Focus on driving - instant regret

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Grumslug : Who eles is here from r/whatcouldgowrong

Edward Carnby : Alright, not to be too pedantic here, but isn't the guy filming also not focusing on his driving while he's recording this? I mean, here in Australia, at least, that counts as distracted driving and you can be fined for it.

Toast : This video is almost 5 years old.

Joe Crawford : Perfection


Elites Engineering : That reupload without crediting original uploader though.

BBYOgriffin12 : If your the woman in this scenario do not slow down to berrate him. My uncle shot someone to death over a scenario like this.

Alessandro Cou : same thing happened to her after that

viet hoang : Why. Cái gì đó?

Mr Chef : merahnya udah padam, padamin balik yaaa

Pengetian Android : Balik bng udah aku simak nih

pablo escavez : Jesus the woman in the car is just as much of a cunt as he is