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Yee McGee : Mr. stark, *I feel good*

Elzeta : *Why my peepee hard*

Just a Mimikip : If you're all alone Let me sleep in your bed

F.B.I Agent : *We’ll let this one pass*

Steven Owen : This should be the official theme song of Pornhub.

shottysteve : if you're seein things, sleepin in your bed... YEAH YEAH YEAAH

Colin McGreevy : *"freaky man-baby"* _points at the audience_

CorphishySituation : I dont even remember what the original sounds like

Carbon Wolffe : When someone makes a meme out of a song but it's low key fire

Ella Banana : Is it bad that I listen to this just because I legitimately enjoy it as a song?

Somali pirate who's actually somali : I want to gain my virginity again So I can lose it to this.

The_Weewoo_Man : It's November. *No more Bustin.*

evan smalley : I ain't fraid'a no *SLEEP* I ain't fraid'a no *_BED_*

BeeMurbs : This could also be seen as Ray Parker Jr. singing about how he loves the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

ANGRYcarebears2 : So this is what happened to lando

deathbastardable : Is it weird that I listen to this in the mornings to motivate myself to have a good day?

Beats By Cristobal : that's not ectoplasm

Krusty : I'm playing a dangerous game watching this during No Nut November.

Jarl Trippin' : 1:07 *Restored 1960's footage of black male facing harassment.*

TokuTickler : And they say Ghostbusters 3 never happened

Magnus McCloud : my only regret is that I haven't watched this sooner.

Sirus Blenke : 2:28 When people complain about why you sleep a lot.

Doge Charger : I've only now realized there was a ghost that sucked someone's pp in the movie

Turbo Crusader : Rejoice, for it is spooktober again lads

Hand Soap : 1:27 My parents are banging on the toilet door very confused about what I'm singing along to.

Jacbob : Lost it at "Freaky ghost bed" !

AdamG1983 : I've watched this an unhealthy amount of times

Jayden Meyer : Just knowing I went three years without this video makes me sad

littleblueclovers : Freaky ghost baby. Freaky ghost man. Freaky man baby.

TheRealDealYTPs : "Ray Pahka Jr., here we go with Ghooostbusters!" will forever be in my brain

Dalton McBleh : when Queen Booette appears on your timeline

dinolandra : Invisible man Sleepin in yo bed *OW*

Jake Ranney : Well if there's one thing Lego Rock Band was good for, it was providing the stems for this song.

NightHawk 693 : Almost forgot to watch this today

Josh Rh : i hope somewhere, someone is loosing their virginity to this

ZeR0 ACE : Listening to this at first is so aggravating. its like your memory being altered.

Schemez : 2098-The United Nations of Earth adopts this as their official national anthem

Randy Slack : I don't think he's talking about Ghostbustin...

Gabez Polanski : This is the main theme of nonutnovember

placeboing : checking back in half a year later to say that 2:18 - 2:52 is still one of my favorite things

Gaspar Menagerie : ʸᵉᵃʰ ᵧₑₐₕ yeah ʸᵉᵃʰ yeah ᵧₑₐₕ ʸᵉᵃʰ yeah ᵧₑₐₕ

NintendoNerd - Toby : First thing I did when It hit midnight and became October 1st was come to this.

Bob Bobbins : Lmao when I first saw this 5 years ago I didn’t realize what they meant by “bustin”

C R I P P L I N G D E P R E S S I O N : When spookytime just ended and it's now No Nut November

Nikita Miller : Won't be doing this for the next month.

jason jean : wen u jerk off 6 times in 1 day


Doofus McDooofus : But it's No Nut November.

George Brady : A piece of editing magic

Ragnarok Official : When you love this more than the original