Gunship: Dark All Day

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Dark All Day is taken from GUNSHIP's forthcoming second album 'Dark All Day'. Click here to pre-order & pre-save NOW - Pre-order Vinyl + Box Set NOW: Animation by Angry Metal Studios - Follow GUNSHIP: Song Written and Produced by Dan Haigh, Alex Westaway, Alex Gingell Featuring Tim Cappello and Indiana ( Mixed by Carl Bown at Treehouse Studios Video Written and Produced by GUNSHIP Animation Produced by GUNSHIP and Adi Shankar Directed by The Junquera Brothers at Angry Metal Studios - Character Layouts: Spundman Cleanup and Color: Eneri Mateos Background Artist: Laura Rabanal Assistant Director: Bruno Suárez Animated by Luis Junquera, Enol Junquera & Borja Sauras UK Live Action Directed and Produced by Sitcom Soldiers NYC Live Action Produced by Adam Brenner Director of Photography: Will Baker Makeup Artist: Samantha Monize Additional Animation by Blood+Chrome Additional Editing, Animation & Visual Effects by Horsie in the Hedge Graded by Simone Grattarola at Time Based Arts --- Dark All Day As he takes from me my last breath, inhale I’m picking up the scent What a hell of a feeling It is dark all day But there is something in the sky that glows What a hell of a feeling With such a brilliant mind Can you feel those chemicals in the air tonight I will see you on the other side I am your night girl, rip my heart out Darkness falling yet another night Come on Lost Boys, let’s stay alive What a hell of a day to embrace disorder And there is something in your eyes that burns Light up. Drag the river Can you see there are chemicals in the air tonight I will see you on the other side I am your night girl, rip my heart out Darkness falling yet another night Come on Lost Boys, let’s stay alive Let’s fly I will see you on the other side I am your night girl, rip my heart out Darkness falling yet another night Come on Lost Boys, let’s stay alive Goodnight my Lost Boys Thou shall not fear Goodnight my sweetheart


Hurtin Albertan : This has no business being as good as it is! How did this become a thing?

Ash : This art style is fantastic.

Baron Alexander Renfield : I had a nerdgasm from all the references

chillininasweatshirt : Damn, I'm usually a hater. But this video is dope!

Mind Yours : Stay coming with the heat. The different movies references and tv references. Then the mixing of anime and Metalocalypse vibe. To which also had a Gorillaz vibe to it. To then switching to Live Action is just amazing. Added a ton of classics and the sounds which were music was at its greatest. I loved this.

Jahmal McKenzie : Wow, you even put in a tiny berserk reference and a dragonball one ?

ziljin : I'm Blade has a Predator bomb

Johnny Marvéll : Hah. I like the references to Blade, The Lost boys, the From Dusk Till Dawn film and series, and even a Predator reference 😁 is there a Street Fighter reference in there with the musicians? Or am i seeing things?

Baby Driver : If you have never heard of Gunship, you should check out their music. They are the best. Two albums: "GUNSHIP(2015)"... and "DARK ALL DAY(2018)" is out on October 5th. They truly deserve more recognition

sleeplessknight99 : This needs pop-up video style annotations to point out all the references.

Jack Napier : Please give a behind the scenes or something this is real cool

PJ Rivera : Wow this is fantastic

robert lalmalsawmtluanga : The music is dope!!!

harry allman : Holy shit this is so awesome

Alexander Añé : Thanks for helping me discover Gunship!

ziljin : Looks super amazing!

Broken Gamer : That was pretty damn sweet. Amazing job!

Salim Osman : Homage to the 80's vamp ..Love it...but where was Vamps tribute....😋

Life-Row-Toll : Looks pretty sweat. Rad music track.

RubyAmethyst63 : I did not expect the live action reveal that these people actually exist, very cool

FLOYD_79 : When you gonna remake 'The last dragon'???

MrDante2210 : Kreygasm

moxie 3sixxremixx : Love her crossover but spike isn't gonna like what ya did to Buffy

Why youtube why : @4:54 the guitarist has the brand of sacrifice on his axe <3

harry allman : Oooooooooooo

Himura Kenshin : DOPE AF!!!!

pscheidt : Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

mark brinkerhoff : That. Was. Awesome. More plz!

cyklonus1 : @daverapoza.... THIS amazing song, with your art style.... Holy shit!!! Still anxiously waiting for skull and shark motion comics!!

Jonny Garcia : This is awesome!!!!

DosaBoy420 : Sax Guy V2

WordsAreLikeRivers : This makes me want to do all the drugs.

ziljin : Who aninated this?

Billy Keo : nice

B. Drew Collier : I need a shower after that.

Jack Napier : Feel honored to be first on this video

VenomSward : So fuckin' goooooooood...

LivingZombieJew : Who is that girl from those three vampire killers? Only her I didn't recognize. Very nice popculture mix btw.

MAandS : They released this a while ago. Why is adi posting it? If he and gunship are working together ill scream.

kyle white : I'm reporting this

Fito Porsot Hellsing AMVS : O.O

ziljin : 3:00 NOICE Rick and Morty groin gun!

Empty1 : Fun video

Scott Dobbs : Guys, watch the video on the GUNSHIP YouTube account instead of this copy. They post their videos for free so there is no need to steal the video for views.

INGSOC : I flagged this video for SAXually explicit content!!!

Legion : Better than Oats Studio