Tosh.0 - Patti LaBelle's Sweet Potato Pie
Best Tosh0 moment Only time Tosh genuinely laughed uncontrollably

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Daniel enlists a Patti LaBelle-loving YouTuber to help raise awareness for a foul-smelling Swedish delicacy. Watch full episodes of Tosh.0 now: Tosh.0 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central.


Tyler Keplin : I have never seen Tosh so open and laughing like that on screen. I'm sure he's always like that but the fact that he got caught off guard and let it all out made it that's much more enjoyable lmao

TheN0X : ive never seen tosh laugh like that

slide4180 : Didn't know it was a dude 'til Tosh told me.

fig. 8 : the laugh at 3:05 is unprecedented in Tosh history. pure joy and abject horror.

Chloe : not the first time tosh told another man to "swallow it" ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cara Garnier : Amazing voice. Tosh funny as usual. But seriously, that's a voice meant for singing.

Levi : This is one of the best tosh.0 moments of all time! From the moment the can is opened we get to see Tosh being 100% authentic, his laugh and reactions are amazing!

Jay Frazier : Smell so bad it had him singing the Star Spangled Banner

wilt : 0:43 RIP Patrice O'Neal

nope datt : I've never seen Tosh laugh so HARD.

CLUTCH1st : Holy shit that was hilarious. Lol

Ushertes : Daniel's genuine laugh at 3:04 makes it that much better.

Meh Meh : 4:10 I like how she hands him a trash can to throw up in and he just SLAPS it outa the way

Ken Mattsson : People in Sweden know not to open up the can indoors

Kwesi Asebedo : James busted into the national anthem like I'm so glad to be an American lmao

Aidan Alberts : I felt like I could smell it hahaha

Kari2025 : Patti LaBelle did this guy so dirty. He's the only reason she sold those pies.

Ryley Chinn : was anybody else shocked when tosh said he?

MrAppie9090 : Patrice O'Neal reference! I knew Tosh was a good boy!

Jeremy Edmond : he does sound a lot like Patrice O'neal. Miss you Patrice. RIP.

Josh Shapiro : This made me so hard

Tess Book : I am going to have to reapply my eyeliner! This was hilarious!💋❤️💜

Mastervito : im glad tosh gave a shoutout to patrice, r.i.p

Drew Little : Aaaannnd...finally something Tosh can't handle! My favorite moment ever from the show. (#2 is Gra-ta-ta)

SyncKid : it's all thanks to this guy she sold so well, she did not pay him nor give him any compensation

Kyli : Oh my God I love this guy

Jack Torrance : Dude has a great voice!

weekend at ronnie's : I Miss Patrice O'Neal

Nicholas Horta : He can sing man he has a voice 👍

ashleyapplebee : People almost puking cracks me up more than anything else and James is amazing--this vid is a win win 👌🏻👌🏻😭

Andy Baud : First

Chase Rogers : Love seeing Tosh laugh like that 3:05 lmao

Nate_dawg 115 : Daniels laugh at 3:06 made me start laughing 😂

Jonathan Smith : Whoever edited the audio at 4:17 needs to be fired.

nejinaji : i thought it was a woman for the longest time

TheAmericanItalian : Sorry man but pie rocks

Arjun Raj : Patrice shout out!!

Hammering Hank : Idubbz ate that

SpartanF21 : Patrice O'Neal 😑

Doitld DltioD : this is why i love daniel, immersing the audience with comedy.

John Di Francisco : But can he do Sylvester..... I'd LOVE to see someone bring him back.

JAI PATEL : The Girl next to Daniel is his wife. Wow.

Kim BlaQue : Just found out recently that this is the guy that sings I'm In Love With The Coco

Leo Lundh : Im Swedish and i dont think surströmming is that bad

Paul S : The sweet potato pie story went right out the window fast.

Luke Lemmons : lmao at 2:41 the board in the back says "Bill Cosby and We are out of ideas"

Firefighter Lee : People are so damn Dramatic!!!

Teresa Kerr : In case I'm Having a bad day this is my go-to

Dr. Ce-Ce : lmao#!!