Car Security in the 1970's | Car Security | 'Drive In' | 1978

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Jetdot37 : 1:53 Borat in grey suit.

Harky : Notice the lack of obnoxious background music, no jump cuts and the quality of the information presented. TV really has gone to the dogs.

Spencer Wilton : To be fair, that's allegro door is fully shut. That's just a typical British leyland panel gap making it look part open...

Solvalou : My god, how things have changed. . . Not just car security, but also the attitude to car owners back then not bothering to lock all doors.

John Berry : I lived in the England in 1978 and yes it was a s dull and deary as it looked.

Franco Martini : My father used to own a 1968 Ford Cortina Mk.II that he purchased in 1970. One day in the mid-'70s he walked out of the factory he worked in at the end of his shift, walked to the car park, unlocked his car, got in, and was about to drive away when a man knocked on the driver's door. My father rolled down the window and asked him what he wanted, to which the man replied, "What are you doing in my car?" My father said, "I'm not in your car. This is my car." The man insisted that he get out which my father did and sure enough when he looked at the number plate, it was different to the one belonging to his car. With not a little embarassment, he apologised and then located his own car in a different part of the car park. This was par for the course back in the day. My car was a 1973 Ford Escort Mk.I in that period and despite having a completely different type of key, I had no difficulty whatsover unlocking my dad's car with it.

Del Johnson : If I owned an all-agro. I'd leave it open with the engine running.

PROTEK123 : I am off to Brent cross.. who wants a fur coat ?

zeczam : 4:05 1978: "a professional thief.. what would put him off?" 2018 "what would put him or her off?" - to be politically correct.

Mr. Shankly : 1:52 Borat in the background.

dave jones : Hilarious if they opened a boot and found a body!!!!

Vincent de Guard : i use to leave nappies with melted chocolate on the dashboard...never once had my car broken into

marin Abrams : i can imagine in the future you will press a button to unlock your car

Kim Jonny : Is that Borat @ 1:53 ?

Billy Bigboy : The way he stands to unlock the door and boot it's obvious that he has a knob shaped like a master key, he just bangs that batboy into lock and bingo, it open, also works well on medieval chastity belts apparently.

grapewater123 : Saaaaab

☀️ Sunny Days ☀️ : Rocking that moustache and side burns!

Disco Biscuit : Lots of cassettes in there 🤣

REZ : Seems saab was better. English spoken back then so much nicer then these Morden days

alien : Too bad that Saab didn’t made car anymore.

Jonathan Roberts : I would love to transport captain sideburns and his theif to 2018 , and give them a fully specced BMW with keyless ignition - that app that lets you manouvre the car . Imagine the comedy as you secretly , each time the theif approached the car to locate the locks , found it backing off. He'd wonder what was in his steak and kidney pudding last night lol !. Herbie goes banannas comedy scenes I think lol

conan howard : I had an E Type in the 70s and found it was better to leave it unlocked, as the bastards would cut the hood to get in . I had an ignition kill switch and a fuel pump kill switch hidden away .. the price of a new hood back then was about 6 weeks wages...

Mark Stafford : Brent Cross looks much the same now !!!

Dave K : Golden era for car thieves

G Slim : This video is worth it just for the comments!! All that has changed now is that they smash the front door in of your house, beat the living daylights out of you after you hand over the car keys and then steal your car. Yep, times have changed.

Incognito : RIP Saab

HJP1 HJP2 : 40 years ago.

Steve Powell : Inspector Parsons in his attire could be a copper on The Sweeney

Milo Janis : Think about that time how many gangs were there how many young people were being killed in London streets how many terrorist attacks how many young children were blown up why they were at a music concert how many beheading went on in London what did Waterloo bridge look like then the last time I was there it looked different for some strange reason.We all laugh at how grey it looks and how peoples clothes looked, but never mind things can only get better.

The Internet : I'd love to find a car park full of these cars today. Amazing how even the most common cars from back then are all but a memory now...

Prespa : Time changed with the crime from 70's till now. I know why but do you guys?

Room for Improvement : Borat at 1:53 ....

Minislayer2010 : TVX 572R was due to be taxed September 1991

Adam Vester : Actually answering questions :o dont get that these days.

David Hunt : Mk2 Escorts Popular with a Webasto roof. Somehow strangely cool. The Series 2 Jag should have had central locking but maybe it had packed up already. Lovely car though. If only these owners knew back then how much their cars would be worth today.

Wahian1 : when I was getting rid of an old Bedford Viva van in the late 70s, which had spent it's life trying to revert back to iron ore, two guys in a Land Rover arrived to cart it off. Before I went to get the keys, the driver had the van door open. When I asked how he opened it so fast, he said he used his Land Rover key; it opened most cars.

04dram04 : lol they totally showed those cars owners license plates.

cjmillsnun : Taylor Shaw? You mean Shaw Taylor... It seriously shows that you are a shadow of Thames TV which was a quality broadcaster until forced off the air because of the broadcasting act 1990. You can't even get the name of the presenter right. Shaw Taylor was well known at the time because of Police 5.

Spamfitters : Most 70s cars were junk anyhow

maidenslayer : SAAB Silly ass amazing bungle

fhhsvnggbh : jesssuz the shopping centre looks like a fucking prison. It does look depressing there, not much has changed i suppose.

Mr100duke : My first car was an Allegro used to open it with half a dad had a Saab and when his key snapped off in ignition once it took 3 days to get it out, it used to mechanically lock the car in reverse and the lock itself was very high quality, it never got broken into or stolen unlike my Allegro where 3 stereo systems went.......and to those thieves I hope you all died in a fireball after crashing at high speed you c@@ts

Craig Stirling : 1:53 Borat

nigelcarren : I have bought exactly the same sheepskin coat at 3:30. The only thing is it never seemed to really nail the look here in 2018... I was wondering what was missing, and now it is clear... I need a brown tie!!

Mr2pint : wow that must have been the golden days for thieves - unlocked cars, no alarms back then, no cameras, how things have changed..

oo0Spyder0oo : The insurance people always blamed high prices on poor security, now we have much better anti theft, have the prices come down? Have they f....

albear972 : Ooooh! Nigel! 😂😂 Nice sideburns brother, spectacular spectacles. Also, that pornstache' Also the thief's name is Malcolm? LOL! LOL! I bet that both their last names are Smith. 😆 2:07 its inspector gadget.

Andy InTheWatford : I remember those days well. Had a lap top stolen off the back seat in 1979.

CCCP Digital Studio : My car was already four years old when they did this video. When I drive a new car I really appreciate my '74 Galaxie. Never anybody tries to open her. I guess it's the gas mileage that drives the thieves off, of maybe they can't shift a three on the tree...

Melody Storm : 4:13 Is that a DATSUN 100A IN THE BACK?!?