A 60 Year Old Woman Wrote This About Her Dog

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I received an email from a woman named Darcy, telling me she had written a song about her best friend. I eagerly read the lyrics of the song and was absolutely moved to tears by it. Please enjoy this video, and I'd like to thank Darcy, her husband Blake, and of course, Muffins. By the way, I get a lot of emails, messages, and DMs with song lyrics & poems. I'd LOVE to read your idea, and potentially create a video for you like this. However, please email MacLethalRapsAboutStrangers@gmail.com. Include photos, lyrics, and information about you. IF I use your song, I will be in touch to discuss how I can adapt it into a rap. Note: songs written with a good rhythm are preferably. #MacLethalRapsAboutStrangers

Comments from Youtube

Carolina Baller : Brb I got something in my eye...

Ol' Red : Am I the only one who was like oh a song a nice elderly lady wrote about her dog this will cheer me up then just got smacked with depression.

S1Z : I’m speechless. I’ve never cried at a video , let alone a rap song. But hearing this, it made me think of my dog and how much he does for me. It breaks my heart, i hope your Ok Darcy. Muffins will always be in our hearts. :(

Diide : It's weird, I only cry for animals

Ivonne Castillo : Its like the dog stole the cancer right out of darcy #flyhighmuffins

Daniel Anderson : I’m a grown man Mac, stop making me cry

Quilzz x : When he whispered your my best friend I couldn’t bro 😭

Chad Hadley : something just flew into both of my eyes at the same time. weird.

Th3FireKniF3 : Totally didn't cried... Okay I cried.

qgep : A 60 year old woman can write lyrics and I can't!

SKLTN//GHOST : Step 1: Lie down Step 2: Try not to cry Step 3: Cry a lot

Eduardo Oliveira : I came through 9gag. I confess you made me cry, man... Awesome work!

Jedi Master : Mac ur awesome, and muffins I love you. Lost so many including my father to cancer and we love our dogs JUST like family.

Louie Rex : My twelve year old dog died not long ago her bame was chopper i grew up with her when I was 1 and saw her I hugged we had to put her down she couldn't walk she was an english staffie Please leave a like not for me for all the pets that have died recently

Joshua Holt : My dog that I grew up with died 4 years ago we got him as a puppy when I was 3 we had him for 12 years i was 15 when he died and I think about him every day I’m 19 now almost 20 and i still tear up when I think about him I remember him falling asleep standing up next to me he wouldn’t eat he was my world it about killed me when we found out he had throat cancer I will never forget you peewee

Mei Main11 : Yo this song actually made me tear up so much. Bro that was amazing keep up the great work.

TankDogg2012 : God bless Darcy. A lot of people don't understand how pets are more family than kinfolk.

Random games guy : Who else listening while reading the lyrics...

ka ro : That is so sad hope your ok Darcy

Mind of Gemini : Damn Darcy... Rock those bars girl

game gods bro : I actually cryed during this song

Unrealjosh : Is someone cutting onions???

Honza Kmenz : I didint think that rapping would make me cry good job man

4thSkeloBroYEET : I can heavily relate. My dog died about a year ago and still makes me sad. Her name was Sasha and she was a great doggy. Made me cry, thanks

Durp Master : BRB guys my turtle is cutting onions again ;-;

lucifer the demon king : It's like muffins was slowly taking cancer out of Darcey and putting in him/her to help Darcey

One pro player : Mad respect for doing that for her man. I love you and wish her only the best.

Bo Neubauer : I've only cried once before watching something but this made me cry so hard.

L Pharmer : I'm not crying, it's just been raining on my face...

Sunidhi Thakur : M Big fan of u ryt now 😍😍😘😘 u gave me new lyf New energy feel so happy i found your music love from india❤️❤️

GOLDEN APPLE GAMING : This 60yr old lady got better bars then j-cole🔥🔥

ZuRriX : I fucking cried throughout the whole song. I started fucking shivering uncontrollably when I heard you say cancer, even though I was certain that was what the song is about (partially). This is just beautiful. Thank you, Mac.

Shak : Truly a kind soul. Beautifully done Mac....816/913 REPRESENT.

Jesse : This is so sad:( Respect for singing these

Fae : I'm crying… a dogs love can truly save a life, experienced that myself.. rip muffins <3

Treveon taylor-made : I'm not crying, you're crying!

PMcFarland : DAMNIT!! WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!!?? Damnit! When he touches his face "He told me Muffin had cancer in his bones" AHHHH!! My first dog, Murlin, Greyhound got bone cancer. Ugggllllyyyy cry!!


Ethezz : This was so heartbreaking, but so beautiful. R.I.P Muffins.

mmannion19 : Yo my eyes are just sweating

Casey Wayne Album 3 : I'd say that should be on the radio, but you don't want people driving off the road because their eyeballs are full of tears.

Jaime A. Heidel - The Articulate Autistic : This is one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful stories I've ever heard.

Hi how are you : How in the hell can anyone dislike this. 😭

Brooke Blackmore : R.I.P muffins 😖😓❤️💔 x

samuel Savage 2.o : I'm actually crying I feel the pain my grams has cancer so I feel it😢😢😢but I try to stay strong

Rock : R.I.P Muffins You will never be forgotten

Yoboybubble : This legit made my cry 😭😭😭

Gabriel Covaciu : I legit cried watching this...

BrysonHearl : I'm not crying, I'm just sweating out of my eyeballs