Sminky Shorts: Tommy

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Oxalot : I don’t know what triggered my memory but who else is watching in 2018

Joshua Osabuehien : So glad to be Irish😝😝😝😭😝

Emily Garrett : when this came out first  everyone in my class were saying: SLOW DOWN TOMMY!

Emily : I talk like this lol 😂😂 I'm Irish but this is the first time I noticed that we actually sound like this lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Niamh Carney : Jeasus Christ Tommy would you slow down!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

YvesyM : I honestly can't shtop watching this and laughing harder every time. #ihavenolife #corkboiforever

Baggzy Boi : Tommy has a serious dose of VTEC 🔰

Senan Cowap : I have well I think I have an Irish accent I was born in Dublin but after three years I moved into Wexford

Jack Chew : Jasus tommy will ya slow down

Brian Clarke : ahoi, how're the boooys! jasus Tommy will you shlow down

Ro Mc A : Tommy's  Mad  for  Speed  :)

Avou! At the Disco : Our teacher says this to us when we don't finish exams fast enough. He can even do the accent!

L O'Regan : If you've ever been in an Irish road with a pub on a friday night u always get those boy racers "flying" up and down the road, reving their engines and showing off. This has got to be the best representation of that moment hahaha 

cayleighobd13 : Tommy slow down !!!!!!! Will uea

TheUltimateBro : tommy is shtill on my top shpeed

Jack Falvey : The Irish are the best like if you agree. And another thing i'm Irish.

katie mccoy : Is that the cork accent? Well i think so ^.^

Ross Cooke : I'm annoyed I don't have an Irish accent even though I'm Irish (probobly cuz I live in south Dublin)

Kieran O NEILL : I love this

Oscar Corcoran : tomy to mad for speed

Zoe Thornhill : Omg 2019

Samuel Newsome : Why is there so much hate between Americans and Irish people right now? More specifically, the Americans hating on the Irish! I mean, grow up! Jeez, I'm American, and I don't hate the Irish, is that a first or something?

Evie Connolly : I have the t shirt for this

Helen Carr : Slow down tommy

Matthew Grant : The most iconic one

Emily Harrold : that so funny and tommy was stone mad for speed

Aisling Keenan : The fast die young😉 LOL

Dean Costello : I laght so mutch I pisst my pants

steven o brien : Your going too fast tommy

rachel gallagher : O so funny I don't get it


Ronan Gavin : Ya just gotta love the irish


ma_cott : Cool

Jessie Ryan : Slow down

rainbowpoptarts11 : I love this one!

AOR fifa14 : Best. Vid ever

Barry Swords : We want more Sminky Shorts!

Matthew Bergin : Ye sure are

Colm Henry : I don't get it

Tom Nolan : 😂😂😂😂

Ryanfitzg2003 : Lol

Dzienna Filologia : Hi, could anyone provide me a transcription of what they're saying here? I assume it's as simple as hell but I don't understand a thing. Well, except for "I'm going too fast". and "Slow down, Tommy"

Tim Cronin : Wooooooooooow

JD Games : I'm Irish if you say other wise you're gay

Absolute Genius : Well isn't he just very ****ing fast

Irish O : 5*

AdamReallyNeedsAHaircut : wow California Has Swag raceist maybe? :(

Mary Casey : this my fav dont u agree