Voice Teacher Reacts to American Idol - Ten Worst Singers Ever

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slimkt : Sam is proof that you don't have to be ruthless to thrive. He gives tons of constructive criticism but always remains so kind and supportive.

nattitude : Can I hire you to be the little voice in my head?

jew___k : As a mental health therapist who stumbled across your videos, I just want you to know your empathy and kindness are amazing. You're obviously an amazing voice teacher, but you should consider a backup career as a therapist:)

Squirtle Derp : why is this guy not a judge. you are my best accidental find this year. thanks Sam <3

D4NC3Rable : Alternate title: Sam Johnson, Patron Saint of Music, comes to Earth to Gently Correct Humanity's Mistakes

Ness Liz : Who wants to start a petition to make Sam an American Idol judge?! These people would do very well to hear what he has to say & not just be laughed at and called horrific.

Alyssa Nerney : I’m so glad you’ve finally been monetised. I’ll watch through all of the ads, I’d don’t mind at all. You’re 100% worth it. You’re such a beautiful person and I’m so glad that you popped into my recommendations. Thanks for being the light in the dark of 2018.

gggfx : This is honestly the *nicest* review of any talent show 'fails' I've ever seen on youtube, incredible. I did smirk at "So clearly he has to work on... well, everything.." but still, such positivity, constructive ideas throughout

cynthia cook : I think Simon Cowell enjoys being cruel.

Anthony Robertson : I don't think Simon says much because he has no clue about what is going on in a persons mouth and throat when they sing good or bad. Simon is simply coming from a place of "I've heard a lot of good recordings of good singers so I know when someone sounds good." Yeah, pretty much all of us could do that. He brings abdolutely nothing else to the table at all, and frankly is pretty clueless about the actual workings of vocal production.

Lizzzard Breath : Dude needs to host a show on how to be a better singer. Where the judges are actually voice instructors and the winner is the contestant who improved the most throughout the show. Everybody learns, everybody grows.

PJ : I literally binge watch this guy, so humble, professional, informative and easy to understand. Subbed for sure

Alex Corv : im blown away by the size of your heart and how humble you are... i respect you even more after watching this.

Kineela : I dont know who you are or why you were in my news feed, but after binge watching all your videos, I am in love with your ability of finding always good things about everyone. Good critical commentary doesn't mean you have to be just mean or disrespectful. I'm impressed. 😍

O K A Y : Sam is the kind of person I want to be

Meragun : It's ok to laugh, but I completely agree with having somthing constructive to say to these people.

SheliakDragon : I put off watching this one because I thought it might endup being mean but Sam is so objective and constructive and empathetic. I'm glad I finally watched this.

skepticinall : Honestly this was great. You are very good at teaching without being a complete ass. I never enjoyed american Idol for exactly what you said in the first singer "Rude without substance" Keep being you man. You are a great person

Beth Nicholl : "Sing in a way that other people don't find repulsive" is literally my only goal 😂

Julia Prusha : oh my god why did 5 make me so sad when he asked if they wanted him to sing something else my heart shattered

Dani Joy : Sam thank you for being so positive. My parents laughed at me when I sang for them when I was young and still bring it up to this day because it was so bad to them. Needless to say it broke my spirits because I've always wanted to learn how to sing well. To this day makes me feel self-conscious about my voice. Hearing you be genuinely kind and constructive is so refreshing! After binging your videos and especially after this one, I feel like it's possible to learn- anyone can improve- and that my parents were just being major dicks. Your kindness makes you even more beautiful of a person. Thank you so much for making videos!

Kirby Castillo : I love how you didn’t laugh at anyone, but instead just gave absolutely informative advice.

Jo Leipold : This man has the patience of a saint and a heart of gold

Katie B : Also, maybe someone can sing, but maybe they can’t perform (yet). That’s another skill to get a hold of...the mind game aspect lol

Devin Cory : How awesome would American Idol be if instead of Simon Cowell they had Sam instead?

Big Red : Constructive, kind. This made me a subscriber.

GrainneDhu : Thank you for the respectful way you critiqued the various performances. The world is a better place because you are in it.

AspLode : Art of every discipline needs a Sam Johnson. Not everyone needs to be J K Simmons's character from Whiplash to assert mastery over their craft, and the destructive spectacle we see from the judges is more indicative of the aim of the talent show as a brutal winnowing of contestants than an investment to any particular individual. An artist in their infancy with someone like Sam in their corner would flourish no matter where they start, and it really stems from a confidence in being able to see a path to success, a discrete road to viability for every seed. He's so right that just cutting someone down provides nothing productive, but we all know it's because these sassy putdowns are what made Simon famous in the first place and keeps viewers tuning in. It's such a quantum leap from being able to acknowledge that something is bad (which everyone can see), to being able to dissect everywhere that it's going wrong, how far each of these aspects are from being ideal, and what needs to be done to progress. Also, to be able to read what is going wrong but also identify where effort is being placed in order to gauge the artist's investment into their craft, and posit where they were misled and how. It just comes from paying attention and not being so focused on how the performance impacts him emotionally, like how he's just deadpan as the judges are breathless from laughter. Sam could look at a child's crayon picture and say it's not a bad start, the overall proportions aren't too bad, the lines could use more confidence, and that the next stage is to use sharper stationery so that the kid could begin to explore articulate finer details and meet new challenges there.

Mandy Cummins : You got so angry at how the judges treat these people, I could see it, and I love you for that. They're so unkind, purposely so. They stomp all over people just for views because other people like to watch people being stomped on. It's a vicious cycle and I'm so glad there are folks like you in the world with enough kindness to try to over come the cruelty. The world needs more people like you, Sam. Please don't ever stop empowering people just by being yourself.

LightingUrMind : Simon: “It was fantastically TERRIBLE”. Sam: **Smiles gently** “I agree 🙂” HAHAHAAHA YOU’RE SO ADORABLE 😂

Drew Owl : "This is not your thing, man" What a horrible thing to say to anyone, especially someone passionate who needs better help. Ugh.

Kink : As a untrained singer/shower singer/car singer, i often get a itch in my throat when i try to get higher, lower or louder. The itch causes me to start coughing, so it really ruins my happy-sing-moment. My question(s) are why do i get this itch? What am i doing wrong? Is this common? What can i do to make sure it wont happen? I will be thrilled if you (Sam Johnson) would answer these questions, but if anyone else have answers to my questions, I will be equally happy <3

Erma H. : It's awesome that you're so good at explaining specifically what's wrong and what can be fixed. I think most people don't have that ability and that's why all they can do is laugh. It happens when people have trouble learning languages---people just have no idea how they're making the sounds they're making and so they don't know how to tell someone else how to do it right. Being able to actually fix problems is better than laughing at people that are lost. You're like a bright, shining light.

Irmeli Strengell : Nobody gives 2 yo kids a book, expects them to read perfectly, then laughs when they can't and tells them they are horrible and murdered the book! You need to practise before you learn and the same goes with singing. I'm not completely sure but I think Freddie Mercury took some singing lessons, too?

Chandelle : I should probably just let this go, but it's bugging me so I'm going to say something. I've seen a few comments that say how the judges weren't being rude to laugh, they were just tired. They probably were tired, but that doesn't mean they weren't also rude. As someone who has auditioned a lot, seen a lot of auditions, been to a lot of performances I can tell you there is an etiquette to performances. These judges have been in the industry long enough to know that etiquette. They know it was rude. Simon even apologized as he was laughing. He wouldn't have apologized if he wasn't doing something wrong. They were rude because they thought it got them higher ratings. But look at how fast Sam's channel is growing. That proves you don't have to be rude to get an audience.

Mindy Girard : This is going to be a little long and I'm sorry for that but I feel like I really need to express to you how unique you are in the world of vocal training... I started voice training when I was 3 years old..by the time I was 6 my vocal coach had me shoved into the competition circuits...there were periods between 6 and 17..when I told her and the circuit cronies ( that's a story all it's own) to go pound sand... that I was with her more than my own parents as they were never very interested in the ins and outs of the training rituals and they unfortunately trusted her...she handed me my first cigarette when I was 12 years old and told me that I needed to start smoking to timber out my voice..over the next 5 years she would train me while smoking. I was to inhale as deep as I could.. hold it...sing whole verses of whatever song we were training with and then I was allowed to exhale...if any smoke got out while I was singing..and I mean any she would make me stop..inhale again and start over.. I also had to maintain my proper vocals while holding in the smoke...there was no such thing as positive criticism in her world..it was simply do it..do it right..and win competitions...the coaches and parents I encountered during the time period were not much better if not worse and I walked away from that world with a very bad taste in my mouth... to the point that I wouldn't even sing for my friends and family for many many years... I still have times where if I feel like they are trying to make me be their side show I will refuse... I'm 38 years old now and perhaps if I had of been fortunate enough to have found a mature, observant and positive coach like yourself back when I was 3 years old I would still have that same passion for my old friends music and vocals instead of feeling like they were bad influences who led me into the vipers nest. You are awesome.. please don't ever change 😊

sicheng : i want to have vocal classes with u

Ashley Minor : I just found your channel today. I have always been self-conscious about my lack of singing ability, but watching your constructive, supportive comments of these people is such a breath of fresh air. I have no doubt you are an amazing vocal teacher and that you really do help people gain confidence and improve their voices. Thanks for being you. Looking forward to watching many more of your videos

Monica Hernandez : I've just binged several videos... I really have no idea what you are talking about half the time. But I am so fascinated. And can't stop watching. *subscribed*

Jessica McGinnis-Robinson : Watching this video, I understood why I subbed this channel. You have loads of empathy (you literally sang like some of these people to show what they were doing) and you are kind. I could listen to people like you talk for hours! Thanks!

KhasAdun : This video made me think that actual voice coaches like you need to be the judges on American Idol, cause you don't just laugh at people and insult them, you give them actual feedback they can use. The best thing about your approach is that by actually breaking their performances down and pointing out the technicalities of it, you save the poor people so much embarrassment. It's easy to see someone who sings like Chewbacca and laugh, but once you understand why they sound like that, you empathize with them more. And people watching can learn a lot. Man! That show would be so much better.

John Tousseau : These "talent" shows are really terrible and misleading. They always portray their top contestants as someone they just found one the street who has amazing talent (Sob story with a voice of gold). Not true. They've all had years of vocal training and performance schooling. And the "judges" don't know anything about music. Do you really think they would say something like "you hit an F# instead of a G," or "Singing A minor was an interesting twist that made the song your own." Nope. It's a beauty contest. It's who they can market and make money on. People voting gives them an idea of the audience numbers they are reaching. Fuck these shows; they aren't about the music. It's about money. The contract you have to sign with them says they literally own all of your work before the show and anything you create after.

Bree Freeman : I was in choir for 7 years and our teachers always told us, "keep your mouth open." "Always open your mouth." I realized that that wasn't working lol. I think my own personal issue, my biggest issue, is transitioning between head voice and chest voice. And it's unfortunate lololol. I stumbled across your videos on accident and I'm so glad I did. You explain things so well. And you're so kind while giving your criticism. And in a world where everyone is out to tear each other down and ruin each other, it is really refreshing. My motto is, "you don't have to be rude to be honest." And I love that you basically seem to also believe that. Plus, being rude doesn't actually help anyone. Thank you for trying to be helpful and for not trying to be rude. 😊💖

Endrank luvs da 4 loko : I really like how in the first one when the judges are sitting there laughing you just sit there and listen. Shows how rude they are and how they fast they make up their minds. It also shows that you actually listen to the singer the entire time and that you have some class. If I stood in line for days to try out for something, it would be sad to be rejected. It would be downright heart wrenching to be laughed off the stage. Of course a lot of this is probably staged; reality tv is anything but reality.

Heki Kahni : Some of those are plants for comedy and to break up the judges. But I immediately liked that this teacher didn't laugh. He was going to listen to what was actually going on.

Jackie Moody : "rude without substance" fantastic.

Ems Bourland : You actually gave me hope that I could sing if I wanted to. Seriously. Thank you. :) My family has always told me that I can't sing lol.

McKenzie Fletcher : They need a competition for people who want to learn to sing but need guidance. So all the judges would be vocal coaches, and they'd give constructive criticism to each contestant. No audition process involving the judges where these people are ridiculed, just a casting process off camera. And it should be called Anyone Can Sing. The winner would be who improves the most, and America could vote for them. I hate mocking and ridiculing people so much..

GORDO HUMILDE : A lot of accurate comments.. Sam, you are amazing

A.R. Partie : You are officially the nicest person on YouTube.