30 Rock: Tina Fey imitates Jerry Seinfeld

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okrajoe : I think I'm a little insulted.

UncannyValleyVideos : I love how "Bee Movie" is the last image you see. 

Chelsea Long : Tina Fey is a comedic genius. I love her.

Jeremiah Peppercorn : Why do some people get all self-righteous when it comes to Tina Fey? I loved 30 Rock, personally, but it's just a matter of taste. If you don't like her, you don't have to be insulting. Tina seems like a pretty cool chick, and even she knows that her material can be pretty niche: ""I feel like we made a lot of good episodes of the kind of show that usually gets cancelled. The kind where there's 20 episodes and 'only me and my hipster friends know about it.' That part's still true. But we made about 140 of them!"

Martin Rank : "I think I'm a little insulted!" "You're insulted? I'M CRYING!"

pschroeter1 : Seinfeld: Maybe I'll just buy CBS. Jack: You have 5 million dollars?

Mikey Harmon : It's so Laura Petrie.

kmpiano1 : I think it's funny BECAUSE the impression was not 100% spot-on...she is crying for crying out loud lol

The Observant Servant : that was good

Ram Santanam : I love her

Oklahoman Mapper : Bees! Bees! BeeEeEeeeSssss!!111

Peter Lewis : You can tell she almost lost it at the end

Jeffrey Gibson : Hilarious

Jamie Woods : Tina Fey is brilliant...nuff said

cedric Knight : The only funny scene from that show. Thanks Jerry.

federico237 : HAAAAA I love Tina Fey

Bomb Diggity : Love it! Awesome video! Can't wait to see what else you guys come out with.

Koekkie Koelkastrijder : Well someone isn't funny here. Spoiler alert: I'm not talking about Tina Fey.

patrickdoesvideossometimes : :)

Lola Zimmerman : Hahahahahahaha!

Eve : This is my fave moment on 30 Rock

Drew Bass : She's no J Fal

Filip Peić : The whole show is insulting

FrostMage : they could have cut out liz's character completely and this show would still be hilarious

William Monteith : Intelligent humor isn't meant for you, sir.

fatkidinabucket : she sux at that impression

mindsaglowin : I call her Tine Meh.

rickhorvath : ... and she's never funny.

BestSong Evah : hatchetface is lovable

Richard Szeidermann : can't decide which one of them are more annoying

shammy davisjr : How can you not love this woman.

flagwaver1969 : The worst sitcom ever.

Nat Connolly : This isn't even funny.

Peter1999 : Tina Fey overrated as hell

gaguy1967 : horrible

LuvTheSnapper : There's nothing to dislike about tiny fey. I've tried.

Bill Brasky : I just don't understand why people think she is funny.

Matthew Leach : She's not imitating Jerry, she is imitating Mary Tyler Moore. KNOW YOUR COMEDY.

MysteriesintheDark : She cries like Mary Tyler Moore.

Alexander Westfield : Lol I mean if you look at her past work, most of it is skit/comedian type of material. She doesn't really go outside of her Tina Fey persona. I've always looked at her as more of a writer than a performer.

Weunelect : Tina Fey, you are funny. That was great. You sounded just like him and you crying at the same time. This is great Jerry Seinfeld humor. Thanks.

Tennis Lover : This is gold.

William Wilson : Who's married to Tina Fey?  The luckiest man in the world.

chas ames : Give Tina all the money and let her make anything she wants.

UN Owen : I don't know who this talentless woman is but she should try and imitate a comedian because her "acting" sucks pond water. 

UN Owen : Jerry should be INSULTED!  Tina Fey is the media's (liberal) funny woman; which in fact, is quite untrue.  She is not only un-funny, she's ugly, flat-chested, and has a scar-face.  Yeah...I'm talkin' to you, female-Quasimodo!  

SmashLiXs : he's insulted as a comedian

Clark Magnuson : She is just not as cute as Sarah Palin.

tubenachos : Bring Sarah Palin back.

tyro244 : It's the cry Mary Tyler Moore used to do on the Dick Van Dyke Show. So maybe it Jerry who is imitating Mary? :-D