Unboxing a real car - Yaris GRMN

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Reverse Hollow : It should have been unassembled.

blancolirio : "JM's unemployment tube" LOL subscribed!!

Drew Hender : Jeremy's version would begin with him cutting a massive hole in the box with a chainsaw and simply drive the car at full power through the rest of the box

Nick Shillito : Only James May could make something this dull this interesting

Lefteris Gaming : Clarkson: 'i've seen babies get out of the womb faster than this'

The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : How do we know you weren't shrunk down and unboxed a toy car?

Qatar cars : “Remember; you only unbox something once. Something that has once been unboxed, can never be boxed again, because it’s already been unboxed.”

Dash Cam Edinburgh : He's called Captain Slow for a reason...

Robin Dodds : Unrealistic, didnt even have to undo 2 annoying twist ties holding it onto the base lol

MrBurtbackerack : Our greatest exports are depression and James May.

Ben : this looks like the guy from top gear

GamerZoneArmy : Imagine if royal mail knocked on your door and you opened the door and found your driveway filled with this and the guy asks for you to sign

Gilbert Owusu-Gyamfi : Half-expected his "Ruined by the Nurburgring" phrase

ARRGHHH : 6:48 This is genuine ASMR material

Greg S : This is wonderfully dull

dragothica : "Warning: Using this product may cause death."

Bonnevillerunner31 : I would hate to meet the cat that would sit in that box

Mitch McCann : Can I have that box to live in it.

Jeremias Blume : Nice box, but where is the bubble wrap?

Jesus Christ : Glorious!

Jordan : Way more in depth than doug demuro and WAYYYY more interesting this was great

Ryan Stewart : This guy should make a car show!

michaelovitch : Next time : Clean the tyres and the cardboard tyres marks,so we can't see it was loaded on place,and the box assembled around it. Add a fake shipping sheet,and a big pallet under,so it's about realistic.

madflyer1093 : Rubbish, there were no wire ties holding it in the box

OneBagTravel : Fans demand a youtube channel where James May reads owner manuals and critiques them.

joe fattal : Felt like a kid watching this. Very good Mr May.

Bradybunch : james should start doing ASMR lol

hdmat101 : Not gonna lie , when I first saw this video I actually had a 2 hour nap immediately afterwards.

Thomas 854 : 7:30 “Can I get a consistent note out of it” (classic James May)

mr.xkp : Why dont all car come in boxes

2lazeblue : We get cheap looking four doors in America, wish we got that one

A C : Huge fan of James May. I know he's worth an absolute mint but you still get the feeling you're listening to a mate.

Tim L : Haha "can you see what it is yet!" James may definitely not right for YouTube

Lawd Elpus : Clarkson would have cut a hole in the box with a sawzall got in an drove the car through the end and saved about 16 minutes of my life


Thebeastwithinusall : I'm not sure what's more orgasmic: the car unboxing or James May. I'm gonna go with James May unboxing a car. Excellent video, thank you!

lgs 41036 : The description is brilliant!

Osama Alhusein : Like from syria😊😊😊😊

ShadowFox178 : Hold on James it's from the nurbeg ring? I thought you hated the nurbeg ring.

MrWhatsup321 : Disappointed it wasn't the Dacia Sandero.

Jeroen : His underwear must get hella dirty...

Yuttapong Wongapiwattanakul : 4:34 James: What do you think? Me: Sexy looking! 6:55 James: The hole face! Look at this, this is the Gazoo Racing decals (represent as her hot race queen dress and she holding an umbrella with us), red billets got (Hot red) lipstick on in effect it's got a bit of a pounce. That's nice, nice big Toyota badge. Me: Yeah, we got some sexy japanese babe on front of us, James. 12:19 James: Alright, gotta press the clutch as well.... I was born in the 60s I know this stuff. Me: Start it and what she's sounds like. [Engine Start Sound] Woah! She has a nice sounds!

rory macpherson : May. For gods sake man. I was 16mins younger before watching this. Thanks a lot mate. I’ll never get that back now.

random bystander : 9:54 x0.25

Slotha Nator : When he is pulling off the tabs it sounds like sex for the first time

Slotha Nator : I love how James is like I BOUGHT A TOYOTA YARIS!!!

Marcello Dupond : In San Francisco you can rent that box for 500 a month

Greg Pappas : This is one of the greatest internet video

Damian 125 : You could build a fortress with that box or give it to Hammond. it would be perfect for a house!

raptorjesus959 : James! you forgot to show us the engine!!!! xD