World Tree Felling Championship Final

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Will Rueb : I'm more impressed by the wooden planks that hold them up.

JR : Who else is glad the guy closest to the camera was winning

Chrollo Lucilfer : What did I just see?

miniyodadude : Wow, thats a lot of people watching

CVerse : YouTube algorithm at it again

KHRN Star : 0:55 (Meanwhile) The last two men are fighting to death hitting each other with their axes....😂😂

SolarWebsite : This must be the most manly sport *ever*.

Playlets : This Mario party mini game was great

Moo Yo : its 3:20 am and i have to write 4 more pages for my genetics essay. my class starts in 6 hours. Have not slept for 18 hours. i dont know why i just watched man axe trees for 5 min. will update what i get on the paper soon

Internet explorer : job done job done job done job done +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber +1 lumber

Josh Yount : “White people have no culture” ummm no, try again sweetie

Hype Maker : Is it just me or is anyone else confused?

Davvves : 8 trees were harmed in the making of this film.

matt s : I thought the same thing about a flying axe to the crowd.

Joaquin Aguilar : I wonder if any one in the audience has ever got hit with an ax slipping from one of there hand

NPC #45301239 : Real life Age of Empires.

itscold : That's the one event you don't want to be in the front row.

schmiggy : "World tree felling championship final" *only features contestants from Queensland and Tasmania*

Tanner Beverley : Wtf, who got 3rd? Freakin tie

Bryan Gosling : *People in 1965:* We'll probably have sports competitions in space *Me in 2018:* _ಠ_ಠ_

Mr.E : YouTube recommendations man...what the hell is this?

Robert Miller : Me after No-Nut November

Andrew Tice : I feel like a lumberjack when I cut down mourning wood

Nicholas Zernell : this looks very hard to do

Kraze : So this is what Ron Swanson's kids are up to.

Jake Feinerman : So... why exactly are they just cutting the top segment? I imagine that’s the whole point, but why? And is it not possible to get the job done without going back down and back up again?

Tactical101 : Any reason why everyone does the same pose at the end? Or just resting pose?

Black10Ace : This is where I’ve reached from watching football videos

Joseph Chang : I would've tired out in the first 15 seconds.

Paul : Whitest competition ever

Jeremie Bricout : I never knew wood cutting could get such a large crowd. Good job guys but I'll take my chainsaw when I need fire wood

Uncle Spoon : Umm.. This is a sport??????

Ungke Suleh : Youtube. Why this appeared on my recommended videos.

No Name : why is the crowd full to the brim to watch this???

j smith : Dude that won got that top chopped though in 47 chops.. 23 on one side 24 on camera side.. Thats impressive looking at the diameter.. I want his axe..

Toasted Fan Art : It's like a barbershop for trees

Javier L : The Chilean flag at the back! :)

ConnorCorn : It's not world it's all the states and some territories of Australia

Sourasis Roy : Actually the 3rd guy from the left came second , 2nd guy from right finished after him and came third and their was a tie for fourth. Thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Bat Vigilante : That's one weird competition

WildBlueYonder : I like how when they're done they just casually look around at each other

Pablo Rodriguez : Does anyone else notice the amount of people attending this event?

sko den : no , no osha here, no

Oved G. : Cutting down trees as a sport sad


John the Creature : What is your level in Woodcutting?

Jug : Now that is max wood

ucci2013 : Left handed people FTW

Yonoume : One of the manliest sport for men

Jug : Now that is 999 wood