Gunship: Dark All Day

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Jack Napier : Its everything i’ve wanted in a vampire crossover with Buffy, Blade, and lost boys

Baron Alexander Renfield : I had a nerdgasm from all the references

Ash : This art style is fantastic.

Jahmal McKenzie : Wow, you even put in a tiny berserk reference and a dragonball one ?

chillininasweatshirt : Damn, I'm usually a hater. But this video is dope!

Hurtin Albertan : This has no business being as good as it is! How did this become a thing?

Mind Yours : Stay coming with the heat. The different movies references and tv references. Then the mixing of anime and Metalocalypse vibe. To which also had a Gorillaz vibe to it. To then switching to Live Action is just amazing. Added a ton of classics and the sounds which were music was at its greatest. I loved this.

ziljin : I'm Blade has a Predator bomb

Baby Driver : If you have never heard of Gunship, you should check out their music. They are the best. Two albums: "GUNSHIP(2015)"... and "DARK ALL DAY(2018)" is out on October 5th. They truly deserve more recognition

Jack Napier : Please give a behind the scenes or something this is real cool

Jack Napier : Feel honored to be first on this video

sleeplessknight99 : This needs pop-up video style annotations to point out all the references.

Johnny Marvéll : Hah. I like the references to Blade, The Lost boys, the From Dusk Till Dawn film and series, and even a Predator reference 😁 is there a Street Fighter reference in there with the musicians? Or am i seeing things?

robert lalmalsawmtluanga : The music is dope!!!

Why youtube why : @4:54 the guitarist has the brand of sacrifice on his axe <3

vally128 : Android 18?

PJ Rivera : Wow this is fantastic

RubyAmethyst63 : I did not expect the live action reveal that these people actually exist, very cool

Life-Row-Toll : Looks pretty sweat. Rad music track.

ziljin : Looks super amazing!

Himura Kenshin : DOPE AF!!!!

harry allman : Oooooooooooo

xXEdgy_OutsiderXx : This is bad ass

harry allman : Holy shit this is so awesome

MrDante2210 : Kreygasm

Billy Keo : nice

Noah : Better than Oats Studio

ziljin : 3:00 NOICE Rick and Morty groin gun!

Empty1 : Fun video

WordsAreLikeRivers : This makes me want to do all the drugs.

pscheidt : Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Alexander Añé : Thanks for helping me discover Gunship!

FLOYD_79 : When you gonna remake 'The last dragon'???

mark brinkerhoff : That. Was. Awesome. More plz!

Salim Osman : Homage to the 80's vamp ..Love it...but where was Vamps tribute....😋

Jonny Garcia : This is awesome!!!!

moxie 3sixxremixx : Love her crossover but spike isn't gonna like what ya did to Buffy

Broken Gamer : That was pretty damn sweet. Amazing job!

3DMaster : Holy Shit!

B. Drew Collier : I need a shower after that.

ziljin : Who aninated this?

Tim Osmin : So fuckin' goooooooood...

Scott Dobbs : Guys, watch the video on the GUNSHIP YouTube account instead of this copy. They post their videos for free so there is no need to steal the video for views.

MAandS : They released this a while ago. Why is adi posting it? If he and gunship are working together ill scream.

LivingZombieJew : Who is that girl from those three vampire killers? Only her I didn't recognize. Very nice popculture mix btw.

kyle white : I'm reporting this

INGSOC : I flagged this video for SAXually explicit content!!!