Uganda Knuckles: The Movie

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The logical one -TLO : *Why are you running?*

Beste : It is scarier than the original one

Kinq_bone : Bruh the sh*t funny asf 0:30

Klyruu : *the novel was better*

Rizky Haksono : Damn, i was shocked 0:42

the batman : "10/10 revolution of horror" -da critic

liam postema : Gold😂😂😂👌🏻

Bonnie Aprillollipopp #TRIGGERED : I don't know that Da Wae!!

Hayabusa [ML] : Love it

Butter chicken2.2 : That sound in plane 0.42🌚😭😭😭

The Suicidal Muffin : Top 10 movies which should have gotten an Oscar.

Kapitän Glonk : meme of the year


Roweentjee : lets make it a real movie 🤣👍🏻❤️

KMLPlayz : Da wae is coming

Frommyfrom : Masterpiece

boricuaboss3 : Anybody else laughed with the email? "Hello brudda"

CerTile : This might be Funny to you, But I propose that the money made by making videos on Uganda knuckles, 40% should go uganda as they are in deeeeeep poverty!

Wassim Ait Younes : *Do you know da wae ?*

echoxx 206 : coming soon... in theaters

I I_ENCRYPT_I I : *Makes clicking noises* I'm satisfied.

ZaRalf : The phone rings and the voice says Do yo know da wey

myvleermuis1 : wow if you wats it it wil kill you 7 days after your watching and the foon rings and the foois ses do you know the wey

Elijah : What’s the actual move called?

Missy x Sans : i saw a albertsstuff version of this xD

Dolan Dark : Show me the way to end my life

JazerGaming : Well Its Soo True And Accurate

david : This is the shortest movie I've seen.

InstantInsigne : Wat is the original movie for this????

Kawaii_ Frog : I wish this was a real movie 😘

Θάνος Πολυχρονίδης : *ShOw Me dE waE tO DE MovIe TheatEr*

Harley Queen : XD 😂 hahaha lol

Jungkook Is Daddy : He should said *you must have ebola to know da wae* 0:30 😂

Crystal Ibarra : I shared this video 2 my friends they loved it so did I

Crimson The Hedgehog : I'VE KEPT REWATCHING THIS xD

Morgan Lemons : Take my money

Blukas Gaming : sp00ky

Zayed Ibrahim : He does not know da wae

Ramon Martinez : Dew u no da wae


Mehdi Mirze : 0:27 Phone rings And this boy says Do You Know DA WAE?

STOP THE DAB!!! PLEASE! But Feel free to dab! : My friend Caleb went to the movie theater to watch the movie ecks dee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Panda Power : This seems ligit! When does it come out?

El mundo de Javier Alehandro : Lol

Ps4 Plays : A voice says " Do You no de Wae "

mika kesh : i wan a reel movie plz whit Uganda knucles

Tolias : Do u know da wae ?

Alexa the Cookie : As soon as 0:30 came I laughed so hard!!!!!!!

Knuckles The Magnific : I want see that

the batman : R:Brutal and explicit gore