Unblocking a blocked sewer connection at a manhole.

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LemonOVA : What have you done! you have just awaken the ancient roach army

Aliza KHAN : uufffff,ohhh my God,So many Cockroaches ...

One Horrible Gamer : when you hold in a pee all day

Beau Garrison : 2:36 taco

Ilian Krebs : Mhm..... okay

SuperMassiveBongHits : was that an albino cockroach 0:41

Justin L. : 0:29 every girl when a guy posts a fortnite win on their snapchat story

Messerschmitt : And we are drinking it... filtered...

cprice2011 : oddly satisfying

Ryan Fisher : Ugh....I can smell it from here

Joshua Prieto : I had to replay it because i was focusing on the cockroaches climbing up and somehow my spider sense is tingling

primalfury2011 : 2:44. Giant parasite. !!!! Yuck

booboy123 : cute bugs

Flexpetz : when you snapchat her your fortnight wins

PC Gaming & Sports : It's one of those videos you wouldn't mind if it's not in HD

PlayStationPlayz : RIP ROACHES

FamilyGirl566 : EWWW roaches....🤢🤢🤢

GurGul : I think i saw i ex in there

Jergä Botswana-Vekklandęr : My hubbys butthole after Mexican.

2SiccAudio : And my old landlord would say, "Those are not roaches, they are waterbugs, nothing to worry about"

Hercurl Jetstar : Me Watching Pls don't come out from my screen cockcroaches

tippy ton : Those cockroaches are like "run for your lives"

Kaylee Hughes : I was going to eat..but never mind.

NavajoPoops : *Manhole* xD!!

n0rpp4 : Be a man and jump in there

Chocolate Bunny : 2:45 did a squirrel just casually swim by

Jeff Spicoli : *Cleveland Brown’s voice* oh that’s nastyyy

Kelsey Barton : roachies

Dilly Dally : Watching that clog give way is more satisfying than one of those gross cyst popping videos.

AboodGamingYT - Fortnite & More! : OH JEEZ LOOK AT ALL THOSE CRICKETS

Ghost CAT : I swear I heard squeaking rats 🐭

True Smoker : I bet the cockroaches blocked it up so they could have a base to plan for world domination

Jim Key : Nice roaches, one looked just like Hillary Clinton!

silvershadow : Is that a diaper?

Vaughny Kinz : just imagine the SMELL.


Out5id3r : Gówno stanęło w poprzek

swimman47 : Tasty!

S Sifr : Imagine all those roaches suddenly fly to the camera.

Majin Fam : Bring a professional cockroach killer with you next time

ikhlas putra : much nope

Hikiki Me : Someone’s gotta do it...

Hikiki Me : *My worst nightmare:* Falling into that cesspool.

Chelsea Chen : So many cockroaches

Иди Нахуй Сука Блиат : It's so satisfying, but the cockroaches were not needed.

ReVo vibez : 0:29 when you touch her inner thigh


FunForSameer : I wonder if a feminist would do this.. #equality

Trampled Under Feet : You should've hosed those roaches down in and let them wash away.

Shooter like ginobili : Joes apartment