Voice Teacher Reacts to American Idol - Ten Worst Singers Ever
Voice Coach Analyzes the 10 worst American Idol auditions

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Sam Johnson's reaction to the 10 worst singers ever American Idol compilation. https://www.patreon.com/samjohnson Product and book recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/samjohnson I hope this observation on how they sing helps you figure out how the voice works better, so you can learn how to make smart choices in your own voice. Go to http://www.vocalease.net to sign up for lessons with Sam through video chat! Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/oksamjohnson


nattitude : Can I hire you to be the little voice in my head?

D4NC3Rable : Alternate title: Sam Johnson, Patron Saint of Music, comes to Earth to Gently Correct Humanity's Mistakes

VRaziel : im blown away by the size of your heart and how humble you are... i respect you even more after watching this.

Jackie Moody : "rude without substance" fantastic.

Kirby Castillo : I love how you didn’t laugh at anyone, but instead just gave absolutely informative advice.

PJ : I literally binge watch this guy, so humble, professional, informative and easy to understand. Subbed for sure

Anthony Robertson : I don't think Simon says much because he has no clue about what is going on in a persons mouth and throat when they sing good or bad. Simon is simply coming from a place of "I've heard a lot of good recordings of good singers so I know when someone sounds good." Yeah, pretty much all of us could do that. He brings abdolutely nothing else to the table at all, and frankly is pretty clueless about the actual workings of vocal production.

O K A Y : Sam is the kind of person I want to be

A.R. Partie : You are officially the nicest person on YouTube.

cynthia cook : I think Simon Cowell enjoys being cruel.

Mandy Cummins : You got so angry at how the judges treat these people, I could see it, and I love you for that. They're so unkind, purposely so. They stomp all over people just for views because other people like to watch people being stomped on. It's a vicious cycle and I'm so glad there are folks like you in the world with enough kindness to try to over come the cruelty. The world needs more people like you, Sam. Please don't ever stop empowering people just by being yourself.

Drew Owl : "This is not your thing, man" What a horrible thing to say to anyone, especially someone passionate who needs better help. Ugh.

McKenzie Fletcher : They need a competition for people who want to learn to sing but need guidance. So all the judges would be vocal coaches, and they'd give constructive criticism to each contestant. No audition process involving the judges where these people are ridiculed, just a casting process off camera. And it should be called Anyone Can Sing. The winner would be who improves the most, and America could vote for them. I hate mocking and ridiculing people so much..

Katie B : Also, maybe someone can sing, but maybe they can’t perform (yet). That’s another skill to get a hold of...the mind game aspect lol

TheKerberoses : Please never leave Youtube. We need ppl like you on this platform.

XODaikoXD : You passionate defense of number five had my heart swell

_acidsmiles_ : Can you like. Narrate my life and be so sweet and understanding with the awful mistakes I made?

Lizzzard Breath : Dude needs to host a show on how to be a better singer. Where the judges are actually voice instructors and the winner is the contestant who improved the most throughout the show. Everybody learns, everybody grows.

Samuel Evert : "That's wrong; dont fix it" -Sam Johnson

Rob’s Username : This guy is exactly right about how these things affect a singer. I used to love to sing until everyone kept telling me to think otherwise. I wish I had someone like him who could have helped me with technique. I still love to sing, just in the middle of the day when all the neighbors are at work.

Ashley Minor : I just found your channel today. I have always been self-conscious about my lack of singing ability, but watching your constructive, supportive comments of these people is such a breath of fresh air. I have no doubt you are an amazing vocal teacher and that you really do help people gain confidence and improve their voices. Thanks for being you. Looking forward to watching many more of your videos

Ninchennase : I'd really like someone like you to be a judge on these shows because you're respectful and helpful. But media outlets prefer ridiculing people because that gets them more viewers. :(

jew___k : As a mental health therapist who stumbled across your videos, I just want you to know your empathy and kindness are amazing. You're obviously an amazing voice teacher, but you should consider a backup career as a therapist:)

GrainneDhu : Thank you for the respectful way you critiqued the various performances. The world is a better place because you are in it.

Kira Lidia : I've lost it at "You sound great in your head" 😂😂😂 When I'm singing I sound great in my head. But then I look it on a tape... "OMG 😱 what's that? "

White Devil : The judges on American Idol can't give actual criticism because none of them can sing either. All they can do is offer ridicule.

Kayla Poirier : I wasn't going to comment... but I absolutely love how positive you are!!! You would be great to teach one of my friends.. she thinks she is awful but all she needs is training. I know I can sing but I also know I need a lot of work.. I wish I could afford singing lessons from someone like you!!! Amazing reactions though... you have a new subscriber 😁😁😁

Squirtle Derp : why is this guy not a judge. you are my best accidental find this year. thanks Sam <3

KhasAdun : This video made me think that actual voice coaches like you need to be the judges on American Idol, cause you don't just laugh at people and insult them, you give them actual feedback they can use. The best thing about your approach is that by actually breaking their performances down and pointing out the technicalities of it, you save the poor people so much embarrassment. It's easy to see someone who sings like Chewbacca and laugh, but once you understand why they sound like that, you empathize with them more. And people watching can learn a lot. Man! That show would be so much better.

Mary Jane Luken : Your kindness does not go unnoticed. Kudos! I love your outrage for the contestants. My prayer is these individuals find you!

sicheng : i want to have vocal classes with u

Monica Hernandez : I've just binged several videos... I really have no idea what you are talking about half the time. But I am so fascinated. And can't stop watching. *subscribed*

Devin Cory : How awesome would American Idol be if instead of Simon Cowell they had Sam instead?

Bree Freeman : I was in choir for 7 years and our teachers always told us, "keep your mouth open." "Always open your mouth." I realized that that wasn't working lol. I think my own personal issue, my biggest issue, is transitioning between head voice and chest voice. And it's unfortunate lololol. I stumbled across your videos on accident and I'm so glad I did. You explain things so well. And you're so kind while giving your criticism. And in a world where everyone is out to tear each other down and ruin each other, it is really refreshing. My motto is, "you don't have to be rude to be honest." And I love that you basically seem to also believe that. Plus, being rude doesn't actually help anyone. Thank you for trying to be helpful and for not trying to be rude. 😊💖

Saskaruto16 : "They are making very informed choices. They are not good choices." Very applicable quote there.

Karen Tyas : Watching Sam be so sweet about these singers is like a warm hug via YouTube that I didn’t know I needed.

Ems Bourland : You actually gave me hope that I could sing if I wanted to. Seriously. Thank you. :) My family has always told me that I can't sing lol.

Tina Leeth : Youre like the Bob Ross of singing for those of us that may not we suck but sing anyway. Happy little trees happy little voices. When ya said anyone could sing. That was awesome

Trille : i love how you're so annoyed with the judges <3 they're so mean!

Carita Arctander : I instantly knew that you wouldn’t be mean when I saw the name of your video. That’s why I watched it. I can’t stand watching this type of shows, because the fact is that the auditions are shown just to humiliate people... Sven the judges humiliate contestants and breaks their dreams and their hearts. The show needs people like you, Sam. People who will build confidence, not tear it down. This video shows what a good person you are. Thank you.

Irmeli Strengell : Nobody gives 2 yo kids a book, expects them to read perfectly, then laughs when they can't and tells them they are horrible and murdered the book! You need to practise before you learn and the same goes with singing. I'm not completely sure but I think Freddie Mercury took some singing lessons, too?

Endrank luvs da 4 loko : I really like how in the first one when the judges are sitting there laughing you just sit there and listen. Shows how rude they are and how they fast they make up their minds. It also shows that you actually listen to the singer the entire time and that you have some class. If I stood in line for days to try out for something, it would be sad to be rejected. It would be downright heart wrenching to be laughed off the stage. Of course a lot of this is probably staged; reality tv is anything but reality.

holly love : Rude without substance. Could possibly be my favorite sentence I've ever heard. I appreciate your kindness and your positive way to find the goodness in every vocal action. Love your videos.

H Wall : Bless you Sam Johnson. You are an absolute gem.

Brittany : A few Christmas's ago I was singing happily holiday songs in the car and my boyfriend asked me to stop singing because I was the worst singer he ever heard, and it broke my heart because I love Christmas songs and I stopped singing them around others since then because those words were in the back of my head, but you actually inspire me to keep singing and that is OK if I am not the best as long as I work on it, so thank you!

yugoxgc : Nr 5 is Just depressing. Like I'm worried if he was ok later after that time & Later in life :(

Multidos : Wow, you're such a down to earth guy. I really like your videos.

LittleLotte1410 : I LOVE HOW MUCH YOU BELIEVE IN EVERYONE!!!!!!! I'm so tired of seeing people who just bash on other singers just because you don't like the sound. It doesn't mean the technique isn't there or that they can't learn. You are awesome! I have learned so much from you already.

speck : Excellent analysis...subscribed!