See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

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JP B : Think about you taking a nice dump and then a rat bites into your nuts

Rozayin : *During the entire video I was thinking of Ratatouille* Why? *I don't know.*

Factasia Football : *Rat, amazing animal*

Memes 121 : plot twist: this is a diaper ad

Jessica Hernandez : Rats look cute when they are swimming

ONSENVOLE : That's why I wear diapers.

Olivia Grace : 2:24 when your trying to sneak in the kicthen at night

Bayu Fadhilla : Who would have thought that rats could swim to reach Uranus

aidenchoe123 : Anyone else disturbed they forced rats to tread water for their lives and forced up a toilet just to breath?


dankmeme boy : Oh ok. Time to train the art of not going to the toilet. Ever

Wholesome Lad : I used to be scared of a piranha coming up

Quesadilla_Queen : I can’t believe I’m saying this but rats r cool 😂😂😂

Fire : *I sawed this toilet in half*

amer abdullah : The comment section is even more weird then the video You know what they say *:* *some things better left unsaid*

Landon Kauffman : what if the rat came up and then i just pooped on it

Fluffy Bazooka : Just imagine that rat slapping you while you use the restroom

Hey It’s Nina : Nation: Shook Wig: snatched Hotel: Trivago

Annilyanna Anna : Rats are better than humans

Fried chicken with hot sauce : I'm having diaerria at this time and you just ruined my time on the toilet

alrammm7 : my rat dislike this video

Nasteexo Ahmed : I saw a dead rat in my Toliet once my mum said it probably drowned because it was there for days and Plus we never use the downstairs toilet we just use the upstairs one.

Reezan Wirtz : Thay are so cute

George Somarakis : So cute 😂 to see a rat in your toilet

Chaotic : Hopefully this will stay out of my recommendations now..

LAU PAK KIU YW : Rat be like: Ahhh light Oh shi-

Fortnite is life : My brother is a *'rat'* Do u get the joke?<3😂

lord tachanka 981 : Gues my bed is gonna get wet

Royal Gaming : **Sees rat in the toilet..... Whips out shotgun**

Livereater00 : ...this explains how my ex-wife made it into my house


Arno Dübel : Why did i watch this video? Now i will never chill on the Toilet i will always think about that when i chill on the toilet

Gacha Cheese : Who think rats are adorable? Not me!

ZLOIRUSSKII : Why is this in my recommended?

CLICK HERE : Dont worry if u see a rat in ur toilet, take it to ur kitchen so he can cook u a fancy meal.

Sa’Mia Marie : I ain’t using the toilet anymore..😑

Angela the umbreon weirdo : Looks like they used a domestic rat for demonstration look at the belly. Also domestic rats are cute but I wouldn't touch that one for years after it was in a toilet

beterabaGameplays : Nice to watch this while I’m pooping

Zoë Lill : This is the friggin cutest video ever! Sorry!

ɴɪᴄᴋ ɪs 2ɴᴅ : *Thank you for making most of us scared of toilets*

Wenwen Wong : I didn't know rats can come up toilets too R E P U L S I V E

Søøpky Jim : Thanos should’ve only killed half the rat population

Nikodem W : Now im scared to sit on toilet

DatFat Cat : Why do you give us nightmares of going on the toilet now

Janae M : Imagine you're sitting on the toilet and you feel something wet and furry scratching at your ass lol

ChrisTehMii : What did we learn today? Rats are pro swimmers

NintenPlush [Mario & Pokémon] : This is teaching you to wear diapers and why.

Mariyah Rumpca-Veronese : This is animal abuse. I am not part of PETA and I know that they are rats but this is mean.

Liberty Being Liberty : *sits on the toilet while watching this*

Exzaviour Alexzander : XD i died when the rats started swimming