Unblocking a blocked sewer connection at a manhole.

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LemonOVA : What have you done! you have just awaken the ancient roach army

Broekje : Welp it's that time again. Now youtube has me watching a drain being unclogged.

kotk05 : thank god there's no such thing as smellevision

OOM- 32 : We are all men until the roaches start flying

Ramones hala : Oddly satisfiying..

Justin Y. : Imagine if a swarm of those cockroaches emerged from the blockage and attacked the camera


Sherman is Watching : *im going to commit sewer side*

EA 1017 : 0:29 when she sees your bionic leg collection Edit: Auto correct changed bionicle to bionic leg and I’m ok with that.

Ultra Instinct Jon Jones : This is the bottling source for Dasani

Ryan Fisher : Ugh....I can smell it from here

Jean Pierre Wehry : 0:28 *When you've been holding it in all day and finally get to the bathroom*

Xplocial OnlineNetworking : Works for 1 minute , charges $700

Tea sipper 553 : Why is this on my recommend

Salmontres : these fking idiots are throwing away perfectly good choco milk

CrazyChickenDude 2 : Imagine if those roaches started flying!

ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU : When you pee in the middle of the night

Samuel Heft : 2:44 is that a fish?

Jack Bjorn Wulf : 2:44 Is that a Paper Boat?! Nope nope nopety nopety nope i'm not ending up like georgie I'm out!

Danolix Memenielsito : My recomendations are broken

mlg doge : Why is this in my recommended Even bigger question why did I click on this video

Jurassiccc : 0:29 when you tell her you have a memepage

Always Watching. : Is that a white roach at 0:38?

123 : Me: eww that's disgusting don't click on that video! *CLICKS ON VIDEO*

Jarrod A : Wow did in 20 secs my plumer need 10 weeks for

ROSLEEN KHAN : uufffff,ohhh my God,So many Cockroaches ...

Leroy Wilson : When you told her it’s been a while...

Leon Tarmann : How long was this blocked if it backed up that much water ?

Wildcard Gaming : *THE ROACHES BRO* I’d be running for my life.

Chaz : I was waiting for him to drop the camera

Beau_Feau _Sheau : 2:36 taco

Bypassing : when she finds out you didn’t LS swap your rx7

Cristianoj Jalloul : Listining to MGK is like 😀

A Drum Tsukumogami : That must be a portal to the roach dimension!

hello im jerry : fine youtube, fine, ill watch it.

Benjamin Guzman : That water looks clean enough to drink.

Vito : Sounds like my dad when he goes for morning piss before work..

Doge This! : **sees cockcroaches* "well, im never going to America"

Musoko : Should of sealed it with Flex Tape!

Eisham Manulon : Why did i watch this

Waseem : When you finally take a piss after watching a movie at the theatre

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : It’s not a sewer, *Its a storm drain*

Azazel ✅ : When No Nut November is over

Ярик 71 : Ищите комментарии на русском ?

3 name changes allowed every 90 days : Cockroaches

PC Gaming & Sports : It's one of those videos you wouldn't mind if it's not in HD

HACKING MADE FUN : I have my math exam tomorrow. Why am I watching this now?

Lukas : When you’ve just finished no nut November

TeslaDemon Crimson : Cockroaches: AAAAAAA IT'S FLOODING

Imperial195 : Those roaches are pissed