World Tree Felling Championship Final
World Tree Felling Championship Final

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sydney royal easter show 2013


Joel Embiid : Her: So what sports are you into? Me: It’s complicated

tobo86 : Sometimes I’m glad the YouTube wormhole takes me to galaxies I didn’t even know existed

Fbiguymoe Btw : Ive legit never watched anything like this or even heard of it but YouTube is like PUT THAT IN THEIR RECOMMENDATIONS

GED Gert : Bruh way more fans than a WNBA game lmao 😂

JPL Toy Experience : YouTube recommendations know that point of the day when you're really bored

xiLe 4 : 2:19 When you're done with your exam paper and you've nothing to do but watch your slow classmates struggle with it

J-Brazen : Me and the boys chopping wood for our skybase.

Harambe Jr. : 2:47 So no one’s gonna talk about how the 3rd and 4th guy from the camera had their wood pieces fall at the exact same time? 😂😂😂

TempestSora : When you realize there is a "world tree felling championship."

neal tran : very sportsmanship: those winning stay on waiting for the rest to finish.

Stefan : I just saw some professional tag game and now this, youtube knows me better then i do myself... i guess...?

Will Rueb : I'm more impressed by the wooden planks that hold them up.

Issac C : Swinging an axe towards a crowd of people. Nice

Onac : *The Lorax has entered the chat* The Lorax: WTF MAN

Blert Shabani : Why does this randomly pop up in everyones recommended

xLonely_Goatx : YouTube at it's finest never knew wood cutting was a thing till now.

Sonny : Not gonna lie, part of me was waiting for one of em to accidentally let go of the axe and send it flying.

BlueberryPolar : 2019: HEY, Wanna watch trees!

Luis diaz : That was the most intense Minecraft I have ever seen!

a mystery : Reasons for deforestation: Illegal logging Needing more land Palm oil Felling competitions

Joseph Holten : So I'm gonna ask the obvious question.... Why the heck did they have to fell the tree so high up xD

La Reina del Brillo Updates : What did I just see?

pie man : and welcome back to another episode of why the hell is this in my recommended but more importantly why tf did i click on this?

EEDdyy9142 : Nobody: YouTube Recommendations: World Tree Felling Championships

Bobby Roncketti : Who came here because they thought it said tree “falling” 🙈🤣🤣

LibHunk : Dad - what do you want to be when you grow up? Child - Woodcutter risking my life by standing on the planks competing in some Tree Felling competition

CVerse : YouTube algorithm at it again

ThatElementalGuy : Welcome to another episode of *"WhY IS thIs In MY reCoMmeNdaTion"*

Chopzzz : Youtube recommendations is like a deep web. You just don't know what is happening

Yellow : Why is there a Chilean Flag waving in the back lol

Thanos2 : Nobody: My YouTube Recommendations: National Tree Felling Championship Final

Moo Yo : its 3:20 am and i have to write 4 more pages for my genetics essay. my class starts in 6 hours. Have not slept for 18 hours. i dont know why i just watched man axe trees for 5 min. will update what i get on the paper soon

Mal kurz nachgefragt : Don't forget it: every kind of "sport" is strange/fascinating in it's own way. ;)

Rehaan : Anyone else dont know what this is Congratulations Youtube Algorithm

damag3plan : Australia should have demonstrated this at the Olympics in 2000 we'd be gold medal guarantees. Mostly because the rest of the world has discovered chainsaws

Will C : literally no one: YouTube: Watch these dudes chop a tree down in 2 minutes!

JR : Who else is glad the guy closest to the camera was winning

god : never knew this existed till youtube brought mein a different universe. i sometimes appreciate the bizarre recommendations youtube suggest 🤣🤣🔥

Wungchipei marchang : Cnt imagine their axe flyng out accidentally to the crowd

KevinGin7 : I read "World Tree Falling... " Me: just waiting to see which tree gonna fall first, then I get to end of the video and I'm like, wait what? Re reads title and notices mistake

Ron -J : Me: Why did you put this in my recommendation ? Youtube: *YES*

Playlets : This Mario party mini game was great

Combustion Brothers : Rip for the last guy who didn't even finish😂

Andrew : Is this on my recommendation because i'm playing age of empires 2? Lumberjacks


Skoomahkiin : The wife: "Are you ready yet?!? We got to go!" Me: "YES!" ( Actually sat on bed in boxers and socks watching wood felling)

KHRN Star : 0:55 (Meanwhile) The last two men are fighting to death hitting each other with their axes....😂😂

Tomow : I don’t know why this is recommended but I love it. When’s the next tournament I’ll be there.

Scandinavian Gamer : kinda surprised that no one buried the hatchet right there and then, either way im not axing much. "ill see myself out"