Voice Teacher Reacts to American Idol - Ten Worst Singers Ever

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slimkt : Sam is proof that you don't have to be ruthless to thrive. He gives tons of constructive criticism but always remains so kind and supportive.

Devin Cory : How awesome would American Idol be if instead of Simon Cowell they had Sam instead?

Tina Leeth : Youre like the Bob Ross of singing for those of us that may not we suck but sing anyway. Happy little trees happy little voices. When ya said anyone could sing. That was awesome

jew___k : As a mental health therapist who stumbled across your videos, I just want you to know your empathy and kindness are amazing. You're obviously an amazing voice teacher, but you should consider a backup career as a therapist:)

Jessa Rowland : Girl whines and moans weird vocals Sam: 'okay so she wasn't attempting traditional singing.' 'she's an interesting performer' You are the sweetest human. 💕

Ness Liz : Who wants to start a petition to make Sam an American Idol judge?! These people would do very well to hear what he has to say & not just be laughed at and called horrific.

frostedsilver : I'm reminded of the quote that the female judge said after Susan Boyle's audition: "I think we were all being very cynical." That's how I felt coming into this. I was amazed that you didn't laugh, even when they did, but once I started hearing the analyses, and I could hear and see the things you were talking about, I started to understand why you weren't laughing. You have EMPATHY, and you're actually a good person. I felt so bad for the guy whose tongue was pulled to the back of his throat, and I could tell you did, too, and it just changed my entire perspective about the whole video. I was being cynical, and judgmental, too. Now I don't even want to, because now i can see how mean this is, unduly so. I used to laugh at auditions like this and now I don't want to do that, either. So thank you for making this video, because i needed the wake-up call. The world needs more people like you.

Kaleiha The'ron : why is this guy not a judge. you are my best accidental find this year. thanks Sam <3

Chrusic : You know, I would absolutely watch a TV show where you took "rejects" from contest shows and teach them to sing and use their voice. Your kindness and interest in finding peoples potential would be a lovely step away from the cruelty some of these shows portray. I've always viewed singing as something you're born with, either you can or you can't, and I still think that is true to a certain degree. But you've completely changed my perspective on singing as a whole. The voice is an instrument and it can be mastered to each individuals potential with guidance and practice. I wish you a ton of success and growth! :)

Katherine Funk : I have an incredible amount of respect for you after watching this.

Lizzzard Breath : Dude needs to host a show on how to be a better singer. Where the judges are actually voice instructors and the winner is the contestant who improved the most throughout the show. Everybody learns, everybody grows.

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : I normally don’t like videos that are this long but I loved every minute of your video. Some of your encouragement actually made me pretty emotional. I just want to say that continue what you’re doing, and I’ll continue watching.

Kineela : I dont know who you are or why you were in my news feed, but after binge watching all your videos, I am in love with your ability of finding always good things about everyone. Good critical commentary doesn't mean you have to be just mean or disrespectful. I'm impressed. 😍

luli237 : I love how you are sooo mad at the judges for being complete assholes. You seem so kind and professional. Subbing right now. Hugs from argentina 😊

Jennifer Pearson : I had a terrible day surrounded by stupid jerks. I told my boyfriend that my faith in humanity was very low today. You've given me my faith back by being caring, intelligent, and honest. Thank you.

Julia Prusha : oh my god why did 5 make me so sad when he asked if they wanted him to sing something else my heart shattered

Alyssa Nerney : I’m so glad you’ve finally been monetised. I’ll watch through all of the ads, I’d don’t mind at all. You’re 100% worth it. You’re such a beautiful person and I’m so glad that you popped into my recommendations. Thanks for being the light in the dark of 2018.

Ozdust9 : I forever say that just because you're a singer doesn't mean you can be a vocal coach/judge that's what bothers me about these shows.

Holly Ann : Also, when you said "No, it is his thing. He loves it. Keep doing it." WONDERFUL.

janetranslates : I shouldn't have read any of the other comments. Others have already said everything I wanted to say. God bless you, Sam, you're such a nice person. Like Vegall1992, "So..... I subscribed to your channel because you're not a jerk." ALSO, it's very impressive how easily you can reproduce the sounds you're hearing, especially in the case of #5 ("Let My People Go"). It shows that you really know how voice production works. I wish I could buy 3 months of lessons with you for every one of these people. Maybe you can't make them all stars, but you could help them be much happier people.

HEMAreviews : You are the Bob Ross of singing and you make the world a better place <3

Nicolette Mingels : 13:50 to 15:10 is probably the most heartbreaking part to watch as a music teacher. I'm going to show this video to all my chorus students because I don't want another generation of eager singers having their dreams crushed like American Idol has already done to so many people.

Sarah Randal : I feel like the reason why the judges on all these shows never give proper criticism is because they don't have proper training themselves. only one of those judges is a singer and she is considered a standard pop artist which generally means they "can't really sing" so they wouldn't even know how to critic someone. they just hear NOT PERFECT, BAD, BAD, BAD. It's sad because it just doesn't help anyone. The judges have stated on several occasions, they are looking for recording artists, not singers. they just want the next big pop star that they can mold into whatever they want. sadly that means they want a little raw talent and good traditional looks, not someone that needs a little work and is rough around the edges.

Scary Jake : I always hated the judges on shows like this but i've never been able to articulate why. Now i realize its because all they do is crush dreams

LightingUrMind : Simon: “It was fantastically TERRIBLE”. Sam: **Smiles gently** “I agree” HAHAHAAHA YOU ARE SO ADORABLE 😂

Hope Erickson : This is such a positive spin on such a negative thing. You deserve a first place trophy for doing constructive criticism right.

Meragun : It's ok to laugh, but I completely agree with having somthing constructive to say to these people.

DukeOfDeath27 : Did that first girl create a new song..... "take another little peice of my marmalade"

Geoff Brown : William Hung is a funny guy and he was probably more successful than some of the people who won American Idol. Food for thought. :)

Chandelle Lance : I should probably just let this go, but it's bugging me so I'm going to say something. I've seen a few comments that say how the judges weren't being rude to laugh, they were just tired. They probably were tired, but that doesn't mean they weren't also rude. As someone who has auditioned a lot, seen a lot of auditions, been to a lot of performances I can tell you there is an etiquette to performances. These judges have been in the industry long enough to know that etiquette. They know it was rude. Simon even apologized as he was laughing. He wouldn't have apologized if he wasn't doing something wrong. They were rude because they thought it got them higher ratings. But look at how fast Sam's channel is growing. That proves you don't have to be rude to get an audience.

G Spawn : About being mean: Simon Cowell is doing this for a reason. Part one. Shows like "X Factor" aren't to make someone's dreams come true. The person who "wins" is basically an indentured servant to a record label for several years. They have to do what the label says, and they own very little of what they produce. Only a professional who can stand on their own can possibly benefit from this sort of break. Simon only has 30 seconds to give this dose of reality to someone, and this happens hundreds of times a day during auditions. He's just being honest about what he represents. Part two. As noted in the video, the real crime for most of these people is that nobody ever told them no. Maybe they're okay singers, but they either need lessons or honest feedback from a good critic to get better. Instead, their family gives them a participation trophy. That wouldn't be so bad, except tie it to #1. This person - who is maybe an okay singer - is blindly signing a multi-year deal with a record label to sell their life away. Imagine if the record label take them in. The label hire this voice coach and pay him top dollar to whip the contestant into shape... And then the contestant would have to pay that back to the record label over the course of their contract. It's a bum deal. So I get it. It seems mean to treat people in such a rough way. But these poor people are lambs begging to get in line at the slaughterhouse. Sometimes someone has to just tell them no. Simon Cowell is a total a-hole in real life. He'll be the first person to tell you that's absolutely who he is. But he will also say that if he's scared one person away from signing a bad deal that would have put them in debt to a label, it's been worth it.

gggfx : This is honestly the *nicest* review of any talent show 'fails' I've ever seen on youtube, incredible. I did smirk at "So clearly he has to work on... well, everything.." but still, such positivity, constructive ideas throughout

Kat Williams : ive fallen down the rabbit hole watching your videos but this one legit made me really love you. you are so nice and spot on with your comments and advice. ps can someone send this to simon cowell please?

Kink : As a untrained singer/shower singer/car singer, i often get a itch in my throat when i try to get higher, lower or louder. The itch causes me to start coughing, so it really ruins my happy-sing-moment. My question(s) are why do i get this itch? What am i doing wrong? Is this common? What can i do to make sure it wont happen? I will be thrilled if you (Sam Johnson) would answer these questions, but if anyone else have answers to my questions, I will be equally happy <3

Jessica McGinnis-Robinson : Watching this video, I understood why I subbed this channel. You have loads of empathy (you literally sang like some of these people to show what they were doing) and you are kind. I could listen to people like you talk for hours! Thanks!

korat757 : When I was a kid I had an adult tell me I couldn’t carry a tune and shouldn’t sing. Prior to that I loved singing along to songs I loved, but afterwards I stopped singing entirely. I wish I’d had someone like you instead.

AlabasterMuslim : Omg when you changed your voice! I'm so impressed by that haha. Love that you don't bash anyone. You give facts not insults.

skepticinall : Honestly this was great. You are very good at teaching without being a complete ass. I never enjoyed american Idol for exactly what you said in the first singer "Rude without substance" Keep being you man. You are a great person

DanasLilMakeup : I was in a Estudiantina band when I was 17 (I’m 31 now), which is a Spanish traditional acoustic band. I was taught how to sing, and I was told I was good BUT, I never believed it, I think it was because if my own insecurities but I stopped singing, and listening and watching you I remember my teachers and make me want to go back singing. I am a metal head and was stocked to see you reviewing my favourite female singers. Thank you for believing in everyone and being always constructive and educational. New subscriber!

Heki Kahni : Some of those are plants for comedy and to break up the judges. But I immediately liked that this teacher didn't laugh. He was going to listen to what was actually going on.

SheliakDragon : I put off watching this one because I thought it might endup being mean but Sam is so objective and constructive and empathetic. I'm glad I finally watched this.

Brenda Corbett : “Let’s talk about why they’re laughing” probably they’re laughing so hysterically because of the fact that in the back of their minds they know that the producers let this person through whilst turning down way better American idol candidates

Miranda Scott : Ii love how you see the potential ans are so nice about it your personality is heavenly.

VikeDefender : from a guy that cant sing and doesnt know anything about singing your videos are so entertaining and educational. Iv been binge watching like crazy!

LittleLotte1410 : I LOVE HOW MUCH YOU BELIEVE IN EVERYONE!!!!!!! I'm so tired of seeing people who just bash on other singers just because you don't like the sound. It doesn't mean the technique isn't there or that they can't learn. You are awesome! I have learned so much from you already.

Lex Knight : Constructive, kind. This made me a subscriber.

EntityOfLove : My ex auditioned for a “fake” part in one of these shows. He had to act like an idiot so people would laugh at him, including the judges. He naturally got the part....lol. With that said though, before I got vocal lessons, I sang WAY too forward, like number 5, that lovely African American gentleman. I had a full and “strong” (so I thought, lol) voice, but it just wasn’t my own voice. I always wondered why I couldn’t switch, always belting. After vocal lessons, I finally found my own voice and have much better control with it now.

Daphne Hernandez : Sam: "What's the point in crushing someone?" 'Cause Sam, you're God's gift to music in the sense of helping all humans express themselves through song regardless of skill, and Simon is just a man that's made a TON of money by being mean and crushing people. Tells you what we've been fed in this society. That's is why I love youtube, it allows people like you to reach thousands (if not millions, in time) and show the world we want more Sams and less Simons. Much love, from New Orleans!

Kryzal Lazurite : I've been told Im tone deaf and should not pursue singing, but it feels so liberating to share your feelings this way. I was curious, since you're a singing teacher, if you could point out where people could go if they honestly wanted to improve their singing voice. I dont know, maybe Im just tired of being told I'm no good at something that feels natural to want to do and do well for me. Any help is appreciated.

A.R. Partie : You are officially the nicest person on YouTube.