Sminky Shorts: Tommy

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Stephen O’M : I don’t know what triggered my memory but who else is watching in 2018

Joshua Osabuehien : So glad to be Irish😝😝😝😭😝

Emily Garrett : when this came out first  everyone in my class were saying: SLOW DOWN TOMMY!

Emily : I talk like this lol 😂😂 I'm Irish but this is the first time I noticed that we actually sound like this lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Niamh Carney : Jeasus Christ Tommy would you slow down!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Avou! At the Disco : Our teacher says this to us when we don't finish exams fast enough. He can even do the accent!

Baggzy Boi : Tommy has a serious dose of VTEC 🔰

Senan Cowap : I have well I think I have an Irish accent I was born in Dublin but after three years I moved into Wexford

YvesyM : I honestly can't shtop watching this and laughing harder every time. #ihavenolife #corkboiforever

L O'Regan : If you've ever been in an Irish road with a pub on a friday night u always get those boy racers "flying" up and down the road, reving their engines and showing off. This has got to be the best representation of that moment hahaha 

cayleighobd13 : Tommy slow down !!!!!!! Will uea

TheUltimateBro : tommy is shtill on my top shpeed

Ro Mc A : Tommy's  Mad  for  Speed  :)

Ross Cooke : I'm annoyed I don't have an Irish accent even though I'm Irish (probobly cuz I live in south Dublin)

katie mccoy : Is that the cork accent? Well i think so ^.^

Jack Falvey : The Irish are the best like if you agree. And another thing i'm Irish.

Kieran O NEILL : I love this

Oscar Corcoran : tomy to mad for speed

Samuel Newsome : Why is there so much hate between Americans and Irish people right now? More specifically, the Americans hating on the Irish! I mean, grow up! Jeez, I'm American, and I don't hate the Irish, is that a first or something?

Megan Collins : This is a long shot, but could I please ask some of you guys to vote for me in a competition I have entered to open up for Mike Dignam in the Borderline, London? All you have to do is go to Mike Dignam's Facebook page, go to the first post and comment using #MeganCollinsLONDON - it's really close and I would appreciate it so so much at voting ends today at 6pm! Thank you in advance !

Matthew Grant : The most iconic one

steven o brien : Your going too fast tommy


Brian Clarke : ahoi, how're the boooys! jasus Tommy will you shlow down

AOR fifa14 : Best. Vid ever

Barry Swords : We want more Sminky Shorts!

Aisling Keenan : The fast die young😉 LOL

Emily Harrold : that so funny and tommy was stone mad for speed

Evie Connolly : I have the t shirt for this

Ronan Gavin : Ya just gotta love the irish

rainbowpoptarts11 : I love this one!

Dean Costello : I laght so mutch I pisst my pants

Helen Carr : Slow down tommy

Tim Cronin : Wooooooooooow

Matthew Bergin : Ye sure are


Jessie Ryan : Slow down

rachel gallagher : O so funny I don't get it

AmericanAtheist83 : +JohnnyFavorite1970 Yet you use our version of English, what an idiot.

ma_cott : Cool

Dzienna Filologia : Hi, could anyone provide me a transcription of what they're saying here? I assume it's as simple as hell but I don't understand a thing. Well, except for "I'm going too fast". and "Slow down, Tommy"

Colm Henry : I don't get it

Ryanfitzg2003 : Lol

Crafty Dude : Well isn't he just very ****ing fast

AdamReallyNeedsAHaircut : wow California Has Swag raceist maybe? :(

Ciara Duignan : !

Irish O : 5*

Mary Casey : this my fav dont u agree

Michael Lawrence : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅