Asking Old Ladies to Help Me Open a Jar

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Vlog Creations : 0:02 asking old ladies 2:02 making people move 5:50 getting in accident 6:56 acting like kid 8:50 telling people BigDawstv has 5mil subs

Brucey : *Asking old ladys to put jars in my pockets*

collectivelight : Good stuff! The asking old ladies to help open a jar gives me an idea. How about asking short people to help you reach something up high?

Keith Galli : James is the cashier of all cashiers! He can spell and he's kind, what a guy!

The OG Bum : Dude when cole said I'm so sorry after getting in that accident i got all choked up and don't even really know why, he looked so defeated and looked like he was hating on himself because of it. For some reason I feel like cole hates on himself and puts himself down fairly often. I hope he is doing well

Pie Gasmiac : You can see how much your friendship means to Cole, His face was pure remorse there. Love you guys, Don't beat yourself up Cole. Shit happens.

SteveyVlogs : Bruh I felt bad for Cole. You could tell he was sorry

Bernard Morris : Proof that Charles is a good friend. Just laughs at his friend when he makes a mistake rather than getting pissed. Best reaction. Cole shouldn’t beat himself up

MixtapeX : @3:20 "oh hush man... dont be such a baby" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dying

Kendall Johnson : I want to move to florida and be friends with you guys. Never a dull moment.

NOTHANKSDUDE : "Oh hush" lmao

Greg Fulcher : I don't normally comment on any youtube videos but after watching many of your uploads I felt compelled to say that I really enjoy the content of your channel. I believe you're consistently balancing inspiration, good principles and core values with comedic relief and fun in a unique manner unlike any other "youtuber" I've ever watched. If you happen to read this I just want you to know that I appreciate what you do, hope this comment helps to benefit you in some way, and pray God continues to bless you.

oakeyjames : *Carrying shopping carts around a store (instead of pushing them)*

Lukas Eggenberger : Putting old jars into open ladies

Verrückter Leon : Excuse me old Jar, could you put old women in my pockets?

Henk14 : Hey Ross, how about for your next vlog you strike up a conversation with somebody and about 2~3 sentences into the conversation you start repeating everything the other person says. Like if you agree Ross should do this for the next vlog

Soniya P : Putting old ladies in people's pocket

RiP XxXtEnTaCiOn : How do u not have 5M

Gunnar : "Excuse me old woman"

Getout Gamer : Why did you waste the tomato sauce Cole could of ate it. Lol

Ubayd : _push on my hands down_

Joshua Flores : You have saved my life Ross and i hope you can shout me out at your next video. Ive been staying at Benbrook lake for about a week helping my mom out that has a broken back because of a bad car accident. (Dont text and drive.) Thank you so much man. Ive climbed trees, sung karaoke, made some strangers laugh, and been completely honest with people because of you. Thank you. -Joshua Flores

iOriginalEdits : *putting old ladies into peoples jars*

Hayden 217 : Asking jars to open old women


keep n it og : You should zip tie shopping carts to car door handles if they park like a prick

xBdooksterYT : that big dawstv moment was so hard to watch

Alex H : I'm so used to this channel having good videos I just click the like button right away.😂😂

Gage Nelson : *asking old ladies to hit their car*

Vladimir Putin : This makes me want to be president of the united states

Popito ThaBoy : Aww man Ross why’d you cut your hair dude lol

D M : Sneaking old ladies into people's bushes

Pheonixx : dude he could actually play paul walker he really looks like him

MalinDeMunich : Aww... sad Cole makes me sad.

Jacob Luna : It would be dope if u hit 1mil before new years. Keep going man. U, Cole and everyone else make us laugh and that's what we need in the freaked up world.

King of the Comments : My friend has 500k subscribers now Yea he just hit it We talk Or I message him He knows me bc I think he seen my message His name is Ross

a lonely potato : so you guys from florida...... that explains a lot

AjRed 17 : You should go try to sell things to door-to-door sales people.

Martin : yes you can

Lucas Meyer : Can u make a video getting people to sign a contract agreeing to pay you $100 every month please

SwEg NuGGeT : That’s the first time I seen cole have that look on his face aha I felt so bad

GoldPranks TV : You should get a fake cast and say you’re diabetic or something and need that can to be opened


miniZergling : I like how he's lowkey taking a jab at bigdaws for doing that stupid egotistic video. 👌 I know he's not trying to offend him/be rude but that video really was dumb, and I lost just a little respect for bigdaws, because he usually doesn't do that kinda stuff.

Oceanic Adventures : Putting microwaves into peoples mustaches

Tupac Shakur Remixes : Asking old jars to open ladies

Rosegold Delgado : Asking people if you can rent your potato to live in.

Reece 3.1415 : Tell people your dad is a millionaire and he's gonna sell them if they don't stop

LalObeAts : Asking old men to open old woman’s jar

Rachel Amber : Ross is so underrated. Imagine having a friend like him. Life would never be boring again