Dr John Cooper Clarke on Arctic Monkeys and I Wanna Be Yours

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Adam Hollander : He's like an old Alex turner.

Jesse Davila : Ok this has to be Alex Turner from the future lmao

midsummersky : "a poem in which i attempt to reduce myself to the level of a mere commodity for the greater good of the object of my desire" – honestly, it's like alex is speaking through john here. that line could've come staight out of alex's mouth.

Justin Ramroop : "Every track on this album is like a single." Dear God... So true...

Ricardo Fernandez : is the same wall of Cornerstone?

Catalina Lindegaard : i got this poem in class a few years ago, before the song came out and i always loved it. when i then noticed the lyrics to this song, i freaked out :)

WIGAN PIER : haha Ronnie Woods secret bro or and older version of Edward scissors hands ?  this guys done way too many drugs, hes actually only 22 years old

gorda arriaz : Wow the original poem is really good. i love it.

Greg : Deep Deep Da Deep Deep

Vienna Knights : Looool! "Pay for that Mother Fu**ing Record!" I love the Arctic Monkeys!

J P : If Bob Dylan was a Yorkshire man...

Lisa Perkins : This is amazing, a very creative man, He can be Alex Turner's Dad for sure..:) Awesome.

AmilliAmili : It's awesome that they got him to explain and promote the song. And from reading some comments, teachers gave this poem to students in class. :D

XMenOrangesTangerine : He's like Bill Nighy mixed with Alex Turner.

Nicole : This man is the elderly version of Alex Turner.

Ella : Brilliant live as well. The silver confetti came down and Alex is just standing there singing "I wanna be yours" 

Ollie Mackay : He really looks like Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones

TheHeartOvALion : It's a great outro to the album!

Owen Armstrong : From the comments I've seen previous to this, I think it's safe to say that not enough people know how much of a legend John Cooper Clarke is.

Keira Cox : This is also really cool because i'm pretty sure alex Turner is a huge john Cooper Clarke fan and has said that he's a huge influence, so I imagine that praise meant a lot.

David Power : and me waiting for their new album and sound

Catherine Hewitt : In 3 words This Is Beautiful

Nino Chitashvili : ending "deep deep deep" awesome ^_^

Alex Bond : I'm seeing JCC later this year - he's the reason I started performance poetry and decided I didn't want to leave words on a page anymore.

Suspicious Potatoes : A bunch of the songs on AM have some of the coolest, most poetic lyrics I've ever heard, and that's probably why I love it so much

TorcidaCro : The Strokes

sara jones : loved to hear the words in their original state: spoken aloud as a poem from the man who crafted them. definitely has a different impact from the song. 

patrick mullins : I've Seen Him Live he came on drunk and still performed like an utter legend!  

313313ful : What a tune

Eliran Sanandaji : I would not be surprised if I hear that this man died from a overdose

marylin mendoza : se ve que es fan jaaa....xx <3

Keira Cox : I LOVE the original poem. Even though the version he released as a single was just him reading a single it's like most good spoken word - raw and frantic. Thought I was going to be disappointed by the AM version, totally wasn't, though it's far more chill.

ask4psnname : de de de de de de LOL

Mark Green : I'm impressed if that's all JCC own hair.

Dave LeBeau : Que no nos quieran engañar, en el futuro descubrieron la manera de viajar en el tiempo, este hombre es Alex Turner en unos 40 años D:

StephanieJayne7 : My favourite song on the album!

zack spaulding : Been following this guy since 1982....he is the REAL deal. ;-)

hayley drummond : I studded that for English homework. Cause my English teacher has swag.

Blush & Noise : King Cooper Clarke

stealthy boi : At first I thought it was Alex turner

Natalia LatinSoul : El habla de q el escribio un poema muchos anos atras q se llama I WANNA BE YOURS el Alex Turner le gusto mucho y de el poema los Arctic Monkeys escribieron la cancion...... Y que el es muy amigo del grupo!!! I absolutely love this he's a legend

James Murray : This guy is so cool.

Gisel Verdugo : Tengo que aprender a hablar inglés... 

Rewalt : I dun wanna B hers i wan be yorsz

N : oh man i love john cooper clarke a lot

Deat Lines : I met this methhead at school lmao

CBLHouseOfFun : Time to tun 'Evidently Chickentown' into an Arctic Monkeys song?

MR ROMEO GONZALEZ : to short the sing.😏

keevee09 : John Cooper Clarke. The only living man I will ever be in love with. Yours truly, Chainsaw Charlie