Old blind man, dehusking coconuts for a living.
Old Blind Man husks coconuts for a living and warms my heart all at the same time

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An old blind man from a province in the Philippines dehusks coconuts for a living.


Darren Enright : Love this guy. I give everything to what I have and I still try to give more. It’s never appreciated and is so hard to keep going with no energy at times but this man just shows me that I should never give up and to keep going because I do have it easier than him and I really should be grateful for this. Thank you ❤️

Ryuobbi : I'm on verge of crying everytime I see this . I wish I was rich , I'd fly straight away , find him and help him.

Thorbjørn Kühl : And happy as a coconut.🥥

Cubarby Lestage : 🙏🙏😢🙏🙏

MJL III : Imagine getting punched by this guy...

Juvin Dawa : hey. can i ask where is he located specifically in the philippines?

Dipped In Butter : Dude was bent directly over that blade. I know he's husking 1200ish a day but damn my guy that seems like an unnecessary risk

LeonidasSthlm : The girl asking the questions is very disrespectful and dumb.

Brayan Catano : Le redditt army!1!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDdd