Peter: "I did not care for the Godfather." - Funny Scene! [Family Guy]
Peter Griffins critique of the God Father

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My all time favorite Family Guy scene :3 All rights reserved to Family Guy, no copyright infringement intended. I do not own any of this content.


8Rincewind : This feels like a very real conversation. It makes me think one of the writers actually feels this way and had had these sorts of conversations before in real life.

DarthVader21 : This was when Family Guy was funny

Omar Ramirez : I love it when random conversations like this start.

razzakksa : Wait, Louis understands Stewie?

Dank Dank : *ROBERT DUVALL!!*

Herb : "It insists upon itself”

K.N.M : I always crack up at how angry Chris gets after hearing this. Lol.

romerro smith : Let's not forget that Lois just heard stewie speak

larzarius123 : I really miss scenes like this in Family Guy. I feel like they focus on too much shtick now. This was humor targeted to people with a certain sense of humor, and it was executed perfectly!

Angus Castle : I can't tell if Seth Macfarlane is ripping into people who don't like The Godfather or people who don't like a controversial opinion...

Tom Norton : Peter never denied that The Godfather is a masterpiece. He merely said he personally didn't care for it. He never even said he hated it or that it was a bad movie, merely that he couldn't get into it.

Colt Classics : ROBERT DUVALL!

North Bridge : This... This feel unscripted. I don't know, the way they flawlessly go from line to line feels less like reading a script and more like a real conversation. Might be a testament to the good writing and acting but that's my view, very good and funny scene!

ForceMaximus84 : Fun Fact: The Money Pit and The Godfather were both shot by Gordon Willis.

Elahah Safi : I loved the godfather and this family guy scene is hilarious! 😂

Final Smash Xpert : Lois actually understood Stewie 😂

Bance The Yorkshire terrier : Now they understand stewie

Teodor Recabarren : It insists upon itself is one of the funniest lines ever😂

OHHenry992 : I love how as soon as peter says he doesn't like the Godfather all their eyes open wide like "what did you just say""!!!

Tobias Farragut : Love how pissed off Chris gets ROBERT DENIRO AL PACINO I mean you’ve never seen ROBERT DUVALL!!

Jack Jack : Family Guy at its absolute finest.

Bloody Luna : I just love how Peter calmly states his opinion on the movie and is calm during the whole debate about why he doesn't like it. While the others are half-freaking out about his own opinion. It's basically a joke about how most people can't handle very well a different review or opinion on something that is very known and loved. Basically explains why this scene was disliked so much.

beowulf916 : In a way, I sympathize with Peter here; not because I hated the godfather ( I loved the Godfather.) But fans of movies or TV shows nowadays have a tendency to act like anyone who doesn't like their things are either crazy, stupid, or both. When Lois told Peter that he 'didn't understand subtlety,' it reminded me of every single time I've ever told someone I didn't care for Dr. Who: "Well you just don't understand this or that." I understand it just fine, but I still don't like it.

Jeremy Krane : The Undertale fanbase dealing with someone who doesn't like it in a nutshell

Queek 75 : This is me with Game of Thrones

Ahmed AL-Briki : MY GOD Chris really loves The Godfather !

Nickolas Evanovich : I did not care for the Godfather.

That guy you thought you knew once : Unpopular opinion: I’m with Peter on this one

stuart gardiner : I love the horse head scene

Bamlak Bekele : The best part is how they slightly stutter, hesitate, and occasionally talk over each other, adds a lot of authenticity to the scene.

balikati : why, this was a delightful scene. and I just love that Meg is not a part of it, as she is not a part of the family.

RidinSpinaz04 : And since we are all gonna to die...there's one more secret that I feel I have to share with you...I do not care for Family Guy. It insist's upon itself. But this was hilarious.

Nicholas Artuso : Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino. I mean you've never seen ROBERT DUVAL

Gabriel : Brian and Stevie were the only reasonable ones. They asked Peter why he didn’t like The Godfather, but Lois chastises Peter why she thinks he’s wrong and Chris just gets pissed that Peter even dares not liking the movie.

TheDarkSeraph : Peter: I liked Money pit. Lois: Well there you go. Chris: I like that movie too.

Asskickingness2014 : LOL I love the Godfather, both the movie and the novel, this had me in tears. You can tell Seth McFarlene loves the movie enough to have a Peter roasting session.

bahutmut : This was the best scene of family guy

Hypercube1729 : You know, I actually say this in random conversation at work. And people who don't know about Family Guy never get it. I always say "it insists upon itself" to stuff all the others like and I hate it. It's so damn unny. It doesn't even mean anything. _IT INSISTS UPON ITSELF!_.... LMFAO!

GloomilyCute : This felt so real. Family Guy used to be great at these moments

TheCephalon : It’s okay to hate a movie and still think it’s a masterpiece. I see lots of art movies or great dramas that I’m bored out of my mind for but I can still recognize that they are amazing

jigar talaviya : I am peter...but with star wars.

Mr. GRD : For anime fans, I do not care for Death Note.


ComicWriter 2020 : Peter just seems to be reasonable while the family represents those psycho fans that belittle people that don’t like their media

Gar96 : This happens every time I tell people about my opinion on Pulp Fiction. To this today I've never been able to ask people about what they liked about it, feeling as though I'm missing something. They always feel shocked and astonished and think I'm joking.

Un Known : Peter has given me the courage to say this. *I do not care for the musical Annie.*

Alistair Drennan : I agree with Peter.

T. Stamp : I agree with everything Peter said

•Lazy YT• : For once in a life time since 20th Century, THEY HEARD STEWIE?!?