The Day SpongeBob SquarePants Died

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Purmhy : Is *mayonnaise* an instrument?

Charborg : i loved the transition at 1:50 from the exploding krusty krab

Trevor zacks : Spongebob died today, with Steven Hillenburg. Will be missed💛

Internet Explorer : RIP Stephen He never got to see Spongebob get his driver’s license :(

scubasterve : R.I.P. Hillenburg. He was involved with countless childhood memories for countless people. What a sad day.

Doge Charger : Oh God not the splinter episode

fatalshot009 : Ya know what's really keeping SpongeBob alive? The memes. End of story.

Frank James : Great video! I definitely think the first few seasons of Spongebob are like perfect television. A clear drop-off after that.

Cartman TV : 😔R.I.P STEPHEN HILLENBURG😔 (21.08.1961▪26.11.2018)

mistertendie : Well I guess you're going to miss the *panty* *raid*

Dick Trickle : spongebob should have went to japan and become anime in the later seasons

DoNtGetSh0t- : RIP Stephen Hillenberg, cant believe he'll miss.... the panty raid..

ZackDoesGames : The real date now is November 27th, 2018 Rest in peace, Hillenburg. You will always be my hero.

Abimelech Sanders : RIP Stephen Hillenburg, he died on Monday November 26, 2018. When Stephen stepped on as the director of the cartoon show once again right after their second movie, he made the show (sort of) great again and made it more artistic and unique. And now, Stephen's death is truly the death of Spongebob and i might suggest that they should end airing new Spongebob episodes on Nick by or right after 2019 which will be the 20th anniversary of the series.

Travis SIGISMONDI : So flanderisation came to be because of Ned Flanders right?

Film Radar : The first few seasons of SpongeBob are incredible, like, more than they have any right to be. I grew up on that show and returned years later to find it even funnier than when I was a kid, but yeah, a show can't continue much longer with the heart and soul that made it so great in the first place. Loved the video Adam, this series is great. I think you'd have an easy time finding when HIMYM bit the bullet, so that may be one to visit in the future!

Randomness TV24 : I'm actually kindof happy someone noticed that exaggeration that was added into the newer seasons.

TheLastBabyMan : Spongebob died with Hillenburg, were not getting any good seasons again.

Zamasu : It didn't evolved,or devolved.whatever sinks your boatmobile.

Cassie Barns : All I can say is thank you~ it's nice to have someone with a trained eye for writing show empathy for this cartoon. :) This show means a lot to me, and the zombification Nick did to it is just terrible and people have to be aware of this.

BadMouseProductions : I'm glad theres finally a word for what I was wondering about at last.

Double M : Rip Stephen (Let's get an "f" in the chat for this legend)

Qųɛɛŋiɛ Dɛʂ : Bruh, Spongebob was my LITERAL Childhood. I've been watching this show since I was about 2 or 3 years old. Im 12 Now, Its just not the Same Anymore... Just last week I saw Spongebob get High off of a old Krabby Patty and hallucinate a Giant Hamster that *ATE* People -_-. I felt like I was Genuinely connected to this show some how. I had the whole Season 1 on DVD, a Spongebob and Patrick pull out table and chairs, and Spongebob Stickers on the Wall of My Room. This Show was my life, Now I don't know what to think about it Anymore ,.,

JimBone : The day that Stephen Hillenburg died

Random Ryan : 1999 - 2007. Spongebob is awesome! :D 2008 - 2012. Spongebob is good. :) 2013 - 2018. Spongebob isn't funny anymore :(

Muhluri Nkuna : 4:02 should've put a warning for *graphic content*

Angelina Handris : “And they were singing ‘Bye, bye, Miss American Pie’”

Car Mikislav : It died an hour ago When the creator died

despacito : And now, today is the day Stephen Hillenburg died. RIP.

Nario : Just yesterday, Spongebob Squarepants TRUELY died today, Stephen Hillenburg, creator of Spongebob itself, passed away of ALS at 57. I hope they just make a final episode with all the memories from Spongebob with a little "In Loving Memory" at the end.

pretty problematic : It was dead after the movie honestly.

Sean Joseph Gaming : sorry but actually spongebob died november 27th 2018 😭

EMarie61 : Right on! Part of what had made the show so enjoyable was Spongebob's innocence, and while the gags were certainly out of left field, they were in a fun way. They didn't have to be uber-gross or frightening or overly painful. Truly gifted writers don't have to come over to the dark side (unless that was their genre in the first place). All the characters were so much more entertaining while they had their many layers. I think because of that, there wasn't a single character I could dislike. It also gave the show more depth. Squidward, for instance---for all his arrogance and crustiness, he had his kinder moments, such as when he was afraid Spongebob was going to "blow up" after eating a pie in one episode.

moon : Old-school sponge bob really just captured everyone’s sense of humor. My parents even loved sponge bob. I stopped watching after the second sponge bob movie came out.

Some_guy_that_does_ ytube : The day SpongeBob died was the day I stopped watching SpongeBob

Harry : The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

Rap Badly : 2018 has been one unfair year. Stan Lee then Stephen Hillenburg. 😭😭😭😭😭

Kindle : I'd love to see a "The Day Looney Tunes" Died video. Looney Tunes is such an important series for the history of comedy and animation, and it has always been renowned for being so high quality. The day that the franchise really died can be debated, and I would love to see your input.

carti : Spongebob is the only show I feel like are generation all knows you can name a scene and well all know it for example......spongebob cant catch the bus and everytime he turns away it drives off

EndLessDream : this video is exactly spot on. first 3 seasons of spongebob were golden. also like you said, "flanderization" of a main character aint a good thing. people are saying that we can relate to squidward views towards spongebob the more we grew older, but its actually the other way. we relate to squidward because they flanderizate-d(?) spongebob into all kinds of reason that squidward hate about spongebob. spongebob from a childlike but with a good heart and intentions turned into a dumb annoying character also patrick is the worst offender or all. from being a funny genius ditz into a total moron that infuriates everyone

Ginika Duck : in the old episodes there was also more dialogue which is one of the shows best traits. the animation also looked more..........bland

Tunar Musayev : Nope the real day spongebob squarepants died was November 26 2018.

Daleklover 123 : Season 1 - amazing Season two - amazing Season 3 - amazing Season 4 - okay Season 5 - meh Season 6 - no Season 7 - noooooooo Season 8- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Season 9- it getting good again Season 10- amazing Season 11- WOW THIS IS GOOD

kezeeeeeeeeeeee : RIP Stephen Hillenburg, creator of Spongebob <3

Screecher : I just watched this video last night and now Stephen Hillenburg is dead creepy

Giovanni Orellana : I like these "The Day that ______ died" videos.

fapulous amber : entertain the elk? more like depress the kids

Nya! Gacha! : Sponge bob didn’t die the creator did ok the voice actors are alive and illustrater too HES STILL ALIVE

Pink Princess : Who’s here after hearing about Stephen Hillenburg’s death