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Clowny Moose Bean : I ain't afraid of no sleep. I ain't afraid of no bed. An Invisible Bed! Freaky Ghost Bed!

Micaiah the Otaku Gamer [HybridAngelZero] : I know this is supposed to be a meme and all, but this is actually a really cool, dance-able remix

The Man The Legend : An invisible bed, Sleeping in your bed

Ronnie P : Petition to make this the official theme of Ghostbusters 2020 | V

Mitchell Hanna : You know, after the first 50 times, you realise how good this is as an actual song

Miguel Luis Álvarez : I need a vaporwave version of this bustin’82

Justin Y. : It's called hentai. And it's art.

Justin Y. : The crazy thing is that this was in homestuck.

Trouble_Always_Inbound : Ray's just tired. Let him sleep in your bed.

Jim Kinkade : Sad they took this original version and remixed it for the movie.

Gaming With Tony : Wow. This video came out 4 years ago today, and everybody is still bustin'

Wewin42 : I'm 90 years old. My memory's going. My wife is the last person I can consistently recognize. I ask her what's going on in the world. She says they are making another remake of Ghostbusters. "Ghostbusters?" I say. "That's the moving about ejaculation, correct" I look out the window, completely unaware. My wife is crying, knowing that I'll soon be completely gone.

Sylvia : "hey what's the capital of massachusetts?" 0:50

James Stutts : I ain't afraid of no SLEEP I ain't afraid of no BED

Eddie Armes : Legend has it he's been bustin ever since

Ryan D : Petition to make this part of the next Ghostbusters movie that was just announced. (for 2020!)

MAKL : Man, so addicted to this right now for some reason.

NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE-NIGHTMARE : When Bustin makes you feel so good that you make a movie and song for it.

Spoon-Bandit : Those aren't hot dogs slimer's eating

StarBlaze Empire : *L E T M E S L E E P I N Y O U R B E D*

S.C. Wood : I can't believe it took 3 years for people to understand this masterpiece.

imnotskankhunt614 : i love the *feel good* at the end so mUCH BUSTIN' MAKES ME Feel Good Inc.

AngryFauxGaming : Dedicated to all those who beat No Nut November

ShadowPresident 420 : The man has a passion for busting ghosts... all night long. And you have to respect that.

JoCyanide : Mmm, freaky ghost baby. Mmm, freaky ghost man. Mmm, freaky man-baby.

Untitled Name Gang : I'm glad to see in the comments so many people are still coming back to listen to this. I know Quinton Reviews has a bad rep right now but I'm glad his Neil Cicierega video brought this back to my attention. Love it.

10000 subs no videos challenge : *Legend says that if you listen to this while bustin' it's solid instead of liquid*

MariktheGunslinger : Ghostbusters 3, bitches!

F.B.I Agent : Y’all better be careful, just because it is no longer November doesn’t mean your free to nut. We’re always watching you...

Astronomy Domine : Bustin' makes me Feel Good Inc.

Bashful Wolfo : Sometimes, I forget that Neil made this. When I do remember it makes it so much better.

Some Random Yuri : Okay somewhat offtopic but like, Neil Cicierega sounds super familiar and I don't know why. I'm now going on the hunt to see why I recognize this name. Edit: Potter Puppet Pals. That's where I recognize it.

Matthew Rutter : "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick. He just couldn't stop bustin."

dalair : Welp, time to listen to this again what with Ghostbusters 3 coming out.

Evran Poirier : This is actually such a good remix i prefer it over the original.

Dark Stormer : *“I ain’t ‘fraid of no bed”*

Carly : A co-worker referred me to here and I like this version better than the original.

Coyote Man : I never noticed that 2-D was at the end of the song with a bit of Feel Good Inc.

DarthDaddy : "It just isn't right" -my coworker as I play this (it's okay I'm the manager she has to deal with it)

devadedo : let me tell you sumthin, the first time i watched this it was for the funny factor,... and now i return constantly because it is amazing. Thank you for this.

Denton Bale : 0:00 Haha that host is Thomas Gottschalk, he used to be hosting "Wetten dass...?" in Germany in the good old days ^^

Timothy Jackson : This needs to make it into the Ghostbusters 2020 soundtrack...

jak shadow : Half of this I like the other half makes me uncomfortable

R R : "sleeping makes me feel good" my sleep deprived ass is sobbing uncontrollably

Murx Hailer : I am no longer allowed at the local karaoke bar after I tried to sing this over the original

Ryan Osz : I still forget Gorillaz is at the end of this video

Cyanide Dinosaur : An invisible bed MUH! Freaky ghost bed

[Animated] Brio! : I was waiting for that Fell God Inc at the end, I knew it was coming, I could feel it in my bones

Dr Stewts : That's a LOT of accidental-dislikes!