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Sunny Lenarduzzi : Thanks for watching, Boss! So, where do YOU live in your visualization? :) Comment below! And don't forget to leave a thoughtful comment with #BossClub and you can win a shout out in one of my videos!

Lauren Tickner : A growth mindset + taking action = UNSTOPPABLE

Brianna K : Once again, loved this video sunny! I wish every young person on my teams I managed had watched this as part of their onboarding! And will definitely be sharing this moving forward!! Keep up the great content #bossclub

Jonathan Loften : We attract what we think about the most...and that could very well be a blog on its own...

Harsimran Kaur : i am just loving how you are editing your videos recently❤

Cooking With A Little Spice : Well that makes sense why you see so many bad singers trying out for American Idol because they have the mindset that they’re really good singers 😆 #It’sAllAboutMindset

Rosh Sillars : Good points about fear, saying Yes and saying No -- I find it takes action every day. I observe action (activity) and persistence as two of the most common observations among people with a growth mindset. I certainly have my blocks, we all do, I just take action anyway toward my goals and vision for my future every day. It seems to work.

DJDoubleCee : She really hit the nail on the head on me with 2:57. Someone actually told me I was a bad dancer at a party and I believed it for five years. lol

Rachel S. Lee : Kudos to you too, Sunny! Having a growth mindset is really a must-have quality whether we just started up because if not, we stay stuck and will definitely freeze in a place where we are now. And it is not yet too late to develop a growth mindset if we aim to be successful in our business!

Depression Talks With Immanuel : Mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to growth. These are some helpful tips Sunny! Love it! #BossClub

Kaden's World- Funny Videos for Kids with Toys : Yes! Yes! Yes! You are so right 👌👌👌

Our House : Your videos have been so helpful to me! I have started partnering with brands I really love, it's like a dream job! #bossclub

Na'ima B. Robert : I really enjoyed this video, Sunny. It resonated with me on so many levels. In my visualisation, my Boo and I are on a balcony with huge glass doors behind us, soaking up the sun, overlooking a lush tropical garden with the sea beyond...

Black Girl Entrepreneur : I coudnt agree more about the friends part. I just made a video about that! You hear sooooo much that you need to ditch your friends to become better, but you didn't necessarily have to ditch them, you can just spend less time with them and spend more time with ppl that will help you grow! Preach sunny!!! #BOSSCLUB

Alaina Kirsch : This is gold😍😍😍

Miss Amber Tips : You should write a book ( I would buy it ) !

Shayne Shine : 3rd yesss

DIKU ki Vine : Hiii sunny...! I'm your great FAN yrrr ...! Nice video

Judy Seeger : #bossclub LOVE these mindset vids! I keep repeating your words from your last vid...'I am the BOSS of my Mind'...for some reason when I turned 60 this year I lost sight of who was the boss! I felt like I was soooo far behind and still struggling so much. Why hadn't I reached my goal of retiring by 50! lol But with your help I am seeing the light, getting out of my rut, and learning to be a real boss. Thanks Sunny, I am feeling more hopeful now.

KrAzY GuRL : Love you and your videos ❤️😘😘

gurjodh singh : #boss squad is here.

Stephanie Bogart : I see us living in a tiny home in the Texas Hill Country near some swimmable water. A lake or river. All the while keeping the home we currently have. I already do number four. I have no problem saying no. Ha! I’m proud of myself for sticking to YouTube for 8 years! I have never stuck with anything that long. I am right brained and creative and YT is a great place to do that. Cute swimsuit btw! I love one-pieces!

Wealthbuilderz TV : My ultimate goal is to live in a high rise in an apartment with two floors. Door man building with a sick view

VeroSweetHobby : Dear Sunny, I really needed this video and your message. Thank you so much for taking the time to mindfully send a positive and productive message to all of us. Much love and respect <3 Can't wait to meet you one day!

Apollonia Ponti : This beginning was unreal! This video spoke to my soul and is so true. It’s funny because I just finished reading the book Mindset by Carol Dwek and want to do a video about it when it comes to relationship! Great content Sunny! #bossclub

Karina Swan : Really fun video and I love all of these tips! I'm still struggling a lot with saying "no" and even more so with taking pride. Every time I think of something I can be proud of, the nagging voices of people that existed in my life keep contradicting it, making me think there are fewer and fewer examples of it, making it fewer in my present. It turns into a vicious circle that I can't get out of, which I think, stops me from succeeding at a lot of things in life. So, it's great that you brought it up in your video, because I know it does make a big difference.

Ginthian Shield : It really does not hurt the swimming metaphor that you are drop dead gorgeous. Great content as always. A growth mindset is required just to combat the "YouTube Blues" that you get that makes you want to quit because no one is watching your videos.

School House Rap : #BossClub Your videos have been extremely helpful and instrumental with my growth as a teacherpreneur! I will be working on the steps to continue developing a growth mindset as well as teaching them to my students. As always, thanks for sharing these gems 💎

NamasteCC : i love all your videos, im learning sooo much from you! Thank you so much for passing along your knowledge, the true way to immortality <3

Lydia Walker : Such good advice to keep in mind. I’ve really been thinking about what to say no to, and who to surround myself with who would get the business side of things. I’m going to take the next step!

Tamir Yankevich : Sunny! Thank you so much for this video. Your advice is great because it’s so applicable to any aspect of life. I took a chance on myself and dove headlong into this whole YouTube thing. I literally bought a camera the day I moved to a new city and started redefining my own story. I love your advice, really, thanks so much!!! #BossClub

V Reacts : Great layout and execution. thanks!

MADpack : #bossclub thank you for your videos. I'm fighting everyday to get somewhere where i can be owner of my own life. Belive is the word and trying to every single time learn more to improve my youtube channel. Thank you

diversity2 : Thanks

Amanda Horvath : Love how you're switching up your intros : ) how are you fitting the additional shoots in your content calendar? Just curious!

Simple Happy Zen : Just celebrating my 10K subscribers this week, your videos have helped me out big time 😄 Thank you!

Erin Bower : Thanks for this! I needed some motivation today. 😊

Vincenzos Plate : Loved the camera angles

Scott Tovey : Another great video Sunny. Thanks.

Sotiria Selisiou : dope intro Sunny!

nandan parigi : New Zealand

Professor Heather Austin : This was so inspiring! I love the idea of the proud list. This is so clever. BTW - absolutely LOVE the podcast! #bossclub.

Krysten Janzen : Awe I loved this video so much sunny !!

Yoga for That : I have finally grown to a point in my business where I can stop saying "yes" to every opportunity and start thinking "how does this make me feel?" I love the idea of creating a "proud list" and I am going to start doing this to remind me of how far I have come and how much more I can and will accomplish in my business! Namaste.

Zen Rose Garden : #bossclub Expand to Achieve!

Harsimran Kaur : and pls tell how do you do your hair. i love your hair. those loose curls ❤

markdely : Love it Sunny, the mindset is key to success and you have so much good content here, great job 😀

Denise Torres : As always, you bring in the best content! Thanks for always sharing with us your best tips that I know come from a genuine spirit. You rock girl! #BOSSCLUB

Adjuster TV : This is great. I stopped watching and consuming any kind of news about 18 months ago and haven't looked back. So many more hours to be productive and creative without the emotional drain!

Chef praneet : In a tree house with enough money. ... The Main thing is that me making others smile. Keep being different . My life has changed so much in the past year and would love to stay the same