The Great Comic Relief Bake Off - S02E03 - David Mitchell, Sarah Brown, Michael Sheen, Jameela Jamil

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janelane : I would love to see Richard Ayoade in one of these

SingenStatt Atmen : David is just sooo adorable in this, I was rooting for him all the way through!

Cede : "Well done everyone, particularly me" Love David

Simon Siow : Isn't a grey pavlova terribly noteworthy, David?

Sophie May : 'you've got 1 minute left' David: HAVE I GOT TIME TO START AGAIN

Michelle E : I love how thrilled David is with his pie. He really has no business being this adorable 😍

hamburgerhelperflick : I lol'd when they show Michael Sheen peeling an onion with a potato peeler.

Keletso Rabalao : "I am, by the way, eavesdropping on this"...made my day

Eva Lore : a. David is fucking adorable. I can just picture him coming home yelling "Victoria! I had the best pork pies, dear!" b. I cannot take anything that Ed Byrn says seriously, even if he is being serious. I expect every sentence to turn into a joke.

Jutta W : I love british shows. This is exciting and relaxing at the same time!

Joe Shiebert : David has been so much more happy and human like since he got married, It's warming to see.

SingenStatt Atmen : Alright, Glue! Dairy glue... Gotta love David! xD

Kingstad : it's wonderful to see david do stuff

ArtMorte : David's charisma and appeal is what carried this whole thing, bless him.

Sherry Miyano : 'The gunmetal-grey of interstellar travel - what could be more delicious?'

Marieke van den Akker : That look on Mary Berry's face when Paul Hollywood said 'What can go wrong?' I laughed sooo hard

slateflash : Jameela is exactly me in the kitchen

Scana Dully : Jameela's display of the food was so gorgeous each time though!!

Deeza Lynn : david is entirely the most endearing human ever

Emma Gnillot : Jameela! Cute #relatable and gorgeous 😍😍😍

olives : I feel jack Whitehall and Greg Davies would be hilarious on this

gretadunkler : I want/need Michael sheen to be my fairy godfather, spirit animal and to have a cup of tea with him. or to smash something together. don't care.

eta jad : the house that Pavlova build :D and Museum of Wales :D Michael is so so funny :D and his dragon biscuits was just hilarious :D

Niko Mikkanen : Oh gods. I've heard of Bake Off, of course, but I've never watched it. Now I watch this and I'm totally hooked. NEED MORE.

Molly Hayward : sarah was like that kid who revises super hard and then cries when she gets an A instead of an A*

Old Schooled : 23:02 Watch a grown man peel an onion with a potato peeler.

Cede : "Dairy glue"

Ciara Casey : "If it was a horse, you'd shoot it." You're not wrong, Michael.

RegencieX : The Mary is making the contestants react like they are being scolded by a teacher/parent. It is perfect.

fba90130 : "Ehhh...Make Pork joking that's what factories are for" Mitchell .... you're a regular panelist in WILTY, you're a pork pie factory. As it turns out, you made the best pork pies in the room. You should have a bake off with Lee.

OMO goshywoshy : "until cooked through, can't tell I don't have xray vision" good point David 😂

PoppyCorn144 : Most of this episode was spent shouting 'Jameela, no!' 😱

Gil S. : So "Tahani" means "congratulations" in Arabic and "Al-Jamil" means "beautiful", so my full name altogether means...

Mary Jensen : Michael sheen's dragon shortbread was hilarious. I laughed so hard. I have loved David Mitchell for years but Michael Sheen...mmmmm

TheTamranator : So who was funnier here David or Michael? I found them both hilarious and adorable.

Allistur : From reading the comment section, I can say that everyone came here because of David. haha!

Tina : I do so love Pavlovas! But whether the quail egg is right in the center of the pork pie, I am sure I would not care. Mary Berry is so sweet, and so knowledgeable. Paul is playing the "harder" judge, but still much nicer and more decent than the judges in some shows of these kinds.  Sarah Brown is clearly an experienced, "dependable" baker. If one had only the ingredients for one batch of anything, one would give those ingredients to Sarah! David Mitchell's commentary is amusing, and he has the makings of a good baker. Jameela Jamil obviously has a very good eye for design, and a "good steady hand," which are two things I lack utterly. But she lacks, as she freely admits, any understanding or experience of baking, per se. "What IS lard?" LOL. When she added oil instead of vinegar to the meringue, I wondered if that was a slip of the brain/hand, or if she really didn't understand that any oil or fat is 'death' to a meringue. Michael Sheen's competitiveness remained friendly, and thus amusing.

Madeleine Morris : It was so lovely for Sarah to offer David her strawberry jam

lizb : I loved David on this, I felt like he was putting on less of an act or persona than on some of his panel show appearances.

allsimplekings : David Mitchell at 43:00 😂

L is for Loser : Mary berry looked so done with Jameela when she said she added more butter to the recipe

Thom G : Mary is so sweet. I can totally see her as a grandmother baking with her grandchildren

Cede : David is such a bean

Tyrant Kragith : As a huge David Michell fan i really wanted him to suceed. When he won at the 2nd hurdle i was like "yessss".

Noelle Richards : Michael Sheen is awesome!

cat moth : Honestly if Jameela had more experience she'd be an excellent baker!! I hope this hasn't discouraged her from trying it in the future.

Manish Ghosh : i'd like to see a cooking show for celebrity chefs cooking for the pickiest grannies.

SamuelRiv : I'm Euro and Britishish and statements like 18:29 that "a pork pie is one of the best things in the world" is just us Northern Europeans embracing the delusion that our paper-tasting boiled-meat cuisine is somehow still culturally relevant. Britain and Germany have dozens of native dishes to be proud of, but meat pies, and any other dish that was originally designed to hide the look and flavor of spoiled meat and less-desired parts, are absolutely not one of them. Also regarding comments on Jameela: Remember the last time you learned something by being thrown in the deep end (if you ever have)? She said in the beginning that she had essentially never cooked in her life, and she went through the most stressful type of cooking (though she had a side helper obviously) -- with the kinds of failures that I've had and have definitely have put tears in my eyes -- with good humor and full energy for further punishment.

Kingstad : aaah the british and their pies.

lukkyluciano : I would literally be afraid of Mary Berry