The Day SpongeBob SquarePants Died

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Felicity Swan : I've always wanted to talk about this. The writers knew what they were doing in the beginning.

Nick930 : This is a perfect analysis of what happened. Exactly what I noticed the episode directly after the movie. That episode with squidwqrd and the crane is when I remembered the show dying

Dave Leigh : favorite episode was the band episode at the superbowl

VITOZ : #FromFD ;)

Alex Schwartz : Wonderful video, thank you for the explanation. Awesome to hear Stephens story... must feel crazy to have your little comic turn into a decade of entertainment with multiple feature films.

Purmhy : Is *mayonnaise* an instrument?


Charborg : i loved the transition at 1:50 from the exploding krusty krab

Frank James : Great video! I definitely think the first few seasons of Spongebob are like perfect television. A clear drop-off after that.

Denis Haleckiy : #fromFD

Doge Charger : Oh God not the splinter episode

Ryan Cave : I watched a newer episode was so...uninteresting. I watched a few more, and honesty it didn’t make me laugh at all. Yesterday, I seen the episode about squidward wanting to win the crane game. It was perfect! It made me laugh and got me excited. Something bad has happened. Damn shame.

Kj Theguy : I cri evrytime

it's elena : after season 3 is when it started going downhill, probably since that's when it was originally gonna end anyway

Universal Gem : Spongebob died when I was born.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : "It's better to burn out than to fade away."-Neil Young.

Nurali KZ : #FromFD

George Scott : Spongebob never dies. I'm 21 and I never get tired of spongebob, i've been watching ever since I was a little kid. The new episodes are just as good.

alexandark @ : #FromFD

Electric GamingFTW : This man says SpongeBob is dead W H A T

Film Radar : The first few seasons of SpongeBob are incredible, like, more than they have any right to be. I grew up on that show and returned years later to find it even funnier than when I was a kid, but yeah, a show can't continue much longer with the heart and soul that made it so great in the first place. Loved the video Adam, this series is great. I think you'd have an easy time finding when HIMYM bit the bullet, so that may be one to visit in the future!

пиджежурба : #FromFD

Отчимус228 : Привет из России!!!

SL1Z3 : #fromFD Awesome video dude!

Атлантический Маппер : #FromFD

arcade ghost : in the old episodes there was also more dialogue which is one of the shows best traits. the animation also looked more..........bland

Happy Art : #FromFD

Влад Смотров : #FromFD

Keyper : #FromFD

Kenzo Hamada : #FromFD

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : This is a fantastic analysis.

Я Печенько : #FromFD


DangeR : #FromFD

Nicolas Cage : #FromFD

Muhluri Nkuna : 4:02 should've put a warning for *graphic content*

Greesha Agreen : #FromFD

Tefang : #FromFD

Skyer : #FromFD :)

Abby Johnson : #FromFD

Giovanni Orellana : I like these "The Day that ______ died" videos.

Nataly : #FromFD

Verona Morkov : #FromFD

Vika Borsa : #FromFD

Nikolay Tormashov : #From FD

Kable10 : Congrats on 100k

TaWeRkA : #FromFD

kawaii chan : #FromFD

Mi Hackers : #FromFD

SIEG HEIL : #fromfd