Andre 3000 featuring Louis Cole

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Get Louis Cole's Music: Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.) by Outkast. Extra drums by Louis Cole. Huge fan of this song.

Comments from Youtube

Chris Faraday : Louis is building quite the resume, he will do just fine, wherever he chooses to go

Tito Romao : This guy's a beast.....

Dio Jean-Baptiste : yeah man that is crazy sick, lol

David Samuel Peckinpah : Truly fascinating piece of music.

sadraconic : thanks for the ringtone

Trevor Streete : mad crazy off the chain. excellent.

Mikey Malues : OMG! So awesome!

n ODD y : amazing. would be great to see at 60FPS.

Mad Pistol : That was TIGHT!!!

airforcebuns : easily the most mechanical drummer ive ever heard...possibly on the planet. this guy is talented for real.

Edler : Why does this only have 16k views :|

Neon Catstronaut : Mind. Blown.

Moog168 : as a Drummer and a Fan of Outkast I CANNOT STOP watching this!

winstondrums : ...thank you *Pokerface*

lepermunna : please make more videos like this!!!!

cpatrick91 : I love the game face. Its like he knows that by playing this it essentially makes him black.

cpatrick91 : I was a little disappointed when I got to the end of this video. Because I kind of expected you to explode or something after playing this. Ahhhhhhhhh so good!

Daniel Osborne : i'd love to hear just your drums to this, without BOB

tgrmatt : Pumps me up better than a cup of the leading national brand!

lichozlasu : This was waaaay beyond awesome !!!

mickys514 : Louis cole trumps all other youtube channels in my house, inc rwj, epicmealtime etc. louis cole wins. Fullstop.

herrvierkoetter : thanx louis, you made me smile

Doug Sarbon : You have an awesomely unique style. A rhythm machine gun.

Fred UAW : This kid is a monster!!!

Steve Metcalf : So tasty!

Steve Metcalf : The epitome of tight playing :D

mickys514 : 1050 people dont have youtube accounts lol

mickys514 : Pff, awesome much? Love this guy!

Brandon Wright : Dude! finally!!! you need to make more drumming videos!!! like seriously!!!!!!!

thecompleteopposite1 : I should be thanking you, so thank you.

Justin Richey : swaggin!!!!!

Chad Fischer : That's my boy!

Djean Lorenzzo : Louis owna all

Joshua Pickenpaugh : More please.

Jeppe Bjerre : @uiop60 I think it sounds great. I like those kind of variations, and i don't think it makes sense talking about "losing the groove" cause he doesn't lose the groove, it's as tight as it can be - this is about liking or not liking this one variation... and i like it :)

AhmiRer : Do favorite things next....

Jeppe Bjerre : @uiop60 dude, that's called a variation

Shilinsky : Mega Like it !!!!!, Awesome !!! Yeah !!!!

perfectupper90 : That was insane.

sherbetheadmusic : You fucking beast.

SirMik003 : Craaaaaaaaazy drumming man.

Momoarienai4 : Wow, this song already had a crazy beat. Now my brain is melting. =P

AnnaManna69 : marry me, louis

Alberto Forzan : damn, u got an amazin groove

berondi : woah.

Black steel 99 : Salute sir

tezzo55 : :-) Nailed it to the wall, and then played darts with it. Unbelievable sir :-) Love ya, XXX

Justin P. Langston : I DIG IT

Maurizio Mezzatesta : That was amazing. Still is.