A STORM OF BEAUTY - Spectacular Phenomenon

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Mr. Velocity : Pecos Hank.....the David Attenborough...of storm chasing.

Kevin P : I'm sorry, this is just light-years ahead of just about every YouTuber I've seen. Editing, cinematography, music, sound design -just stunning!

ᏇᏂ ᎥᏖᏋ ᎦᏬᏒ : /clicking away notifications /PEcos shows up I N S T A C L I C K

D J : I've learned more about weather in 6 months of watching Hank than I have from 20+ years of school & TV documentaries.

D. H. : Hank gorgeous narration! Gorgeous photography! Gorgeous music! Such talent. You amaze me. I so look forward to your videos. You have outdone National Geographic!

kode1996 : This is such a great video! I look forward to all of your videos!

peeping ukulele : Beautiful compilation. Are you still storm chasing? I noticed you haven’t been posting as much anymore.


14K96 : Never clicked so fast

who uploads rips at 3 in the morning? : I'm a simple man. I see Pecos Hank upload, I click.

Kolton Heath : Hopefully the 2019 severe weather season has more activity than this year, I don’t want people to get hurt but I love tornadoes and other kinds of severe weather.

farfar arkivar : Well worth the wait..... but the waiting sucks! Best video yet. Awesome photo/videography. Speeding train is best effect ever. Love the music too.

MightyMudkip YT : Me at 4pm: When is Hank going to upload his next video? YouTube at 7:55pm: Pecos Hank uploaded a video Me: CLICK NOW U HECCIN PHONE

sgt Hale107 : Pecos Hank uploaded. My taxes can wait.

Jonny Glessner : Incredible job Hank, as always. Some of the best videos on YouTube, hands down. If you guys haven't already, seriously consider becoming a patron for Hank on patreon. It's definitely worth it, plus it allows him to make incredible videos like this!

kode1996 : I got the best footage of a squall line I ever recorded yesterday. It was a small storm that lasted less then 10 minutes. But it was crazy! I couldn't even see the trees right across from me.

Carson Sullivan : Your videos are always so cool and put together really well

Yutaka Nohdomi : Wow! You caught sprites! Only seen those on National Geographic :D

harolyn allison : your photography is second to none, just beautiful your knowledge of this topic, with your videos can save lives, i bet you have saved many, you are a treasure. well done.

Moar, please. : The music makes it way better.

gagago302 : You did it again man. I hate to think about the beauty monetarily but that’s a damned big trove of perfect footage that meteorologists definitely want to get their hands on (including your radar location) to see how these things work.

MrBmhayes38 : Pecos Hank, I am in awe with your talent, patients, absolutely stunning videos, and your demeanor. The music is a perfect mix of quality, ambient mood settings to make one feel like they are there. Thank you for the videos. Certainly art worthy. If i could only put them up on a wall.

The Honest One : “Drive under the moon” is still boomin. I love it so much.😩😭😭😭❤️❤️

Kristina Pike : Wow!!! The video is so crisp! Loved the starburst effect of the train, the red mammatus sunset, and the distant lightning with the stars above the clouds, it brought to mind the Aurora Borealis! This was so worth waiting for!

Izheet Madrawers : I literally whispered “oh my god” when you showed that sprite still! Electric dynamite!!! Great music too bro!

nick davis : Thanks for this video! Never heard such a clear description with such great visuals! One thing this channel has taught me is that tornadoes and supercell thunderstorms are gorgeous works of art, very calming.

Wendy C : Perfect timing! I was just about to get sucked in to a political video! 🙈

DAGGERSPELLZ : Beautifully done!!✌💜

Dia Beetus : You are so relaxing

Mark Kasick : Holy cow, that was amazing. Dude, in every way your talent and dedication is off the charts.

Josh Zwies : Cool video, learned something new.

atv mudders : I always love your videos they are very well put together and look like a lot of effort goes into them keep it up

Mara Daniels : Roses are red Violets are blue You love tornadoes We do too. Idk why I love learning about them. They are pretty interesting but scary. . .

Jim Kellogg : Superb production, Hank! Already a classic! You even did the music!

Australian Rick : Hats off to you, Mr Hank, this is a beautiful video with amazing weather and photography, thank you for sharing this slice of wonder to us who aren't able to see this, please keep uploading your amazing vids, I've been watching you since the el Reno video, and I don't plan on stopping :)

Santzen Wheezy : Beautiful video, i watch and re-watch all your work

Elizabeth : I see Pecos. I click.

Jackstraw 81 : Always fascinating and captivating. Pecos' videos are far superior to the network shows. Natgeo should take notes, or just throw Pecos a stack of cash for his expertise. The artistic, educational experience we receive from your vision is greatly appreciated.

Amy Frohlich : Few things in life are more beautiful than mammatus clouds. You are my favorite storm expert and photographer

Steve Padgett : Beautiful footage and music with the cry of a coyote at the end! 👍 😆

Ron Majersky : We get a lot of those type of storms up in MN. Not much for tornados, but those squall lines can be quite strong. Amazing footage as always Hank!

Ash Ketchup : The visuals are stunning, but I think your music is my favorite part of every video! You have such a unique sound.

sadek : Absolutely stunning video. Everything is perfect. Visuals, background music, the narrative. Plus a lot of knowledge. I just found out about Sprites. If I shot them myself I would be confident it was some sort of alien tech :)

Random TV : Love ya vids hank

Daniel Cannata : You're the first I've seen cover sprites since the history channel documentary that was made on them over a decade ago... Awesome work, Hank.

Alfredo Ristol : Any chance of seeing a loooong documentary film in 2019?, I'm just saying...

Films De Dèche : the most underrated channel on youtube

Vito Tuxedo : Me like. Want more Hank. Hank music good. Hank movie good. Hank smart man. Hank know of actual science at weathers. Also too, Hank nice to turtle. And stuff. Good Hank. Nice Hank. God give Hank to world. Proof God not jerk. 😎

Michael Carter : Goodness, another incredible video! Keep this up Mr. Hank, you are so talented.

frosso charalampous : Thank you Pecos! Though I'm scared, the beauty of the nature is amazing!