Man Coming Out of Surgery Sees Wife As If For First Time

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Firefighter Lee : "You're my wife? Holy shit!" i love it. He's so Awesome!

PianoKeyz : Conan's long lost son

Patrick : This is the most wholesome anesthetic man I’ve ever seen

Danny Wang : Now she knows his feelings for her are the same as the day he met her. It’s sweet.

sumit joshi : Turn around 😂😂😂 Men will be men

MichelCroz : Now don't you try taking advantage of his amnesia, miss Merigold.

Steven Gibbs : We need a video of him watching this video lol

Jeep 2.4 : Anyone now very interested to see what she looks like?

oof : He actually made up this bit because their anniversary was coming up and he forgot which one it was

Suie D : lol he hit the jackpot she is a cutie for sure cute couple

Christian Czech : its hard baby, its hard

Jasowan_ : So many new comments. Yall here from reddit or what?

Reegan : That is adorable

general mortars : "Turn around." LOOL

Liberal Tears : Plot twist: He's acting and is a relationship genius.

locant23 : This marriage better last, dude really loves you

Hecatrice : Did he eat the cracker?

Blake Roberts : Now hes got a video proof for when shes like "do you think I'm pretty"

Manuel Rodriguez : any man know the truth, he's like this all the time with girls.

bottle rocket : "DaaANG"

Abdul Rafay : It's adorable and sad at the same time! Imagine being a girl and her husband coming out after surgery NOT remembering she is his wife :')

JOSHUA SAVANH : He's lowkey trolling even under the anesthesia

Pineapple Boy : this is so cute

Buffalol : lol id lkove to see the female counter-part to this. There isnt one.

J. Ramsey : Chubby hand at 1:35 lol "model.."

O'Sullivan : Fake.

Loralei Jessick : Five bucks says he was lucid and did this for some points with his wife. :P

calyppy : I Can't stop smiling watching this 😂😍

photomorti : hahahaha that was amazing

Weather Boy : "Ohhhh maaaaan"

colin themarines : Reddit bought me here