oliver : Que coisa mais linda, PARABÉNS, que Deus continue te abençoando!!!

anna c : i want to make this.. so creative and beautiful.. you r a fabulous artist and designer

Glenda Pryor : Very nice I think I will make this as gifts for our next family reunion. Thanks for the idea.

Marilia Coelho : Muinto Lindo.. Obrigada Thank you.

Lavonia Cooper : Very creative I love it.

RichHanMiezah Zone : You are superb

Goal of Funny round : very beauty full

Mz Inglis : Love it gonna try is out i love your diy..... Alwayd try them out

LA CASA CRAFT : Great idea! Love it! 💖

Carolyn Carlisle : You rocked it again!!! That's really pretty!!! So you're an artist too? It's just AMAZING!!!

alma barajas : Qué barbara 😱👏👏👏

Meanne77 : oh my gooood! I LOVE IT! (but wait... can you change the batteries?) Where do you get your ideas, you keep blowing me away!

Marlene Marken : That's very pretty. But isnt it dangerous to have the lights against the cardboard or wood?😮❤

Shaunon Hill : U never stop amazing me!!💕💕💕

Irma Pereira-Rivera : Beautiful very nice and unique 👍

Eye Candii : You always amaze me! Wonderful design ❤❤

susan haynes : Lol i cant imagine where your brain goes when you're bored but Thank You brain for these beautiful designs she comes up with and shares with US!! BEAUTIFUL project love you are amazing!!

mistita : ❤️

Wendy Rosson : good job.

Vanessa Steward : I love this 3D look , great job,

Gloria Desousa : Oh my what a gorgeous piece thanks for sharing God bless

Lisa Alexander : I LOVE this!!! I've been wanting a decent sized Tree Of Life art piece, I think I may try to make that in this fashion!

Mitch Scroggins : You can use a hairdryer to melt the hot glue strings off. Easy ,Peasy !!! 😇

Leslie Bryan : I am loving this rite here Chica!!

CAROLYN GREEN : Wowww you're amazing that's a Beautiful Piece I Love it