The Simpsons - Homer becomes a car salesman

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Der Tery : The man buying the car has the same voice as Frank Grimes!

Kevin Andres : "Did the salesman cut one during the test drive?" "Yeah and for some reason he turned on the radio to cover up the smell"

Rick Gonzalez : I'll show you what we do with scammers like you! *Becomes Sales Rep.*

TheRoflcer : Why don't all car salesman manically laugh?

Casimir : "We'll clean out those stupid Americans" HAHA

The Barn Owl : Lmao "I'll leave you two *air quote* "alone" hehehehehehehe!"

Rahsaan Brown : Nobody picked up that Boris' Car Loft gag. There was an actor named Boris Karlof who was best known for playing Frankenstein in the 1930's. And he was the narrator for How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Tab Utu : I love dealing with used car salesman. You don't feel bad in lying to them or treating them like garbage,

andy scott : funniest modern simpsons

KarKzas : what's that song at the end?

Diego Ruiz : BORIS KARLOFF, ayyylmao

prideofasia99 : :57 that moment when his new manager smells it....

Ptylersworld : I never noticed it before, but he actually "cuts one" at the end of the clip, then turns the radio on to cover it up. You can see both of them reacting to it.

Captain Obvious : What episode?

SurfAlien2 : Did that salesman cut one at 0:54 into the video?

connor watson : That laugh gets me every time lol

Alicemudgarden90 : "That's it! I'll steal the sign and they'll pay me to make them a new one" 😄😄😄

Ben Larsen : "We' clean out those stupid Americans". He is Canadian!

simon marshall : Homers Gas

Kirbae : I'll show you what we do with scammers like you

gferrol118 : *turns on radio*

Gifting Phoenix : Lol

Whitey Got Blacked : Hi

Laventiy Beria : 17 People doesnt know who Boris Karloff is

gedaman : Jeez! What happened to this show?

CorvetteKid : Hillarious !