Kids Visit The World's Most Amazing Room

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A movie for children of all ages. Entrepreneur Jay Walker is one of the most extraordinary storytellers I know. I got the chance to have Jay take my sons on a tour of his private library. I made this video with the hope that it would be used by parents and purchased by teachers. I recorded it using a GoPro rig I created. More about it and my video experiments can be seen on my YouTube channel. To see another video that I created on the library, watch . David Hoffman - filmmaker

Comments from Youtube

Vindsvelle : Jay Walker's personal library is the perfect example of why I'm an aspiring bibliophile and collector. The zeal he has for the "genealogy of ideas", the history of the intellect and the role of technology in culture is inspiring. His interaction with these children, the way he explains without condescension, the spark in his eye when he sees them making new connections, is infectious.

Siddhartha Varma Chittari : If something can do everything Then it cant do much of anything -jay walker

Jungshi : Spectacular, i am sure he put a lot of his lifetime work in this library.

Grandmaster Fudge : I would be this man's slave if it meant I could spend my free-time down there reading.

Jingle Bell Rock : This is the best video I have ever seen on youtube. : I was glued to this video from beginning to end, completely mesmerized. it's a plethora of curiosity, a fantasy land of knowledge and a visual masterpiece. Thank you for that.

Oasix21 : Wow, what a great collection!

Imaan Productions : Amazing video and lucky kids

252kin : Very well done and inspiring, great thanks!!!

GrimTheCrow : This has made me feel that intense childish excitement once again. Thanks for the inspiration to keep collecting weird old items. Tell your friend Jay Walker to make a youtube channel he can dedicate to his library. It would be amazing!

markatl84 : Incredible! Thank you so much for posting this! I would never have seen this otherwise as it is a private collection, and what a collection.

FatzBurger : Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Kjell Wikander : Incredibly beautiful and interesting library. - Kjell Wikander

BlackHawkFighter : This place is officially on my bucket list,such a amazing place to go :)

Daniel Blume : Thats a awesome library!

Charlotte Jenkins : This is the most incredible thing ever.

The Critter : where can i buy the fake exlapodia 

Peter Gayed : This is beyond incredible. A testament to human ... everything!!

QianYao He : That's my dream room!!!!!!!

Seliat Oyindamola : Wow! I am in love with this Library! To think it is private is just great.Love the tour!

Konan Pruiksma : I am dying to know what those 'books' are in the back at 10:34 with the lines that connect and the small screens or something?

Biell Morning Star : I want to visit this place its so amazing and incredible

Dave Kane : Cash that damn check

The Critter : amazing

JohnPlayz 16 : Wow I learned something the video was awesome I want to go there!!! How much money did he spent on his library?

MrCrazyManiac : He must be One of the most interesting guy in the world

Ramona : The Fish Eye mode doesn't allow me to view this with ease, unfortunately.

Roland Deschain : Thats exacly what i would do, If I had a lot of money. I don't need a big car, fancy closes or a yacht. I would collect awesome stuff and show it to interested people. Great video. Btw: Where is it? And is it open for the public?

brewers2150 : Are you kidding? 1 in 100 would be "casing the joint". Look at this video, at the time I post this, 1 in 47 have given it a thumbs down.. WHY in the world would anybody do that? My local library has problems with vandals and theft, imagine the temptation some people would have in Jay's Library. I am glad Mr. Hoffman shared the video with us. His video showed items I have never seen before, and I try to see any and all videos of Jay's Library. I am putting together my own library ....

Maxobillion : I noticed Jay's watch. It appears to be a Patek Philippe. This man has excellent taste.

Mels : Mars?! Listen. I want to see those two tiny piece of rock.

David Hoffman : I believe that Jay Walker feels similarly and tours are conducted each week through the library for students and others especially interested in the history of human imagination. David Hoffman–filmmaker

sashagez : I honestly don't understand why someone would create something like this and not make it open to the public. This is too good to keep to oneself. For people who love museums, libraries, and imagination in general, it's crushing to think that this exists and there's no chance for a normal person like myself to go and see it.

David Hoffman : Unfortunately I cannot tell you that you can visit his private library. But I am very happy that you have enjoyed my video. Thank you. David Hoffman–filmmaker

Nkemakonam Linda Ijeh : I want to visit!!! Please tell me I can. I feel like a kid watching this tour with all excitement. Thank you so much for sharing and this to me is what living is all about.

Nkemakonam Linda Ijeh : I want to visit!!! Please tell me I can.

Adriano Guerreiro : I just watched the whole video and I must say I was excited like these kids. Jay is doing an amazing job collecting such valuable items regarding our planet and imagination!

Ionut Salitra : I was just as exited as those kids were watching this. Thanks for the tour!

Bobby Ricketts : I want to go there!

Roger Jackaman : Once again I thought I might watch a little of this and ended up watching from start to finish. What a great day for the kids and thanks for sharing it was fascinating to watch and hear the stories behind each object.

Pedro De Abreu : Wonderful video. I saved it and just finished watching. As Andrew said, I can only imagine how this visit must have sparkled something great in them.

Andrew Mueller : A Fantastic and Inspiring Tour.. Thank you. How lucky your boys are to have been able to visit this extraordinary place. I can only imagine how this must have sparked imagination within them.

Leandro Ogava de Paula Souza : An amazing video from an amazing human being. THANKS FOR SHARING all this knowledge!

Nico K : It feels like this room is the collective knowledge and culture of human kind. I could never get out of such a room.

American Citizen : The only thing he's got which I also have is the Edison Cylinder. And the player.


David Nolan : i would like to live in this place for whole life

apl175 : I see the room has a dimming system by Lutron.

Half Bad Studios : The History of Humans is the History of ideas. Great Tour!