Unblocking a blocked sewer connection at a manhole.

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LemonOVA : What have you done! you have just awaken the ancient roach army

HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST : uufffff,ohhh my God,So many Cockroaches ...

Waseem : When you finally take a piss after watching a movie at the theatre

CrazyChickenDude 2 : Imagine if those roaches started flying!

Benjamin Guzman : That water looks clean enough to drink.

Justin Y. : Imagine if a swarm of those cockroaches emerged from the blockage and attacked the camera

Wholesome Lad : 2:44 What was that?!

TalentLacking : Notice how the water keeps changing colors, like some sort of poop rainbow

Ferris Bueller : 0:29 when you touch her inner thigh

EA 1017 : 0:29 when she sees your bionic leg collection Edit: Auto correct changed bionicle to bionic leg and I’m ok with that.

Broekje : Welp it's that time again. Now youtube has me watching a drain being unclogged.

ArcticBeats : I was going to make a cockroach joke but there are too many.

Wolf Snow : 2:44 Is that a Paper Boat?! Nope nope nopety nopety nope i'm not ending up like georgie I'm out!

Hugh Mann : *Manhole? Why not a transgenderlivinginadragonsbodywiththemindofafairyhole?*

Ryan Fisher : Ugh....I can smell it from here

kotk05 : thank god there's no such thing as smellevision

Hikiki Me : *My worst nightmare:* Falling into that cesspool.

Gewel ✔ : 0:28 me after NoNutNovember finished

Laundry Sauce : When you pee right after waking up.

partingold tv : when you eat taco bell 0:33

MDB : Im watching this on the toilet....while constipated. 😎

Robert Whitley : Those cockroaches are having the time of their lives.It's all one huge buffet and waterpark to them.

696969 subscribers With zero videos : *THE ROACHES BRO* I’d be running for my life.

Beau Garrison : 2:36 taco

Editor Doggo 553 : Why is this on my recommend

Sherman is Watching : *im going to commit sewer side*

Ramones hala : Oddly satisfiying..

Noenk Tv : The smell until now 2018 😅

Wholesome Lad : *YUM!*

Hikiki Me : Someone’s gotta do it...

DaManGacha Gamer : *My Fellow Friends need to Evacuate*

Leon Tarmann : How long was this blocked if it backed up that much water ?

PC Gaming & Sports : It's one of those videos you wouldn't mind if it's not in HD

broskie packingGun : insert easy typical pee joke here

Jarrod Aruseanoex : Wow did in 20 secs my plumer need 10 weeks for

Leandro1311 : 2:45 WTF is this!?

Eddie Trillz : When he touches your thigh

2SiccAudio : And my old landlord would say, "Those are not roaches, they are waterbugs, nothing to worry about"

IiDex Winter : Imagine that sprayed to your face...

The Ginger Power Ranger : This is the new future of YouTube. Just videos of people unblocking sewerage pipes, 24/7

LumiYT : 2:44 fish

Josh Whitaker : 1.9k shivered at the site of those cockroaches. Especially the 1 BIG one....... on a stick

New Moisturizer : Rare footage of the fattest nut after No-Nut November.

optimusprimo2012 : Anyone see the floater at 2:45, just watch

TheDarthEmperor : Probably smells like White Castles down there... Mmmmm dirty cheese and onions!! 🤤 😛

Tacodelaco u : When you are on a road trip and you finaly stop on a restroom 0:44

White Thunder : Nuke the site from orbit...

sL FoxScout : Why am I watching this?

yoloswag : Cockroaches OP

иαнαlιєl ρσяяαѕ : Changing water color 😂