Unboxing a real car - Yaris GRMN
Unboxing a real car

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Hey playas; here is my new vid, a genuine unboxing of a real car, in real time. Pour yourself a stiff one or spark something up, because it goes on a bit.


Tyler Dillon : Having seen the Grand Tour, this video finally makes more sense

Chanel Li : Who else came here after watching the grand tour episode to see if they actually posted it?

Pedro Benavides : I feel like a lab rat because i saw this before the gt episode

farmer of jej : In hind sight, this makes perfect sense. James May is the ultimate millennial.

L G : Who’s here after the Grand Tour episode. Congrats James May.

Bekee x : I just watched grand tour and s3 ep10 and seen you had won the competition congrats.

Adnan Abdullah : I contributed to the 330,000 views. May you legend!

Lefteris Gaming : Clarkson: 'i've seen babies get out of the womb faster than this'

Rizki Adi P : Just re-watch the video after watching Grand Tour eps 10. Just realised it has doubled the view from what he mentioned in the episode

Ben Miles : Watch out Unbox Therapy, May is coming for your viewers!!

André Baron : I am pleased to have been one of the 330,000 that helped you win the challenge. Shhh... we won't tell anyone that I'm a somewhat fat middle aged man, not a millennial.

Lilcamper08270 : "I reckon orgasm will be achieved at about there" lol

Reverse Hollow : It should have been unassembled.

CJH200iiWii : James May is still winning, he’s at 626k and counting lmao.

Don Valentino : James May going straight for YouTube Gold Play Button

Tim Saxby On Films : Who’s watching this because of The Grand Tour Series 3 Ep10

Football Cards and Trains : James May should be on YouTube rewind that would make 2019 amazing 😂


ForeverYoung Artist : I'd love to see Jeremy and Richard's reactions to the current amount of views on this video XD.

Paradox : Probably one of the best grand tour episodes yet!

Алексей Леонтьев : кто смотрит после выхода GT - лайк)

Simon R : Who's here after watching the Grand Tour? Haha

The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : How do we know you weren't shrunk down and unboxed a toy car?

Francisco Javier : I want James May's unboxing ASMR thank you.

FZDFFBSR Productions : "[SIGH] Three hundred and thirty... ...thousand."

Vincent60952433 : 9:54 who in the production has write 'kill him' when he said "unboxing in the unboxing", because it's so funny :)

Γιάννης Παναγιώτης Τζανάκος : Bad news.... What? I didn't got a Dacia Sandero

Valerie Veith : I could watch James unbox things all day long.

Cars, Trucks and Planes Diecast Collector : Dear James , Do you remember a toy called Matchbox Motorway ??

STAG162 : and this vid now has more than double the views since they recorded S3 Ep10 of TGT. choke on that, Souffle =)

Aryayudha Sutomo : i just realised this is part of Season 3 Episode 10

Abhishek Singhal : Here after watching grand tour Can't believe this video actually worked

Дмитрий Рожков : Ахаха😂😂😂 Кто-нибудь ещё зашел проверить, реально ли они выкладывали эти видео в ютюб?)))

Razor's Edge : All news cars should come bubble wrapped & boxed delivered. I think J.May onto something here.

Mahsam.m16 : Its not a brown Dacia Sandero :(

Ferna_Postales : I've been watching James May unbox a Yaris for 16 minutes. This is proof the man can make anything become exciting.

Prabhanjan Kulkarni : am subscribed but yet this didn't show up in subscription box...illumanti confirmed

MrTomtomman2000 : This is hilarious watched the shortened down version on The Grand Tour the other week Well Done May onto your next unboxing. 🤣🤣😂😂😃👍

Marcus the random : 10:30 inside of a car in an old videogame

Jay B. Johnson : Props people worked overtime to make this happen. Love it. Great attention to detail!

MrWhatsup321 : Disappointed it wasn't the Dacia Sandero.

Robert Chrisman : Turns out Hammond couldn't win back-to-back... 😂

Redsenpai : The grand tour episode brought me here 😂

Daniel Jiao : so this video is made for the next Grand Tour episode huh?

Jose : The Toyota Yaris “grummmmnn”

Hannes Westerberg : Polystyrene: *exists* May: *NUT*

Ecchan : The Grand Tour brought me here. I wish I could have been part of the original views.

Satisfy Central : Grand Tour latest episode brought me here

Clement Okusi : Hahaha classic, just watched latest Grand Tour & James won with 330k views, now it's 816k views..funny 🤣🤣