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wwjoshdew : This needs to go viral so that people close to Eminem can show it to him! :)

Garrett Crawford : As I was practicing my ASL my buddy came up and said "you know what you should learn to do in sign? Rap God". And I said " I doubt its been done, and I doubt many would attempt to do it. We paused, I googled it, jaw dropped, and we watched in amazement. Thank you for this.

Noah Angott : 4:20 she turns into freakin' Kakashi.

MacLarux : Sigh... Imgur anyone?

euge : I'm training to be a sign language interpreter, and I hope some day I can be a tenth as good as you are . this video never fails to blow my mind

mchlle : Amazing! Imagine if this was your final examine in ASL class >.<

Paige Arbuckle : WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Holy Crap. I though it was cool I could sign Beyoncé songs but THIS Holy crap......

Chris Allison : Is an interpretation something you can own? Do intellectual property laws actually cover such things?

Kill3rs4 : from 4:25 - Kakashi style. :v

marissa feminella : Rap god? No... Asl god

Adil Rehman : This is gonna go viral lol, predicted at 12:06 8TH JULY

Loc Duong : Imgur is coming....

thechibiamerican : Guys I found her secret.... She is a ninja...

KatoYai Campbell : Your arms tired? :)

Taylor Unser : I believe the titles The Queen of ASL or The Eminem of ASL would be sufficient names...

TrakGreedyMH : I came here from Ray William Johnson

Roflbot FPV : SIGN GOD :o

Tim Crouch : I think everyone hung around to at least see "Super Sonic Speed". And while I don't understand ASL, I saw you mouth "too mainstream", which is a second or so after the fast part ends, and you were probably less than 1 second behind, which is absolutely incredible considering the fact that most people can't even TALK that fast. It is no wonder all the rappers get you to sign their live shows.

Carl Johnson : the part when eminen rap faster is like she is having a heart atack LOL XD

Jibby : I'm baked and this is absolutely hilarious.

torielise : Oh my gosh, were you the one interpreting for Eminem at last year's ACL?? You were AMAZING. Half the time I found myself watching you over Eminem (which is saying A LOT) - beautiful work, lady. Beautiful.

Scrawny C. Bones : Ahhh I can't keep up

Liesje D.l : it is amazing what you do! :D 

Talsbyn : gotta take a shot of heroin before you do this

EJ Rodriguez : Ohh You are the one who joined in a Sign Language Rap Battle at Jimmy Kimmel Show :)

Margarita Romero : I can only imagine the amount of practice involved in this! Good job.!!

Jesse Conway l-/ : Damn, Amber! I love this!! I randomly came across this video in my suggestions, checked it out, and I'm GLAD I did! I'm actually a coda (child of deaf adults, for those who don't know) and I showed this to both of my parents that are deaf. They told me that you sign very fast, but despite that, they still understood (I'm obviously not surprised). I'm not exactly fluent in ASL yet, but I understood quite a bit, and probably learned a bit more because I already know the lyrics to the song. Again, this was great. Its making me want to find a BUNCH of songs in ASL and link my parents to them so they can "hear" today's popular songs. You did a wonderful job, Amber, and I'm going to check out your channel to see if there's more videos like this!

BrittaniAnd28 : I ASPIRE TO SIGN LIKE YOU omg you're amazing♡

Eagle : How about Nuthin but a G thang?

Gumby Davidson : mute it for reality

Tania : This is awesome! I'm still a beginner in ASL and I hope to be able to sign this fast one day lol

Becca Crum : Hey, Amber, I'm currently learning ASL and I'm trying to find videos and yours are fantastic! I'm not the best at ASL, but you obviously are. I just watched your interpretation of Take Me to Church. I was planning on using your videos for reference. There would be no way of me making money, I just want someone of a frame of reference and yours are perfect. Is that okay or would you like me to use someone else's? Thank you and have a great day!

Lennon Verde : I mean I don't speak ASL but goddamn does it looked like you fucking killed it! Nice job!

Maul547 : That moment when you think you identified the sign for "nutsack."

Sketching Music : Another reason why I love ASL, This is awesome!

Lynne Wiesman : Effective meaning-based interpretation of this Amber!!

TheBeautifulASL Videos : You're really good

soully 27 : OMG this girl speaks sign language at weddings I saw her!!

Ravenleaf182 : You know, after seeing this, I feel like I could learn how to dance if I learn sign language. I am a horrible dancer, but just signing alone probably would make me look like a pro :P

mattgotsskill : That is Really cool lol

Aleshia Monet : Wow this is amazing

racewiththefalcons1 : Nicely done! Now try this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONyAYSG2dE4

Lyn m1anha3 : Damn.. you're a rap god of asl

ARoberts : I think you should have won on Jimmy Kimmel, mama. The others were good, but u were great and theatrical. NEW fan :D Hope to see ya on TV some more. Happy Holidays!

ARoberts : ASL Mozart, bad ass :)

Nyoom : ASL rap is so cool...

TheFox : Хех. Кто с лентача?.-.

mango mahser4 : 1 word wow

VampiroPrince FallenPrince : some of those signs are different then I've ever seen

Sydney Windsor : This is actually the coolest thing ever