A 60 Year Old Woman Wrote This About Her Dog

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Mac Lethal : Lyrics: My name is Darcy and I’d like to tell my story about my best friend who’s in another category see I was always happy, I took care of myself I enjoyed life, I always stayed in good health, When i was 52, my telephone rang My doctor told me the results from my biopsy came, he sounded so upset, hurt by his tone, he told me I had cancer in my bones I was in shock. I was out of breath. Up until this moment I was never scared of death. but when you find out, you have cancer it’s like the grim reaper rings your doorbell and waits for you to answer When I was going through chemotherapy My husband walked in with a gift just for me It was a puppy. Instantly I loved him. My sweetest baby boy. I named him Muffins. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. You’re my best friend. My medication used to keep me up at night I felt so weak didn’t have the strength to fight Muffins could feel it, he understood my plight And he radiated energy that made me feel alright At times I swore death was coming soon, it’s what I feared, I’d snuggle Muffins and quietly let out my tears, I’d tell him you are such a precious little doggy I felt him pull the sickness out of my body He took away my pain. He took away my tears. I finally got the phone call after a couple years My doctor said I have some great news, I’m about to wipe away your pain and your blues, I want you to sit down and listen Your cancer has gone into remission! I cried tears of joy. I felt like I could live forever. I swear the love from my sweet puppy made me better From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. You’re my best friend. Not even 9 months later Muffins started showing strange behaviour we wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t play, he wouldn’t move this wasn’t my baby, he wasn’t in his best mood His heart beat sounded frantic in his chest We took him to the vet and ran some tests The Vet didn’t call me back for 2 weeks but when he called me I simply couldn’t speak I remember when the telephone rang I remember being crushed by the pain he sounded so upset, hurt by his tone he told me that Muffins that his cancer in his bones it shocked me, broke the heart inside my ribs it’s the cancer left my body and entered his. within a year, my baby boy was gone I hope I can him alive forever with this song From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. From the beginning. I knew I’d love you until the end. You’re my best friend.

Carolina Baller : Brb I got something in my eye...

Evil666D : First: If those lyrics were written by a 60-year-old who "doesn't know how to rap", then a lot of Rappers "don't know how to rap" either. Second: I sincerely hope you are happy making a 38-year-old, overly masculine, almost 7 feet tall security guard cry at work like a little girl. Damn you, Mac Lethal! Now I wanna go home and hug my dog all night long.

Ol' Red : Am I the only one who was like oh a song a nice elderly lady wrote about her dog this will cheer me up then just got smacked with depression.

lnoz : Why am I crying in the club rn Rest in paradise muffins "From the beginning I knew I'd love you to the end..."

burger lord : I'm not crying I'm just pissing from the wrong hole

Chad Hadley : something just flew into both of my eyes at the same time. weird.

Ben Chapman : How many times did you have to stop and start again? The feels man..

S1Z : I’m speechless. I’ve never cried at a video , let alone a rap song. But hearing this, it made me think of my dog and how much he does for me. It breaks my heart, i hope your Ok Darcy. Muffins will always be in our hearts. :(

qgep : A 60 year old woman can write lyrics and I can't!

SuperSexyNinjaMan : This is amazing! Much respect to Mac and the lady that wrote this. ✊🏻👍🏻


Louie Rex : My twelve year old dog died not long ago her bame was chopper i grew up with her when I was 1 and saw her I hugged we had to put her down she couldn't walk she was an english staffie Please leave a like not for me for all the pets that have died recently

Quilzz x : When he whispered your my best friend I couldn’t bro 😭

Eduardo Oliveira : I came through 9gag. I confess you made me cry, man... Awesome work!

Mind of Gemini : Damn Darcy... Rock those bars girl

Th3FireKniF3 : Totally didn't cried... Okay I cried.

Mei Main11 : Yo this song actually made me tear up so much. Bro that was amazing keep up the great work.

Diide : It's weird, I only cry for animals

One pro player : Mad respect for doing that for her man. I love you and wish her only the best.

Mrs. XYZ : What a sad story. I work in a veterinary practice and it is really surprising how often pets have the same medical problem as their owner.

Julia Smith : My doggy died her name was ivy she was a great dog I loved her she died on a ivy let me tell you a little bit of the story so I had this dog her name was ivy I loved her with all my heart she got annoying but I still loved her she was my everything I cried for two days after I heard and this is how she died........she was acting weird and spinning on the floor she was scared.....I knew she was scared.....bc when ever I looked at her......I got this feeling......this feeling felt like she was calling my name to tell a doctor so I did and......a few days or weeks later I found out.......she......was....dead........I was sad for about 3 days......I didn't want anything but her......then.....I guess.....I felt lonely.......I was sad and my heart was broken.......that's my story of my......dog....and her life...... P.s. she died on a ivy.....

bg.lee3 : One like if you sad because of what happened

Lorenboy : Damn ninjas cutting unions

samuel Savage 2.o : I'm actually crying I feel the pain my grams has cancer so I feel it😢😢😢but I try to stay strong

SKLTN//GHOST : Step 1: Lie down Step 2: Try not to cry Step 3: Cry a lot

mmannion19 : Yo my eyes are just sweating

Unrealjosh : Is someone cutting onions???

Different ¿ : *Btw* I’m cutting onions

darksepticeye : I'm heart broken I hate to say it and I cryed

Daniel Anderson : I’m a grown man Mac, stop making me cry

Joshua Holt : My dog that I grew up with died 4 years ago we got him as a puppy when I was 3 we had him for 12 years i was 15 when he died and I think about him every day I’m 19 now almost 20 and i still tear up when I think about him I remember him falling asleep standing up next to me he wouldn’t eat he was my world it about killed me when we found out he had throat cancer I will never forget you peewee

Gabriel Carrillo : This so sad 😩😩😩

ZuRriX : I fucking cried throughout the whole song. I started fucking shivering uncontrollably when I heard you say cancer, even though I was certain that was what the song is about (partially). This is just beautiful. Thank you, Mac.

robledo 903 : Man I had a dog named pearl she was so beautiful she got lost one day and never came back I still missed my little white pearl I still think of her sometimes and cry I still have some dreams about her wake up and fill my pillow with tears and it crushed me I only have two pictures and it makes me cry just looking at them in fact I’m tearing up myself right now just thinking about her I always thought our love was gonna last I still remember when she was small and I was carrying her in my arms while she was shaking because of her terrible home but now I wish I could of prevented this by just blocking a hole that my other dog made hopefully she got picked up by someone else who will take care of her she did have a chip in her too but they have never called us I hope my little baby finds a good home or she’s in a better place and I’ll be able to join her one day

BrysonHearl : I'm not crying, I'm just sweating out of my eyeballs

Johnathan Henson : Man it probably wouldn't hurt so much but I couldn't help think of my grandpa this whole song he had stage 4 cancer and it ended up in his bones he passed away this april

Zambiehunter Mortimer : Bro I am crying

MystyMinded : "Death Sentence" I remember when I felt better But now I'm forever in the center Of a mess I made, I'm a pretender Pretending my world is ending, Depending on someone to pull me out, Bout to turn to a different route, but I doubt I'll Do so, while I try to extend my miles on this car, Behind me are angry men with a crobar and a jaguar is chasing behind them, I'm on the run, I'm done with being on the run I need to slowdown, about to burst out I need to stop, but before I can the cops are chasing aswell, Yelling "Pull Over" So thats how I got here, I was unsober I say As the man in orange looks at me and thinks What a crazy person, and he blinks in confusion as he looks at this cell he's in aswell And begins to yell, "Is this hell?" And we're chained, tied inside A cage A cage He turns over to tell me a story, Of how he got all the glory And killed it off so quickly. He said, I saw a red sign It led to many times where I'd Cross the line and I'd be misled and misread, I was the man who raised the dead From its grave, I made everyone behave in my days, But those days are gone and you might be pretty stunned but, Back then, I had the guts to go nuts, I acted like a robot, Had no feelings, I'd be stealing every place in town, Dealing with the Devil and tearing that town upside-down. And after that, I couldnt turn around That town was like a playground, I would mess with I'm a myth now, but I remember when the kids would bow And give me all that money, and those cops were scared and allowed me to proceed getting the money Until I was tasered, it was lovely my day, but Now I must pay for all the dirty crimes and lies And this life sentence is till I die. And we're chained, tied inside A cage A cage where we'll die. Let us go, We know, We know. Let us go, Long ago, we Know. Let us go, Long ago, Look down below, I'm comin' I'm the man who was banned from this town, As your head tilts down and you start to lockdown your homes, With a frown, you know. Let us Go, We know. We know. Stuck in this cell As we begin to yell, "Is this hell?" Feed on the fell Feed on the falling. Feed on the fell. Feed on the falling, it's calling. And we're chained, tied inside A cage A cage where we'll die. -All of this is a big mysterious metaphor I made. I have always wanted to share this to a community of people who appreciate lyrics. There are slower parts ( at least in my mind ) to the song. Make it what you want.

LORXANTS458 : 1 like = prayer for MUFFINS 😢😢

Ethezz : This was so heartbreaking, but so beautiful. R.I.P Muffins.

Marley Rom : Bro this is hard to take in luck u brother heartbreaking

Joana Haushahn : Yooo guys im really in love with the instrumental.. do someone know which song it is? Maybe it's a selfmade Instrumental by Mac, but im begging you guys! You need to tell me the instrumental. Mac love you and your Songs

Martin Klint : That was beautiful, dogs are the best

mnmREAPERmnm : I got goosebumps from this 😔

Jesse 049 : This is so sad:( Respect for singing these

Ivonne Castillo : Its like the dog stole the cancer right out of darcy #flyhighmuffins

Logan Rose : I’m literally in tears. That don’t took her cancer and saved her life😭😭

Baldric : May he rest in peace Mans best friend They do so much for us Some people don’t understand how much they matter to us Rest In peace ♥️

Favio : this deserves more views