The Day SpongeBob SquarePants Died

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Felicity Swan : I've always wanted to talk about this. The writers knew what they were doing in the beginning.

Kable10 : Congrats on 100k

MassiveGat - Gaming : BongeSpob PareSquants

Spongebob Squarepants.offical : You could either die as a legenend or rought like like a failure

HazardEdit : I watched a new episode of the show a few days ago. It made me so sad seeing what that awesome show turned into. It was just boring and way to fast and much happening at the same time. I felt that everything was rushed way to much. Everything is idiotic and tried hard being funny. The characters are way to restricted in their personalities. I guess it's made for today's 12 year olds.

MrDelvoye : The big problem with this concept they don't know how to stop

Dub Yahhh : *weeps softly*

Mark Ayres : Great video! I love Spongebob Square pants. It always makes me laugh and I love the show. The first few seasons are some of the best in my opinion. This show was my childhood.

Sam Mitchell : Spot on.

Doge Charger : Oh God not the splinter episode

Free Wheeling : First and keep it up

julia sanders : I totally agree with this, and you put into words what I've been thinking of for the past decade. The first 3 seasons of Spongebob are insanely funny. Now that I'm older, I appreciate the hilarious writing and genius animation (although that's a diff topic) so much more now than I did as a kid. I've been saying for some time now that it's hard to watch the newer episodes because Spongebob is too…stupid. Like you said, it's almost to a point where it's annoying. He's certainly no longer the naive and silly character I grew up watching. Now, he's just a complete idiot so that he appeals to a much younger demographic. Spongebob will always have a special place in my heart, so will Hillenburg, and I'm glad I have those three seasons to go back to when I need a laugh. Great video!!

Ęÿūį Æßñ : Well Hillenburg came back a while ago and the new episodes are solid.

Ryukachoo : Lauren Faust That is all

H-To The-E : So it died 2 years exactly after my birthday. Now my birthday will always be sad

???? ???? : When I saw your face at the end I was surprised, since I pictured you to look more scrawny

Marine Admiral Jeronimo : So true

Ryan Carmicle : Would you consider elaborating on Gilmore Girls for a whole video? I think season 7 was ruined after the Palladinos left, and I'd love to see your take on it. Perhaps what you think the outcome would have been had they'd stayed?

Harry : The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

The Disaster Artist : I'm supposed to be taking notes on John Rockefeller and JP Morgan yet here I am watching a short video about a series I barely watched XD

Film Radar : The first few seasons of SpongeBob are incredible, like, more than they have any right to be. I grew up on that show and returned years later to find it even funnier than when I was a kid, but yeah, a show can't continue much longer with the heart and soul that made it so great in the first place. Loved the video Adam, this series is great. I think you'd have an easy time finding when HIMYM bit the bullet, so that may be one to visit in the future!

PRO WARRIOR01 : Very good video. I will always really love the Spongebob Squarepants classics the best! 🤩💯

Jchrispole : What amazes me about the original 2 seasons of Spongebob is that practically everybody remembers them, and almost every episode had a quote that has been immortalized. Like if I said "Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?" you immediately know which episode I was talking about, and that was just a random quote I picked.

SailorVenusFan : I really like your videos, I'm gonna subscribe.

moviemagic : I will miss the Golden era of SpongeBob:1999-2005

Mitchell Alexander : So its not so much the Death of Spongebob Squarepants; more like the "Dork Age" of Spongebob Squarepants.

Cole Tague : The day rock n roll died

K9 : its 3 am wtf why i am on this part of youtube

Sarah Walter : The laugh at the beginning scared the shit out of me

SirPattypooGuy7 : So basically, modern SpongeBob sucks. Yeah, okay, like we really needed to hear someone ramble about the history of SpongeBob and say that only the first 3 seasons and the first movie were what made "SpongeBob great." It's not like we've heard so many people say the same thing about post-first movie SpongeBob: "seasons 4 thru 9 were terrible and never as good as the first 3 seasons blah blah blah!" Seriously, I thought we were done with rambling about how SpongeBob has gone downhill after the first movie but then became great again after the second movie. At this point, we're just repeating history and not - OH I DON'T KNOW - discussing about what there will be to come about the series or something like that. Like, why not predict how Hillenburg will handle SpongeBob until the rumoured third movie approaches? I don't know, ANYTHING new for SpongeBob if you love talking about him! Stop bringing back topics that we know about this series because having to bring it back up is getting stale and nothing mind blowing by this point.

Sketchy Stories : Oof my life is completed

DPlex HD : The Day Sonic died.

Elliscann 9 : Make Spongebob Great Again 🤔🇺🇸

T P : This makes so much sense.. whenever I watch the later episodes of spongebob... it's so stupid I can't watch.

Moronic Gorilla : The Old Spongebob Was Good but The New Sucked

BadMouseProductions : I'm glad theres finally a word for what I was wondering about at last.

Ugames 332 : Sorry, spongebob will never capture the magic it had. Even season 10 & 11 were lacking


Vsuace michael is god : amazing vid

Woug : This video is just so well made, it's a joy to watch.

anom : The flanderization seems to effect all characters of all tv shows eventually.

DigDugtrio : Why are you saying Hillenburg is a full on writer since the second movie? Look at any of the season 9-11 episodes. Hillenburg hasn't been on the writing team for any of the episodes, he is only the executive producer. The only 3 episodes Hillenburg ever wrote were Help Wanted, Reef Blower, and Bubblestand, all from the first season of the show. You are passing on false information which will lead others to believe he is writing episodes, which he clearly isn't. If you just checked the wiki for a couple minutes you could find this kind of information. Here is all the episodes Hillenburg is credited on: These "SpongeBob died" bandwagon videos are getting so tiring, most notably with the likes of Valskibum; it's the same old stuff, "The first three seasons and movie were good, Hillenburg stepped down, 4-9A episodes suck, but then the second movie was good again and oh yeah Hillenburg is now writing new episodes for the series so the show is coming back yay." I don't really understand it much either because many of the newest episodes have very basic and bare bones humor that people discredit the 4-8 seasons with, most notably the slapstick and generic jokes that appeal to children. It's quite obvious the research factor here was very little considering much of the information presented here are just biased internet opinions and common misconceptions. Despite everything though this is a well made video and I applaud you for being able to keep an audiences attention. It just would've been nice to see a different view on this rather than the one that's all over the internet.

Drawingfandom : Why is this video so poetic and inspiring like taking a refreshing shower

xmish16 : The show came back. Your video is outdated and misinformed

Aaronstark19 : Fairly Odd parents fell off wayyyyyy harder

Carl Bloke : If only the Simpsons would have a spark of creativity it once had like Spongebob is getting back

Aneesh Prasobhan : you earned a new sub mate.....excellent video :)

Sexy101 : Once thing I appreciate about this video, is that you end with mentioning much better the show has gotten recently. Too many people dismiss all modern Spongebob episodes. It's good you didn't do that.

Adolf Heidinkoff : *Acts like they're not holding back tears*