Drinking Deadly Hydric Acid? Will I Die?

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knurlgnar24 : Never drink hydric acid! I knew this guy who drank hydric acid once by accident. Five years later, BAM! Herpes.

TheBackyardScientist : dude if you get strike 3 for this video... ive lost all faith in youtube ;)

Brandon Byrd : I just realized that this dude just drank water I was worried for a hot minute and realized I'm just an idiot Well played Cody. Well played.

loafers : Cody do a face reveal

Cornvelious Daniel : two chemists walk into a bar. the barman asks "what will you have?". first chemist says "ill have an H2O please" and drinks it. second chemist says "ill have an H2O too". he died horribly

Bobby Duke Arts : Who wants to bet this will go over YouTube's head and they will demonetize it. I didn't realize Cody was such a good troll lol.

Andrew_FTW : “Prevent the uptake of oxygen by the lungs”

J0V1K : After you’ve drunk Hydric Acid your chance of mortality is 100%

LukasS : Psst! Hey Cody! I have, literally, a pool full with this stuff in my house. Me and my friends are planning to do some crazy experiments and stunts with it next summer, even adding some chlorine to it, just to see what happens. You're invited to come! Just don't tell anyone pls. I don't want to get in trouble, or even worse, DEMONETIZED. DUN dun duun

Alex D : That new profile pic tho

Cup & Cone : "major component of chem trails" Love the troll level.

Vladimir Ritowski : This toxic compound is found inside every tumor! Never drink it.

Latih Tubi : Some men just want to watch the world dissolve. -Alfred Nobel

mohno : Drinking *Deadly* Hydric Acid? Will I *Die?* well gee cody this one's a conundrum

VREODe : AAAAAAA!!!! did u know that a large percentage of our water supply is contaminated with dihidrogen monoxide? Did you know that inhaling this chemical can cause death? Prolonged contact with solid forms of this chemical can cause extensive tissue damage. Some gaseous forms of this liquid can cause extreme burns if it comes in contact with skin. Dihidrogen monoxide is extremely good at dissolving many things. Symptoms of dihidrogen monoxide poisoning include increased urination and sweating. If u experience any of these symptoms, look up what dihidrogen monoxide is right away.

Micah Philson : *List of Things Cody Wears Gloves to do:* Math Making Nitroglycerin Drinking H2O

GeekIWG : Are you crazy?! Dihydrogen monoxide is incredibly deadly! It only takes 6L to kill a person!

WhodamanHD : Wanna place bets on how long this video will be up for?

Gijs van Eck : How can we be sure he didnt just drink water!

Zorana Ilic : 100% of people that did this have died this is a fact look it up

Keystone Science : Cody, 100% of people who have cancer drank this!!

Jason Lewis : Its super addictive and withdrawal symptoms are a real killer Democratic leaders should lead the charge on legislation to ban this substance that kills so my Americans every year !!!! Only nut job right wing conservatives would think this substance like guns should be kept legal, cuz like guns this substance has never done any1 any where any good, ever! This substance kills more Americans each year than guns do make sure to call your Democratic leaders and make sure this substance is included in the Democratic party's gun ban bill so we can save even more lives, thanks share and like this with your liberal friends it's up to us to get this on the gun ban bill, and for history to remember we the left took a stand against this destructive chemical created by the white supremacists patriarchy Hitler even made a more concentrated version of this substance so he could build a nuke!

RWBHere : Cody never even mentioned one of the most basic facts about this acid: Every drop you can find has been drunk and excreted at least seven times by long-dead and now-extinct animals. And people consume it without a second thought! Eww!

Henry Socha : Where can the people of Flint get a clean supply of this?

Alex Hauser : How dare you! Children could be watching this. You've been reported! Hydric acid claims more lives than any other acid, and here you are drinking it like it's nothing!

Andrew Kovnat : Hah,_I_sure_hope_YouTube_doesn't_take_this_down. I_think_that's_the_real_experiment_happening_here. Btw,_keyboard_broke,_so_underscores_will_hae_to_do._Oh_also_the_key_that_looks_like_one_half_of_a_"w"._You_know_what_I_mean.

Sci Senkra : the best part is that people actually dont know what it is sometimes

ausnurten : Hydric acid can melt steel beams

Pete Lorenzo : don't drink that, they use it for tapping holes in metal, not to mention cleaning toilets.

beautifulsmall : I sometimes put it in whisky to get an extra kick.

pasta : Water you thinking, man?!

Sam E : This is an experiment, Cody is testing YouTube.

Anthony Ingram : I would just like to say something for people that dont understand the joke... HYDRIC ACID IS THE CHEMICAL NAME FOR THE COMMONLY NAMED SUBSTANCE KNOWN AS *WATER*

TheSleepingInsomniac : Took me a while. Then he said Dihydrogen Monoxide and my chemistry knowledge from 8th grade kicked in XD

Scott Manley : You should mix this with some rocket fuel used in the deadly V2 missile

AOZMONSTER : Lol, maybe YT will bite

CrimsonCosmo : saw someone freeze it and slip it into someones drink once... even worse i saw a few kids running around the other day shooting this out of squirt guns...i made sure to stay clear, but boy was it a hazard to avoid...even kids are getting pulled into terrorism, acid attacks like this need stopped parents seriously need to watch their kids around mass amounts of this stuff...

Justin Dixon : As a chemist, I can say that I have never seen someone pour sulfuric acid on powered NaOH... for good reason. I was wondering what that was then it violently reacted and it made sense.

Hvítur karlmaður : This is in chemtrails??

Rcham : They say there's a 100% lethality rate after you drink dihydrogen monoxide for the first time

James H : Uh oh... youtube police not happy?

Conner y151 : Wait but it's not April fool's yet lol

Clayton Coe : Should have saved this for April 1st...

Mralabbad : I feel ashamed not knowing what was going on until after watching it a couple of times and a bit of googling🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂

Godfrey Poon : And to think governments have this stuff stockpiled all over the world. Except maybe South Africa.

LoverOfPhotography : Posts this video and then stops posting for 4 days...

Recovering_Californian : Had to Google "Hydric Acid" before I understood ...glad you're still with us Cody. You really dodged a bullet there!

tubeist- dan : If anyone reads this, my comments on this channel since 2 weeks ago are gone. I know I made two or three just on _this_ video. I've searched my YT comment history, they have vanished. It's only Cody'sLab channel where they are missing. Anyone know how this would be?

Brandon Hickey : 6 days later and no new videos

Experimental Fun : Somebody once poured some of that into my swimming pool and my little cousin nearly died when he fell in.