Kids Visit The World's Most Amazing Room

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megaohmz : You guys need to make a show out of this library. As a librarian myself, I believe this room should be captured like this on video with the stories being told, so that all this can inspire more people.

Grandmaster Fudge : I would be this man's slave if it meant I could spend my free-time down there reading.

Jingle Bell Rock : This is the best video I have ever seen on youtube. : I was glued to this video from beginning to end, completely mesmerized. it's a plethora of curiosity, a fantasy land of knowledge and a visual masterpiece. Thank you for that.

Vindsvelle : Jay Walker's personal library is the perfect example of why I'm an aspiring bibliophile and collector. The zeal he has for the "genealogy of ideas", the history of the intellect and the role of technology in culture is inspiring. His interaction with these children, the way he explains without condescension, the spark in his eye when he sees them making new connections, is infectious.

GrimTheCrow : This has made me feel that intense childish excitement once again. Thanks for the inspiration to keep collecting weird old items. Tell your friend Jay Walker to make a youtube channel he can dedicate to his library. It would be amazing!

Darth Raptor : I enjoyed every minute of this video. Thank you. :)

Jungshi : Spectacular, i am sure he put a lot of his lifetime work in this library.

The Critter : where can i buy the fake exlapodia 

252kin : Very well done and inspiring, great thanks!!!

BlackHawkFighter : This place is officially on my bucket list,such a amazing place to go :)

FatzBurger : Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Oasix21 : Wow, what a great collection!

Kjell Wikander : Incredibly beautiful and interesting library. - Kjell Wikander

Daniel Blume : Thats a awesome library!

Imaan Productions : Amazing video and lucky kids

JohnPlayz 16 : Wow I learned something the video was awesome I want to go there!!! How much money did he spent on his library?

Thor Erling Prestbøen : What is the name of the multi volume bible with drawings?

Siddhartha Varma Chittari : If something can do everything Then it cant do much of anything -jay walker

Charlotte Jenkins : This is the most incredible thing ever.

The Critter : amazing

Heru- deshet : I think Dos XX has cast the wrong "Most Interesting Man in the World" for their commercials.

markatl84 : Incredible! Thank you so much for posting this! I would never have seen this otherwise as it is a private collection, and what a collection.

Dave Kane : Cash that damn check

Cham Bolun : Thank you ! Thank you !

QianYao He : That's my dream room!!!!!!!

Vorst1236 : I am dying to know what those 'books' are in the back at 10:34 with the lines that connect and the small screens or something?

Ramona : The Fish Eye mode doesn't allow me to view this with ease, unfortunately.

American Citizen : The only thing he's got which I also have is the Edison Cylinder. And the player.

kate chaste : "...I'm not a collector, you all seem crazy to me."

Athen Mccombs : As a lover of and life long collector of books all I can say is that I am extremely envious.

MrCrazyManiac : He must be One of the most interesting guy in the world

Ban in Space : I want to visit this place its so amazing and incredible

Ban in Space : Where is this place

Ban in Space : Look at those books

Marcel Mitchell : Shot in the dark here... Does anyone know the name or publisher of the Bible that has the numerous pictures? BTW, great vid! I have watched this numerous times and it has been an inspiration for me to continue working on my library.

Roland Deschain : Thats exacly what i would do, If I had a lot of money. I don't need a big car, fancy closes or a yacht. I would collect awesome stuff and show it to interested people. Great video. Btw: Where is it? And is it open for the public?

Shusty Daw : I was helping my grandma clean out her house and we actually found a ton of old phonograph record things.. it was really cool😄 when they mentioned the phonograph it reminded me of them..

Half Bad Studios : The History of Humans is the History of ideas. Great Tour!

Nico K : It feels like this room is the collective knowledge and culture of human kind. I could never get out of such a room.

Seliat Oyindamola : Wow! I am in love with this Library! To think it is private is just great.Love the tour!

F0nkyNinja : At first I thought it was amazing because the architecture was twisted and warped.

Rational Israel : How did he make enough money to afford all of that?

CAM : God, I have the hardest brainer watching this :o

Elvin Sanay : I really enjoy watching the video and I really like to visit that place

Daniel McCoy : Yeah, who needs $10,000?

General Steven D. Lee 5683 : This is great for adults also.

Leandro Ogava de Paula Souza : An amazing video from an amazing human being. THANKS FOR SHARING all this knowledge!

Patrick Jensen : Anyone who know where i can find the giant bible in many volumes?

Avin Prasad : Wow...Now thats cool...Goals!