Can Bodybuilders Dance?

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Einar Kuusk : Gallant for president!

Harper's Maximum Fitness : I love this freakin channel!Nice break from all the "I am god watch me lift" bodybuilders

StaticDreamsEntert : Those dance moves are anabolic .

Jorgeyy Boyy : You're my second favourite natural bodybuilder, after Rich Piana.

Opulence Luxury : This man is a national treasure.

Bodybuilding&JDM Car Build : NICE DANCE MOVES

ryan robson : 1:27 - 1:32 is the best thing ever lmao

Jordan Brisson : daaaaamnn FRESH MOVES MAN!!

shaheer316 : Bro u r awesome.....u r actually my best online coach on youtube

Donald Richardson : Get your party on

Michael Jovan : awesome!LOL!!!!

POOR PIRANO : wow man its just the warm up i would like to see the actual dancing skillzzzz :D

carlinhos juaresma : Best dance video ever 💪🏼.

SAMARESH MONDAL : This is the video I was waiting for. I like your dance moves.

Alison James : get down baby!! U show 'em. that be the power of love to move!! OX aj:)

Arman01692 : You should start competing again brah.

Gary Duarte : 'The sooouuul train' is calling.

gman 3323 : This was great! Thanks for all the good tips you give, your time and knowledge. It's much appreciated.

Chris Hill : Haha too good! I saw a competition vid of you posing with a fair bit of dancing! Very cool

beforebelief : ahahaha! LOVE it!

Regson Perry : Sick dance moves yo! :D Will you ever make a vid with your brother? ;)


mindiseverything : lmao i love it

Raphael Aegis : Troll be eating his words!!

JulianaHereOnEarth : Lol love it!!!

Klauri52 : Jason, Don't ever let the trolls bother you. They're imbeciles. Your advice is always top notch and has added to my knowledge on bodybuilding. Thanks for sharing your experience. Dance moves are great!

Tony Tony Tone : Awwwwww shit look at Jason GO!!!!!

John Bones : I love these moves man! I wish someone would come along, walking their dog or whatever and join in...get some 'Fame' style entourage of Gallantian body poppers all going for it

O O : You're a good guy, Gallant. Well done!

Lelis Mendoza : Janson, you do not need to prove or convince anyone. Keep making your videos, there are a lot of people who enjoy them. I thank you for them. I wish you a lot of blessings !

Bok Bok : i love how it looks kinda funny and absolutely awesome at the same time, movements look so controlled and even betty with muscle dancing :D

noss feild : i really want to meet you

Mac Coton : Well done my friend ,,great moves ,,ahahah love the vid ,,,and how you have delt with the haters ,,good on you ,,,appreciate all yr time and efforts in producing down to earth no nonsense helpful vids ,,,wishing u all the very best ,,take care and of all those near and dear to u,,cheers Mac

Kyle Cummings : Nice moves! And I nominate you for the push-up challenge, do as many Push-ups as you can in one set.

Karl Tan : Who expected the dance part to be just a short segment and kept watching and laughing so hard inside at the music?

Pen Umbra : this was amazing... i like your "wing chun inspired" moves, ... i see the scorpion as well. incredible... i died... WHAT

Julian Cardarelli : I wish we were neighbours it would be a blast

Trapletes Fitness : Fukin awsome bro, way to be man

daniel jones : Infinite power

jsagers2008 : This hoser can pop! Lol!!😂😂😂

Investment Coach Chris Whitehead : Those dance moves can’t be natural lol.... nice moves man

Glenda Higginson : LOL, love it, reminds me of Terry Crews in white chicks:)

ahumblemanSr ahumblemanSr : WHAT?!

Craig Castanet, D.C. : Part man, part caterpillar. That boy can dance. Jason is personable, caring, genuine and a genius of intuitive bodybuilding.

Tony Montana : Youre a joker and I mean that in a positive way

John Bones : Jason, do a 'Learn how to dance' series where you break these moves down for the stiffs ;-)

Elisabeth Ortega : 😂🤣😅😄🤩💪🏻🖖🏼🙌🏼

Julie Bratcher : Jason you are soooo awesome, your dancing style is adorable! I just found you here on you tube and seen all your different talents, I love them all! My type of guy, well rounded. Damn, I wish you were single! I will be checking you out probably daily...... ;-)

Tomas Williams : THIS was awesome. Other than meditation I do bodybuilding too, and following this channel has changed my whole perspective on it! It feels more natural and caring for the body, also I have had bigger results in growing muscle. Keep it up Jason, know that you are helping the ones that actually need or could use your help. Best wishes for you!

Monja Giuri : AHAHAH!! Amazing:)