The Day SpongeBob SquarePants Died

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Purmhy : Is *mayonnaise* an instrument?

Dave Leigh : favorite episode was the band episode at the superbowl

Charborg : i loved the transition at 1:50 from the exploding krusty krab

fatalshot009 : Ya know what's really keeping SpongeBob alive? The memes. End of story.

Kawaii Artist : Something that I really miss was Patrick's random moments of brilliance when he said something really smart and complicated. Now he's just dumb. 😔

Muhluri Nkuna : 4:02 should've put a warning for *graphic content*

Frank James : Great video! I definitely think the first few seasons of Spongebob are like perfect television. A clear drop-off after that.

mistertendie : Well I guess you're going to miss the *panty* *raid*

PyroRapid : May 1, 1999 Spongebob premiere May 2, 2018 is today Wow 19 years congrats

Alex Schwartz : Wonderful video, thank you for the explanation. Awesome to hear Stephens story... must feel crazy to have your little comic turn into a decade of entertainment with multiple feature films.

Film Radar : The first few seasons of SpongeBob are incredible, like, more than they have any right to be. I grew up on that show and returned years later to find it even funnier than when I was a kid, but yeah, a show can't continue much longer with the heart and soul that made it so great in the first place. Loved the video Adam, this series is great. I think you'd have an easy time finding when HIMYM bit the bullet, so that may be one to visit in the future!

Travis SIGISMONDI : So flanderisation came to be because of Ned Flanders right?

Randomness TV24 : I'm actually kindof happy someone noticed that exaggeration that was added into the newer seasons.

Waluigi Is more than a Assist Trophy : It didn't evolved,or devolved.whatever sinks your boatmobile.

Nitrivia Oshawa : You need to do the Day The Farily Odd Parents died. It's been on for a while.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : "It's better to burn out than to fade away."-Neil Young.

Cassie Barns : All I can say is thank you~ it's nice to have someone with a trained eye for writing show empathy for this cartoon. :) This show means a lot to me, and the zombification Nick did to it is just terrible and people have to be aware of this.

Doginstine : 1999 - 2007. Spongebob is awesome! :D 2008 - 2012. Spongebob is good. :) 2013 - 2018. Spongebob isn't funny anymore :(

Angelina Handris : “And they were singing ‘Bye, bye, Miss American Pie’”

Qųɛɛŋiɛ Dɛʂ : Bruh, Spongebob was my LITERAL Childhood. I've been watching this show since I was about 2 or 3 years old. Im 12 Now, Its just not the Same Anymore... Just last week I saw Spongebob get High off of a old Krabby Patty and hallucinate a Giant Hamster that *ATE* People -_-. I felt like I was Genuinely connected to this show some how. I had the whole Season 1 on DVD, a Spongebob and Patrick pull out table and chairs, and Spongebob Stickers on the Wall of My Room. This Show was my life, Now I don't know what to think about it Anymore ,.,

Doge Charger : Oh God not the splinter episode

Universal Gem : Spongebob died when I was born.

moondust : Old-school sponge bob really just captured everyone’s sense of humor. My parents even loved sponge bob. I stopped watching after the second sponge bob movie came out.

it's elena : after season 3 is when it started going downhill, probably since that's when it was originally gonna end anyway

Bailey Lukhard : As a kid, I think I watched about six or so Spongebob episodes- so it wasn’t that big in my childhood life. But now, as a high school student surrounded by many kids who watched the show every day, Spongebob Squarepants is still alive and well.

BadMouseProductions : I'm glad theres finally a word for what I was wondering about at last.

Clutch : Everyone wanted it to end after the first movie, it was such a perfect ending. In fact, not even the newest season is set after the first movie. But Nickelodeon wanted that $$$.

Viktor Pitt : #FromFD ;)

carti : Spongebob is the only show I feel like are generation all knows you can name a scene and well all know it for example......spongebob cant catch the bus and everytime he turns away it drives off

Jayden s : Say it with me.... I’m a goofy goober😢

Naruhoe : It was dead after the movie honestly.

Ur boi Zachary : The day SpongeBob died was the day I stopped watching SpongeBob

The Real Deal : Cant wait for "the day spongebob squarepants was reincarnated"

Brüno Baron Cohen : This video's comment section: 80% - hashtag FromFD comments which doesn't make sense at all. 10% - About the video 2.5% - Spongebob fans comments 2.4% - About memes 0.1% - About this video's comment section

Gary 69 : You're going to a "The Day ___ Died" video of South Park? Sure, Season 20 wasn't that great, but I Season 21 was way better than Modern Family Guy or Modern Simpsons.

Dick Trickle : spongebob should have went to japan and become anime in the later seasons

Mackenzie Esslin : I’m part of the sponge bob fan page on Facebook and it’s all videos of old sponge bob I love it 😍💜. The new sponge bob is so weird I don’t get it l I don’t watch it and don’t know anyone who does either put I hope the younger kids like it. It will be really interesting if sponge bob really does ever come to end. I think the younger generation would miss the new ones, I honestly still laugh at the old episodes. The episode Breath Stinks and Band geeks have had an impact on my family like we still joke using the episodes all the time. 😍💜😂

Kindle : I'd love to see a "The Day Looney Tunes" Died video. Looney Tunes is such an important series for the history of comedy and animation, and it has always been renowned for being so high quality. The day that the franchise really died can be debated, and I would love to see your input.

EMarie61 : Right on! Part of what had made the show so enjoyable was Spongebob's innocence, and while the gags were certainly out of left field, they were in a fun way. They didn't have to be uber-gross or frightening or overly painful. Truly gifted writers don't have to come over to the dark side (unless that was their genre in the first place). All the characters were so much more entertaining while they had their many layers. I think because of that, there wasn't a single character I could dislike. It also gave the show more depth. Squidward, for instance---for all his arrogance and crustiness, he had his kinder moments, such as when he was afraid Spongebob was going to "blow up" after eating a pie in one episode.

Kniivez : Season 3 animation was the best and should have stuck with it

Harry : The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

Barbara B : Please create a video about The day The Fairly Oddparents died. Excellent commentary, analysis, and history of Spongbob :3

Duval In The Wall : Fair points, however, for me, it died about 3 episodes later, with the episode "Good Neighbors" New writers fell off a cliff with that one

EndLessDream : this video is exactly spot on. first 3 seasons of spongebob were golden. also like you said, "flanderization" of a main character aint a good thing. people are saying that we can relate to squidward views towards spongebob the more we grew older, but its actually the other way. we relate to squidward because they flanderizate-d(?) spongebob into all kinds of reason that squidward hate about spongebob. spongebob from a childlike but with a good heart and intentions turned into a dumb annoying character also patrick is the worst offender or all. from being a funny genius ditz into a total moron that infuriates everyone

Jay bond : I hate to say this, but I'm glad Invader Zim and Danny Phantom got canceled when they were. It's better to go out in a blaze of glory than stick around this long and go this far downhill. There's a saying "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Fairly Oddparents is another that lost its luster


Uncreative Drawings Twenty : In my opinion, Season 6 is where the show jumped the shark, but still decent. But After Stephen's return in 2015, it became more of like a pre movie season.

Thomas Kokoris : Top 10 saddest anime deaths

fapulous amber : entertain the elk? more like depress the kids

Giovanni Orellana : I like these "The Day that ______ died" videos.