Sminky Shorts: Tommy

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Emily Garrett : when this came out first  everyone in my class were saying: SLOW DOWN TOMMY!

Niamh Carney : Jeasus Christ Tommy would you slow down!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Joshua Osabuehien : So glad to be Irish😝😝😝😭😝

katie mccoy : Is that the cork accent? Well i think so ^.^

Emily : I talk like this lol 😂😂 I'm Irish but this is the first time I noticed that we actually sound like this lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

YvesyM : I honestly can't shtop watching this and laughing harder every time. #ihavenolife #corkboiforever

Baggzy Boi : Tommy has a serious dose of VTEC 🔰

Senan Cowap : I have well I think I have an Irish accent I was born in Dublin but after three years I moved into Wexford

Bleddy : Pretty much everyone in Ireland knows about this :P

Vanish Predator : Slow down tommy

william_ : I can't imagine any Irishman speaking like that. Still hilarious though. :D

william_ : Jeeshus, Tommy, will yeuh shleoh jeoin?

william_ : Tommy'sh shteull miadge fer shpeedch.

ailish086 : Nope! Irish person living in Cork. I'd rather the bogger accent in this video to an American accent to be fair :P Cork is so big that it has a few different accents. You should lighten up :P


cayleighobd13 : Tommy slow down !!!!!!! Will uea

tanewix : Sentence* not sentance. Literature* not litature.

Shiro 96 : shlow down tommy

Ro Mc A : Tommy's  Mad  for  Speed  :)

Woudam : And get your Caps Lock fixed!!!!

solstus : lol I'm Jamaican and I understand it There are certain similarities in our accents

Oscar Corcoran : tomy to mad for speed

Ross Cooke : I'm annoyed I don't have an Irish accent even though I'm Irish (probobly cuz I live in south Dublin)

Woudam : Would you just grow up and come back later!

kittlecake : Stop stereotyping, just because you're Scottish does that mean you have curly ginger hair, a wardrobe full of kilts and you constantly play the bagpipes on a hill in front of a load of sheep? And because you live in Canada does that mean you love ice hockey? No! In the same way, not all Irish people are alcoholics. Just because we are known for drinks and pubs doesn't mean we're all drunk all the time. So fuck you.

TheUltimateBro : tommy is shtill on my top shpeed

Kieran O NEILL : I love this

Samuel Newsome : Why is there so much hate between Americans and Irish people right now? More specifically, the Americans hating on the Irish! I mean, grow up! Jeez, I'm American, and I don't hate the Irish, is that a first or something?

Oxalot : I don’t know what triggered my memory but who else is watching in 2018

Avou! At the Disco : Our teacher says this to us when we don't finish exams fast enough. He can even do the accent!

L O'Regan : If you've ever been in an Irish road with a pub on a friday night u always get those boy racers "flying" up and down the road, reving their engines and showing off. This has got to be the best representation of that moment hahaha 

Una O'Brien : I don't see why people shouldn't be proud of it shur we're stone mad for comedy ;) also Monty Python is awesome no doubt so why shouldn't Brits be proud of it?? I;m Irish and I'm frickin proud of it :P "Always look on the bright side of life! "

Arnold Arlauskas : English in Ireland is easy to understand.You just make this shit up but don't speak it.First learn your native language then make accents of a different one.Lazy retards!

MUDSWAT : Is you fucking looking at me ??? Mmm??

Micky2k66 : Theyre made in Cork, but they have different accents. Most of them are Cork, but this one's Kerry.

Laura D : Christ, he's clean lifting! Gets me everytime.

seankinsellasean : Sounds Swedish

Megan Collins : This is a long shot, but could I please ask some of you guys to vote for me in a competition I have entered to open up for Mike Dignam in the Borderline, London? All you have to do is go to Mike Dignam's Facebook page, go to the first post and comment using #MeganCollinsLONDON - it's really close and I would appreciate it so so much at voting ends today at 6pm! Thank you in advance !

Peter P. : I'm not cunt but foreign :) and this is the funniest thing I ever seen. love Cork and the accent here :)

theapocilip : you live beside a functionless, helpless,sad and pethetic hole of mankind. he lives amongst the beauty of nature, where the air is fresh and the stars shine as bright as the life that surrouds it.

theapocilip : are they speaking fucking english?

Derek Collins : Tommys shtone mad for shpeed! Never stop laughing like an eejit with these vids. Funny stuff :D

tractorsilage : "Seriously, calm down we havn't won the fucking noble peace prize." Not yet anyway

Vanish Predator : how the boyz

Marc Cunningham : Amach Tusa!

jackiechanboy11 : I can't! I shimply can't :O

Leonie Cent : thanks for the translation - i got most of it, but your translation clears up a few words here and there I didn't quite get :-) ... thanks !

Xilian X : For a second there I thought he was speaking a different language... 0_0

: Is it really necessary to comment all that stuff? Like seriously, a few Irish people commenting on a video that they like doesn't affect you or your life in anyway so why did you feel the need to come on here spreading negativity. Its a bit harsh and completely uncalled for to be frank. You're making very stereotyped comments and I'm not trying to start an argument with you but they are quite offensive. There's no need for it.