The Day SpongeBob SquarePants Died

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There's a starman waiting in the sky : "It's better to burn out than to fade away."-Neil Young.


TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : This is a fantastic analysis.

Atanih23 : I'm very glad I found this video, as I was just recently hoping that somebody made a video essay on why SpongeBob just didn't feel right after 2005. Lo and behold, you made a wonderful video. Thank you!

New Source : #FromFD :)

Doge Charger : Oh God not the splinter episode

Leighton Petty : No one suffered from Flanderization more than Patrick. He went from his weird smart-stupid, well-meaning, and occasional self-centered lovable idiot self, to nothing but a stupid jerk.

Birtus : #FromFD

Heidi Turner : Spongebob died on my birthday

Nick930 : This is a perfect analysis of what happened. Exactly what I noticed the episode directly after the movie. That episode with squidwqrd and the crane is when I remembered the show dying

Film Radar : The first few seasons of SpongeBob are incredible, like, more than they have any right to be. I grew up on that show and returned years later to find it even funnier than when I was a kid, but yeah, a show can't continue much longer with the heart and soul that made it so great in the first place. Loved the video Adam, this series is great. I think you'd have an easy time finding when HIMYM bit the bullet, so that may be one to visit in the future!

that gayshithasmissed : Spongebob died when the new art style came out its trash now its no better then fart jokes smh

Electric GamingFTW : This man says SpongeBob is dead W H A T

FRISHR : Spongebob used to be bold and brash, then it belongs in the trash.

Вовек Кот : #FromFD

Felicity Swan : I've always wanted to talk about this. The writers knew what they were doing in the beginning.

Crazy Productions : 1:07 10/10 jumpscare

MT Empire : #fromfd

nigelo92 : Flanderization point is so true. Patrick used to be funny and now he's obnoxious. I don't understand why the voice of Spongebob changed so much after season 3.

nyqu iv : #FromFD

arcade ghost : in the old episodes there was also more dialogue which is one of the shows best traits. the animation also looked more..........bland

Kelvin Hoang : Wait... are you gonna make “ The Day South Park died” because I don’t think they ever did. But still make that video please.

ツvqid : Wow, this was my childhood. I legit cried.

VITOZ : #FromFD ;)

PirateChest : straight to favorites

Giovanni Orellana : I like these "The Day that ______ died" videos.

Jester 17 : #FromFd

The Morkovka Animation : #FromFD

Kj Theguy : I cri evrytime

VIP Full [GD] : #fromFD

Muhluri Nkuna : 4:02 should've put a warning for *graphic content*


Eduk 1 : #FROMFD

Feven Jesus : #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD #FromFD

Ghostasi House : #FromFD

Kable10 : Congrats on 100k

Анна Югай : #FromFD Thanks for this interesting video!)

Meh : #FromFD

Nodir Zakirov : #FromFD

NearByEnemy : #FromFD

Ęÿūį Æßñ : Well Hillenburg came back a while ago and the new episodes are solid.

it's elena : after season 3 is when it started going downhill, probably since that's when it was originally gonna end anyway

Сергей Кузнецов : I'm #FromFD and I like your videos and channel!

Nurali KZ : #FromFD

Олег Денисенко : #FromFD

HazardEdit : I watched a new episode of the show a few days ago. It made me so sad seeing what that awesome show turned into. It was just boring and way to fast and much happening at the same time. I felt that everything was rushed way to much. Everything is idiotic and tried hard being funny. The characters are way to restricted in their personalities. I guess it's made for today's 12 year olds.

Отчимус228 : Привет из России!!!

Валентин Гришкин : #FromFD

Maze Music : #FromFD

DevilPoroNnj : I actually think seasons 4 and 5 are pretty good. I detest the new exaggerated and over the top animated style in the new seasons 10 and 11 tho. I find it distracting and doesnt suit spongebob at all