Luck and Headshots - CS:GO (Stream Highlights)
Luck and Headshots CSGO Stream Highlights Feedback

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After taking into account all the feedback I have received, I have drastically improved to video quality along with audio quality! but again if you have any feedback let me know! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stream a variety of different games but most commonly Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, PUBG and Escape from Tarkov although this likely will change as new games come out throughout the year. I have group of friends I usually play with but I am very open to collaborations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch - Twitter - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Outro)Yu-Gi-Oh Trap Remix | LightSkin Jedi - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are looking to contact me, through Twitter is probably where you would get the fastest reply. I will read all message and respond the best I can. If you can give me tips to improve my streams it would be much appreciated!