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Chris Allison : Is an interpretation something you can own? Do intellectual property laws actually cover such things?

Fandom Trash : Jesus fuck this is just WOW I can sign a couple songs but this is just about 50 lvls above that

Alodia Lozano : Hi, Amber! I don't have a clue on ASL, since I'm Spanish only have a few notions of Spanish Sign Language (LSE for short), but I recently saw your wonderful signing for RHCPs _Under The Bridge_ and wanted to thank you... It was pretty moving. Greetings from Gran Canaria (Spain) and keep up your AWESOME work!

Nick Bellino : When I was in asl class I was like what if someone did rap god in asl lol 😂😂😂

Aja Gaines : Give her props this is really impressive, I'm working on my ASL I understand some things and I can say some things also, but anyway I love this ❤️❤️❤️

M. Pearl Xiao : I think it's amazing what you do for those who are deaf! I am not familiar with ASL but this was very entertaining to watch but I can imagine how meaningful a good interpretation can be compared to a standarized musical interpretation.

Naotix Xaoti : Amber, you are totally awesome! love the RHCP live show of you.

Brianna Moore : Holy cow. Someone get slim on the phone, this is impressive 🙊

anime lover girl : i know her shes so cool this guy at my school actually showed a video of her doing it

ClandestineGirl16X : damn!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

AuraBreaker : Who else clicked on this just to see the fast part?

David Garcia : you should do “ BODAK YELLOW BY CARDI B ! “

Patrick Coombe : AE here because they googled the sign language interpreter from hurricane Irma on the news, and found this video?

Military Doughboy : O shit

MaxwellHUB : It's like typing prints from Naruto :D

Jaysen Maze : Guess she's the Eminem of signing??

Timur Karchava : You are all here only for this: 4:20

РЫБА : How about one of Young Thug songs?

Anna R. : I wish this had CC bc I don't know ASL but it can help me learn how to do these songs without listening so I know what signs go to what words correctly.

Cynthi.aa. Nugget : ahhh amazing you deserve soooo many likes. you are talented for signing this whole song lmao.

Anthony Kapteyn : Shitttttt I have always wanted to learn how to sign this!!!!

Kurt Rozentaun : I am not deaf but this this AMAZING!!! Interesting to read reactions of real deaf people to this video)

perryphd : Dannngggggg.

robin malette : you're beautiful and amazing

Ralph Torres : 4:30 Bitch throwin up gangsigns

Ryn Jo : Woah !

Stan The man : I'm proud of myself for understanding most of this

MaulingPenguins : I don't know asl but I am absolutely in love with these ladies bringing music to the deaf!

Maris Wallag : WOW! This is crazy awesome!

diane t : Mind Blown!!! That was amazing!! I don't understand ASL completely...i can get by..but this ...this is insane!! wow. this right here could inspire many and unleash the music in the heart and souls within those who are hearing impaired

Mr. Collective : What type of ninjutsu is this?

Robert Fincher : and you're an asl God, lol :)

Itznotme12 : The ending is hard

Sample S : Я ничего не понимаю, потому что я не глухой

Георгий Кириленко : Это выглядит лучше чем оригинал.

anime lover girl : im just starting to learn how to do sign language

Саштинский : Ставь лайк если ты с Лентача!

Mya Rose : This should go viral

anastasia mi : нахуя?

Louis Dirty : Это забавно!

Nick Bellino : Lol

Кирилл Бибиков : Игорь Синяк?

Nelogic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haehT63KUVU

Jesus Christ : Die!

nukerman : WOW !

Logan Russo : хуя хуярит

Владимир Васильев : amazing!

Brenda T : AMBER, you are   A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!!!!

Alexis Bell : I love to watch these and point out signs that I've been learning

DMT : Amazing how different Klayton looks nowadays.