The Great Comic Relief Bake Off - S02E03 - David Mitchell, Sarah Brown, Michael Sheen, Jameela Jamil

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Old Schooled : 23:02 Watch a grown man peel an onion with a potato peeler.

odangohead 93 : As an American, I was expecting scathing reviews from the judges to add that dramatic flare of TV I've come to know, but this was genuinely so soothing and wholesome. I want this to be a thing here.

Madeleine Morris : It was so lovely for Sarah to offer David her strawberry jam

Allistur : From reading the comment section, I can say that everyone came here because of David. haha!

Scana Dully : Jameela's display of the food was so gorgeous each time though!!

Bush craft Jon : In the words of David, "well done everyone, particularly me"

Cede : "Well done everyone, particularly me" Love David

ArtMorte : David's charisma and appeal is what carried this whole thing, bless him.

Beer & Cheesefries : DAVID: Make pork pie? You're joking. That's what factories are for.

Deeza Lynn : david is entirely the most endearing human ever

olives : I feel jack Whitehall and Greg Davies would be hilarious on this

** Marmite ** : i lolled at the sight of David taking his pies home wrapped up in tin foil hahaha

Molly Hayward : sarah was like that kid who revises super hard and then cries when she gets an A instead of an A*

Joe Shiebert : David has been so much more happy and human like since he got married, It's warming to see.

SingenStatt Atmen : David is just sooo adorable in this, I was rooting for him all the way through!

Kathryn Dabney : "How can my meringue be undercooked and burnt!?"

OMO goshywoshy : "until cooked through, can't tell I don't have xray vision" good point David 😂

janelane : I would love to see Richard Ayoade in one of these

Sherry Miyano : 'The gunmetal-grey of interstellar travel - what could be more delicious?'

Jutta W : I love british shows. This is exciting and relaxing at the same time!

C Casey : "If it was a horse, you'd shoot it." You're not wrong, Michael.

hamburgerhelperflick : I lol'd when they show Michael Sheen peeling an onion with a potato peeler.

Manish Ghosh : i'd like to see a cooking show for celebrity chefs cooking for the pickiest grannies.

Keletso Rabalao : "I am, by the way, eavesdropping on this"...made my day


Tyrant Kragith : As a huge David Michell fan i really wanted him to suceed. When he won at the 2nd hurdle i was like "yessss".

hw google : This is a surprisingly close estimation of how Tahani would bake. And they would sell like fundraising hotcakes.

L is for Loser : Mary berry looked so done with Jameela when she said she added more butter to the recipe

Gil S. : So "Tahani" means "congratulations" in Arabic and "Al-Jamil" means "beautiful", so my full name altogether means...

Marieke van den Akker : That look on Mary Berry's face when Paul Hollywood said 'What can go wrong?' I laughed sooo hard

Mary Jensen : Michael sheen's dragon shortbread was hilarious. I laughed so hard. I have loved David Mitchell for years but Michael Sheen...mmmmm

lizb : I loved David on this, I felt like he was putting on less of an act or persona than on some of his panel show appearances.

lukkyluciano : I would literally be afraid of Mary Berry

Inner Machinations : bless the gurls heart, she made me laugh by standing up. and bless michaels soul, he looks and acts really genuine for me

PoppyCorn144 : Most of this episode was spent shouting 'Jameela, no!' 😱

cat moth : Honestly if Jameela had more experience she'd be an excellent baker!! I hope this hasn't discouraged her from trying it in the future.

Yep. Just Eric : Jo's second "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake" was equal parts hunger and bullfrog. I must have watched it 5x, and died laughing each time. She's great.

Michelle E : I love how thrilled David is with his pie. He really has no business being this adorable 😍

fba90130 : "Ehhh...Make Pork joking that's what factories are for" Mitchell .... you're a regular panelist in WILTY, you're a pork pie factory. As it turns out, you made the best pork pies in the room. You should have a bake off with Lee.

call me Fernando : This would be great with Richard Ayoade, Russell Brand, Jack Whitehall and Noel fielding

Kingstad : it's wonderful to see david do stuff

Eva Lore : a. David is fucking adorable. I can just picture him coming home yelling "Victoria! I had the best pork pies, dear!" b. I cannot take anything that Ed Byrn says seriously, even if he is being serious. I expect every sentence to turn into a joke.

RegencieX : The Mary is making the contestants react like they are being scolded by a teacher/parent. It is perfect.

Mike Thomassen : Classic David Mitchell, going; "Make porkpies, you're joking!... That's what factories are for!"...

Sophie Von Licorice : 10:50:  "Sieving something into a bowl, you'll wish you were dead..."  LOL.  So David Mitchell!

Simon Siow : Isn't a grey pavlova terribly noteworthy, David?

HolandaChiquita : Ow yay I love David Mitchell!

gretadunkler : I want/need Michael sheen to be my fairy godfather, spirit animal and to have a cup of tea with him. or to smash something together. don't care.

Niko Mikkanen : Oh gods. I've heard of Bake Off, of course, but I've never watched it. Now I watch this and I'm totally hooked. NEED MORE.

Kingstad : aaah the british and their pies.