Unboxing a real car - Yaris GRMN

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Reverse Hollow : It should have been unassembled.

Qatar cars : “Remember you only unbox something once something that has once been unboxed can never be boxed again because it’s already been unboxed”

Nick Shillito : Only James May could make something this dull this interesting

Lefteris Gaming : Clarkson: 'i've seen babies get out of the womb faster than this'

Jesus Christ : Glorious!

The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : How do we know you weren't shrunk down and unboxed a toy car?

Drew Hender : Jeremy's version would begin with him cutting a massive hole in the box with a chainsaw and simply drive the car at full power through the rest of the box

Skinny Animus : I can just imagine Jeremy and Richard laughing their ass off watching this

DerangedSpyder : It seems to have racked up a cool 5129km in that box. She's been a busy girl.

Rob : Can you do a drop test? Also, is it waterproof?

MaxisH : Only James May could make an unboxing last nearly 17 minutes

MrBurtbackerack : Our greatest exports are depression and James May.

GamerZoneArmy : Imagine if royal mail knocked on your door and you opened the door and found your driveway filled with this and the guy asks for you to sign

michaelovitch : Next time : Clean the tyres and the cardboard tyres marks,so we can't see it was loaded on place,and the box assembled around it. Add a fake shipping sheet,and a big pallet under,so it's about realistic.

Greg S : This is wonderfully dull

Dash Cam Edinburgh : He's called Captain Slow for a reason...

ardvark84 : You are right James, this is a toy. Real cars are way bigger.

Jordan : Way more in depth than doug demuro and WAYYYY more interesting this was great

Gilbert Owusu-Gyamfi : Half-expected his "Ruined by the Nurburgring" phrase

OneBagTravel : Fans demand a youtube channel where James May reads owner manuals and critiques them.

Noah Noah : I reckon that Yaris would go like a bat out of hell

Bonnevillerunner31 : I would hate to meet the cat that would sit in that box

Riley Apon : prob one of the best ASMR vids i've seen all year

Is [N0T] 42 : James May starring in pornography. This is pornography. You are watching pornography.

A J : _May, you blithering idiot._

Jeremias Blume : Nice box, but where is the bubble wrap?

blancolirio : "JM's unemployment tube" LOL subscribed!!

Dick Fageroni : I hear his wife theresa is in big trouble.

madflyer1093 : Rubbish, there were no wire ties holding it in the box

mr.xkp : Why dont all car come in boxes

dragothica : "Warning: Using this product may cause death."

Mitch McCann : Can I have that box to live in it.

joe fattal : Felt like a kid watching this. Very good Mr May.

Armand Smith : *Close your eyes and listen **03:41*

ARRGHHH : 6:48 This is genuine ASMR material

Thebeastwithinusall : I'm not sure what's more orgasmic: the car unboxing or James May. I'm gonna go with James May unboxing a car. Excellent video, thank you!

David Lulham : This video made me lose the will to live.

Kino Zomby : How would you return it?


Harold Ellis : Not that I mind, but I think Captain Slow is trolling us.

Tony McModeNut : "Kill Him"

Lawd Elpus : Clarkson would have cut a hole in the box with a sawzall got in an drove the car through the end and saved about 16 minutes of my life

ShadowFox178 : Hold on James it's from the nurbeg ring? I thought you hated the nurbeg ring.

MrWhatsup321 : Disappointed it wasn't the Dacia Sandero.

MrBigboy3178 : this is nearly ASMR worthy, thank you james you're a treasure

False Gods : Brian May unbox Queen theme monopoly, James May unbox Car what more could you ask.

Wingwang O'flaherty : the basic editing on this video makes it 100 times funnier

Oliver Brook : Appiphanny of British television

Thomas 854 : 7:30 “Can I get a consistent note out of it” (classic James May)

Lee Benstead : Wow this affordable car comes with an affordable house