The Hot Coffee Controversy (Zero Punctuation)

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A massive Weeb : It feels good to hear that jingle again

The Bamboozler : After mostly watching Jim Sterling videos it's so refreshing to hear someone make a point in under 20 minutes.

bloodrunsclear : Speaking of not learning anything Ride to Hell Retribution is basically Hot Coffee The Game

Magnadeus : >let's all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee ORGASM

8523wsxc : Hot Coffee mod is actually responsible for all school shootings, teen pregnancies, poverty, hunger, genocide, climate change, the apocalypse and my hemorrhoids.

Dank : Your kids are playing a Mature rated game? And the developer is still the problem? Huh... well... You gotta at least commend them for the SERIOUS acrobatics required in that string of logic.

Xue theViewer : Best jingle. That is all.

tizodd6 : I've always been amazed that society deems it fine that we watch life being stamped out, but the creation of life is this horrible monster that we all must be protected from.

Matthew Hilliker : The other funny thing is that most modern video games have much more "graphic" sex than San Andreas. But the backlash never got as high. There was anger against the sex scenes in Mass Effect for all of about a week before people moved on. Witcher has full female nudity and I never heard of any backlash. No the suburban soccer moms are all huffed up about the violence. Which was the main video game controversy of the 90's. So now we've come full circle.

Laguna x : I highly approve of the depiction of the morally panicking women as wearing "Problem Glasses"

Richard V Lionerheart : let's all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee

Arcademan09 : Last time I was this early The Escapist had more than 1 content creator

Max Miller : How was I supposed to know that the game called Mega Murderthon that had a picture of a big guy covered in blood and beating another person to death with a severed limb on the cover was super violent and probably not suitable for my 9 year old kid? Absolutely *outrageous!*

Key Strix : The Right: Ban video games! They cause VIOLENCE and ERECTIONS! The Left: Ban video games! They cause BIGOTRY and MISOGYNY! The blame game will never end. It's a terrible multiplayer game where no one really wins and it just pisses off tons of people.

Spencer Whiteway : I just liked that in GTA IV, Rockstar had Hillary Clinton as the Statue of Liberty holding a cup of hot coffee.

Paradox Acres : Knowing that Yahtzee will one day review *HuniePop* it fills me with determination!

Gertrud Bondesson : To be fair, I can see why parents might be worried if their children watched characters magically phase through each others body parts and tried to emulate that. :P

Sonic the Hedgehog : Honestly, I wish that parents would stop shouting at game publishers for making games that their kids aren't supposed to play. They should focus on being parents instead.

Henry Dave : Isn't it strange how people will be more offended towards sex in entertainment then violence? The two things we have hardwired to our instincts, but we are more worried about little Billy learning about the birds & the bees then how to kill a man five ways with a spoon. Still, if you can tell the difference from reality and fantasy, there is something more going on then just the type of games you're playing ...

Brendon Johnson : Quite honestly the problem is the parents, no kids should even have the game in the first place. If parents are too ignorant to even look at the ERSB rating and see that it's not for children, then it's their own fault.

D E A D M E E M : Do the jingle... DO THE JINGLE... EDIT: Y I S S

Joe Bennett : Yahzee don't return to the UK otherwise you'll be arrested for offensive jokes!

James LaValle : "Basically the same reason there's still a DC Cinematic Universe" Oof. That's fucking brutal, Yahtz. I mean, it's fucking true and the corporate cockrings should have taken the poor malformed monstrosity that was BvS and shotgunned it behind the tool shed years before it ever had the chance to disgrace movie screens worldwide and/or my living room television, but still.

Κ ο μ ν η ν ό ς : I hope Yahtzee keeps doing these videos, they're a lot more interesting than his usual reviews. He's providing insight on the history of video games, which is important because we can't understand the trajectory of the future if we don't understand the past. Also, I'd like to remind everyone that Jack Thompson was eventually disbarred (IE, banned from practicing law) for professional misconduct. He made false statements, intimidated witnesses, and was generally unethical in court proceedings. I'm not surprised that him, Hillary Clinton, and all the other demagogues that jumped on the "videogames are evil!!1" bandwagon are huge scumbags.

Samurai Jack : Oh lord, can't wait till he gets to the gamer gate episode

Trevor Gruen : A pile of cheesy wotsits in an ill-fitting suit is the best description of Trump I've ever heard.

Noah Weisbrod : Shots fired at Clinton, Trump, Australia, and the DCEU. Damn, Yahtzee, too much savage!

Shitty Name : I'll just wait for the pornhub version of this video

Shadoestar : 2005: Somebody creates a downloadable third-party mod for GTA: San Andreas that unlocks a hidden minigame in which crude, badly-animated characters engage in consensual fully-clothed dry-humping and the Moral Guardians demand the Housers' heads on a platter. 2013: Ride To Hell features crude, badly-animated characters engaging in consensual fully-clothed dry-humping and everyone just laughs it off.

Mr. Z : The Bully controversy was hilarious because it was the whole "IT'S A GAME ABOUT BULLYING KIDS REEEEEEEEEEEEEE" when actually it was about beating bullies and uniting everyone and becoming friends.

James Black : Also, never apologize to SJWs.

Loyal-TF-Fan : When you come for a fun zero punctuation video but get a lesson of “don’t bend over to sjws” as it just shows that they will never change and just seek to ruin everything cause their bored. Yeah surprised me too

The Grin Reaper : BACK in SKYRIM (he says like he materialistically went there) I heard this argonian from the Riften Bee and Barb say this line to the priest of Mara and his dialogue rings in my brain everytime someone makes a moral argument. *We're not kicking you out, just keep the sermons at the temple and let us all sin in peace*

97Multiphantom : SHOTS FIRED AT THE DCEU!!!!

Donnie Dorko : "Severely unlucky or unflinchingly dishonest" is brilliant and I'm stealing it. Love you Yahtzee!

Ryocan Jetstream Lover : Yes cause Tv, dvd's, Pc's and consoles are our digital robotic babysitter and I can't be bother to think whether or not the things I buy to my child will affect him or not. I will now go ahead and complain to these big companies instead of blaming myself for my shortcomings as a parents.

ComradeSpagoot : eeheeheet gnihtyna snrael reven taht yrtsudni na ta hgual lla s’teL

Mad Ace : Yes, watching 10 polygon characters rubbing each other was so arousing.

Karma X Kai : Gets notification: WTF is this? Starts vid: (sings) let's all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee.

kojoe1995 : People that complain about the content on a game being too much for young kids should automatically have their opinions be disregarded, why you may ask? its simple. Every game comes with an age rating that states who and who shouldn't be playing the game. San Andreas was created for the Mature gamer, 18 and above, if a child is found playing these types of games then its the parents fault for not paying attention and assume that all video games are for kids. These people need to take responsibility for their own kids.

A very odd person : ooooooo A jab at Trump and Hillary and both at the same time, you never cease to impress me.

Cardinals Fan : "If the history of moral panic has taught us anything, it's that complying with the moral panic is the least effective way to end it." AMEN, Yahtz. If only the world would remember that in these times.

Alaska1925 : The last line, about the DC cinematic universe. So true it hurts.

me too thanks : sjws caused the fall of rome somehow

Consequence No. 62 : Snowflakes: Involving themselves in gaming since 2005

Francesco : These controversies are always dumb. I played GTA san Andread when it came out (i was 14) and i didn't kill any Hooker or shot a cop with an AK-47....this week. Tee hee hee

John Deaux : Don't drop it in your lap, that's all i can say.

shaoronmd : Jack Thompson... That is a name i have not heard in a long time...

Mathmachine : I'm sure this subject won't lead to any arguments or incivility from the comment section.

Neo2266 : *_Lets all laugh at the industry that never learns anything tee hee hee_*