See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

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OcurrenciaTV : I'm watching this on the toilet

Anime heaven : Nowadays I see almost everything in my toilet...... A goldfish A rodent and sometimes a aligator too... Thinking to switch with diapers....

vanllesco Solo alguien como tu :D : If the water doesnt kill em, my diarrea will do it.

Sidharth Murali : Pooping won't be the same after this video.

ONSENVOLE : That's why I wear diapers.

sister : 2:26 ok but why is that the cutest thing i have ever seen

2brothers1sister : why do the rats look cute in this video?!?!

s1lent k1ller : What now u saying we gotta put mouce trap in our toilet

Ferina Dewi : i think there's something wrong with my recommendation

JP B : Think about you taking a nice dump and then a rat bites into your nuts

Xarix : Category: *ENTERTAINMENT* 😐 😐 😐 😐 Dude this is scary asf

Mackinlay M : I feel sorry for the rats in this video...

The Fancy Waffle : Yup, happened to me, in my GF house....I screamed....Stopped being the men of the relationship that day.


Rozayin : *During the entire video I was thinking of Ratatouille* Why? *I don't know.*

13abycake666 : "when rats swim better than you"

Kate 3 : Now I’m feeling like watching ratatouille

this charming woman : Occasionally I think about this video on the toilet and my sitting time decreases radically

Vickie Finney : I'm never pooping again

dankmeme boy : Oh ok. Time to train the art of not going to the toilet. Ever

Victor Coyenn : Thanks for the nightmares.

ГЕВИН : *я нихуя не понял, но на толчок ходить больше не буду*

Rise levis : new phobia, thanks

Raphael Chen : “The underwater passage leaves no room for air” *5 seconds later...* “The Rat finds a pocket of air at the turn”

Х А : 0:17-0:23 new meme

Its Verybadguy155 : I am also watching on toilet

Syed Sammer Haider : I hate rats

Wilford Yue : Next up: See how easy it is to flush the rat back in and call 911

Chaotic : Hopefully this will stay out of my recommendations now..

PedoBear : I like rats after this video

seth : anyone else pooping while watching this ?

Fair x Skin : Me : *finds rat in my toilet* Me : *screams on the top of my lungs* Friend : *hear all the way from China* Friend : WHATS WRONG!?!?!?!! Me : A RAT IS IN MY TOILET Friend : THATS MY RAT! Me : say wu…?

Infinite Zilla : 0:42 Lizard claws are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY sharper.

Landon Kauffman : what if the rat came up and then i just pooped on it

Infinite Zilla : An alligator in the toilet is scarier.

chronox_ 138 : Why tf youtube recommend me this?

Barack Obama : Gasoline + matches =💀💀💀

soccer & ROBLOX : Start wearing diaper's me dudes

Livereater00 : ...this explains how my ex-wife made it into my house

VenomMouth : Okay fine YouTube ill watch this

Redd Spot : Hey random person scrolling by There's a rat beside you. Look!!!

Ronald cortes pranks music beat : Now I don't go to the bathroom I wear diapers !

Febrinanto Pratama : Yucksss....👀👀

GREY JINYOUNG : Why can't we learn this in school Goddamnit

monster spider : I watched it in school the teacher was talking about rats

SnowBroShow : Я раньше телек смотрел только из-за этого канала.

Iesere qsfs : Nose si sentir miedo o ternura

Janae M : Imagine you're sitting on the toilet and you feel something wet and furry scratching at your ass lol

Doberman prince : i live next to a river in my toilet rats get stuck no grip can't get out I just get a machete or pour boiling water straight on his little squealing face

A Lesson Everyday. : We need some super animals to deal with an ultimate rat like this , maybe a gorilla xp