Can Bodybuilders Dance?

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Einar Kuusk : Gallant for president!

Harper's Maximum Fitness : I love this freakin channel!Nice break from all the "I am god watch me lift" bodybuilders

Jorgeyy Boyy : You're my second favourite natural bodybuilder, after Rich Piana.

Bodybuilding&JDM Car Build : NICE DANCE MOVES

Michael Jovan : awesome!LOL!!!!

ryan robson : 1:27 - 1:32 is the best thing ever lmao

Jordan Brisson : daaaaamnn FRESH MOVES MAN!!

Donald Richardson : Get your party on

StaticDreamsEntert : Those dance moves are anabolic .

Opulence Luxury : This man is a national treasure.

Gary Duarte : 'The sooouuul train' is calling.

Chris Hill : Haha too good! I saw a competition vid of you posing with a fair bit of dancing! Very cool

Alison James : get down baby!! U show 'em. that be the power of love to move!! OX aj:)

gman 3323 : This was great! Thanks for all the good tips you give, your time and knowledge. It's much appreciated.


mindiseverything : lmao i love it

beforebelief : ahahaha! LOVE it!

shaheer316 : Bro u r awesome.....u r actually my best online coach on youtube

Regson Perry : Sick dance moves yo! :D Will you ever make a vid with your brother? ;)

Ratna Sadal : <3 power on!

Kyle Cummings : Nice moves! And I nominate you for the push-up challenge, do as many Push-ups as you can in one set.

oneilthomas97 : Dude this is awesome!!!

Bok Bok : i love how it looks kinda funny and absolutely awesome at the same time, movements look so controlled and even betty with muscle dancing :D

Elisabeth Ortega : 😂🤣😅😄🤩💪🏻🖖🏼🙌🏼

Trapletes Fitness : Fukin awsome bro, way to be man

Charles Crocitto : Man we are very much alike, they hate when they can cut that rug son!!!!!!!!!!I got class dancer and battle to Techno/House In the Lime light NYC with the best. You got sharp moves brother. Let them Hate its ok to hate me Cuz nobody does me Like me ! great Video I made posing music for Bill Wilmore's Masters Olympia in like 2012 . where he got 3rd place .  You must have been to some chill parties in Cali I imagine.

gregshock : That's pretty damn cool!

Lucas Simmons : This is hypnotising....

Living Dead Paradox : LOL!!! I saw a video on youtube where you were in a bodybuilding show & you were dancing / posing.

Danny Hernandez : This was so good haha! You get down!

Julian Cardarelli : I wish we were neighbours it would be a blast

BAGAMES : Your best episode ever...

danny K : now that's dancing ride dear

J. Scaffnetti : Ahh computer cowards will say just about anything Jay. And if they say shit about your natural career and know nothing about it, then they definitely wouldn't believe you got paid to dance in your life. Keep blazing your trail.

Tony Montana : Youre a joker and I mean that in a positive way

Pen Umbra : this was amazing... i like your "wing chun inspired" moves, ... i see the scorpion as well. incredible... i died... WHAT

Investment Coach Chris Whitehead : Those dance moves can’t be natural lol.... nice moves man

Mohammed Shehbaz Latif : Can bodybuilders dance? uh yeah

Mapleberry Farm - Off Grid : Oh man, awesome! haha.

William Granville : Time for a Natural Gallant Dance Moves channel?

Chris Silva : wtf....

dylanORY Adventures : Can u do a Q&A sometimes?

Jagfishxtyipe : u pop like no other bit i think techno viking is on par

Ahilan : This made my night hahaha!! So awesome and funny at the same time. Gains first then I will work on dance moves ;)

Tre CVOK : killed it!!

Edward Hernandez : Might have been a cool video of music wasn’t creepy. 🤢😵🤮

shirty2 : Kai Green better watch out!

Raul Martinez V : this is great haha

Glenda Higginson : LOL, love it, reminds me of Terry Crews in white chicks:)

super man : Mad skills man wish I could move half as good as you