Unblocking a blocked sewer connection at a manhole.

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Brent Ancap : Your description: "We tell people not to flush them but secretly we want them to keep doing it as it's great for business!" haha

Wade Hutchinson : looks like a shitty job

S Sifr : Imagine all those roaches suddenly fly to the camera.

Cyka The best : Mhm..... okay

Trampled Under Feet : You should've hosed those roaches down in and let them wash away.

feisty feline : COCKROACH NEWS: Terrorists drown hundreds as others flee.

Chelsea Chen : So many cockroaches

AFX Gaming : Jesus the size of the cockroaches


Frank : This should say how to stir up the roaches!!!!

Snydlywhiplash : Shitters full!

fnw39 Gamer : Who saw toitlet paper going to london

MrKfq269 : Those roaches are a nice touch.

Blake Fraser-Davis : I could smell that through my phone screen

Bella Beso : SATISFYING 😍

Tforce Sims : And thats why roaches deserve to burn.

ljmike1204 : Looks like a trow up scene in a cheap ass movie :p

Hunter Classified : Rare Footage of me drinking 1 beer over my limit.

Gee Whiz : so is it brown cause it's shitty?

Dilly Dally : Watching that clog give way is more satisfying than one of those gross cyst popping videos.

J L : Never seen a sewer machine cable like that.. what kind is it?

Juan Gallardo : Anybody thirsty?

MR. SAD FACE : also neat

Xtraior 37 : I love that the cockroaches are like RUUUNN RUNNN EVERYBODY!

Jon Hadley : thats all cum blocking the drain not lying

NintendoMan _ : 0:29 When she tells you to nut but you haven't in a couple of days

Jojo Iwata : Awesome job dude!

mnmbohlman : Looks my city hall offices. The roaches look awfully familiar.

Travis Anderson : Albino roach 41 sec

Kade Aan : Would you sacrifice your cock to kill all the cockroaches in the world?

Arkane Betha : Good vedio, makes me feel good

Flimflam : Why am I watching this while eating a blueberry cheese cake ?

John Perdue : Square manhole? Looks more like a stormdrain. Sewers are supposed to invert/terminate at the same level.

child protecter : Pennywise What have you done

aaronthepea : how do those bugs taste?

Vex Mallory : Why am i watching dis in my recommended, I just wanted to dinner with smething nice.

Nataly RAW : how the fuck did i get here and why did i watch the whole thing

EyeQueOneFourSix : fat and baby wipes.. am I right? edit* ok read description... nvm**

Emarati Gamer : For some reason I was too scared to watch close like I do every time cuz Im scared a cockroach will jump out of the video xD !

Christian FBGM : Me on Dec 1 after NNN

Burrito Dawg : Came from 9gag

2 beast 1 fifa : thats a shitty job

GlutteBoy : why am i watching this?

Clifster : *IT the clown is down there*

akron61972 : As the turds float by these are the shittiest days of our lives

SRNF : Good, now jump in.

astro : those roaches didnt seem too happy

John Gabriel Rabang : Yummy 👅 😋 🤤

Neptune : Baby wipes...

Siedler Joe : Thumbs up for the free floating turd at 2:26