Cerro Gordo Ghost Town for Sale
Random Ghost Town for Sale

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Cerro Gordo provides the rare opportunity to own your own Ghost Town and Mining Operation. For those looking to acquire a piece of American West, Cerro Gordo is for you. The townsite has 24,000 square feet of buildings remaining. including the incredibly historic hotel, the Belshaw bunkhouse, hoist house, super intendents house - nearly 22 buildings in all. The property expands over 300 acres of patented mining claims. Held by the same family for decades and only available for purchase now. The site has been extremely well protected from diggers. artifact looters and Mother Nature herself. Restoration has been undertaken on most of the buildings. and the rest are in a state of protected arrested decay. The site is historic as the first major mining camp south of the Sierra Nevada. Cerro Gordo is a privately-owned Mining Town located in the Owens Valley near Lone Pine, California. The town was the silver thread to Los Angeles, being partially responsible for its growth and economic development. Please view www.GhostTownForSale.com for more information.


Zombie Rofl : RDR2! This is freaking cool!

Api Vaping : Now that is weird, a still running/working souvenir shop (hotel) in a Ghost Town!

J de Lange : Westworld theme park?

John : I have 200.00 cash

Bettinafilms : just saw in in the German main paper (Bild), you will find a buyer soon. Love the place, don't have the purse sorry

Lanny : Don't the metal sheds and the propane tanks take away from the 1872. vibe?

Alejandro Cervantes : My grandpa would take us up to june lake every year and we would stop by bodie and it was my favorite. I loved it. This brings back memories

JB_XYZ : so beautiful. a dream really. but I bet there are lots of spiders and scorpions.

Kogaion78 : thay's the whole town ???.....or just the toilet.......

Kaaskop84 : You bought it!

Brett Houston Tube : Lovely place Could use a few interior shots...

Mee Lango : Looks pretty dry. Where are the water coming from?

Ian Walker : I played this through on .25 speed and the Last of Us vibe was chilling. I could feel Joel setting on a porch, picking away, while Ellie took care of her baby, in between despatching the odd infected that strayed over the hill... Great place for a series - Netflix? TLOU? now that would be outstanding!

Kavukamari : why does this look EXACTLY like goodsprings in NV

mjazzguitar : The cartels might want it.

Spdfreakls1 : Would you allow me permission to use this video for a Cerro Gordo historical video? I will absolutely give credit and a link to your original video in it. thanks

Tom Baars : This place reminds me of Las Brujas (GTA San Andreas)

kniseer1 : is this in Death Valley??

William Mcdonald : American Green should have bought this town instead of Nipton and saved 4 million dollars.

Alejandro Cervantes : If I had a mil I would scoop this so quick. Plz somebody buy this for me

Collin Joseph Neal : Beautiful photography with aerials. Would love to shoot a movie here.

Neckbonz : I wish I would’ve bought it! Very cool place w/lots of history. Been there many times.

Scarlett Begonias : What I would do with that place if I had a few million...

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dcjg2k5 : My dad and I went up there in the early 70's, there were still ore gondolas hanging across some of the canyons. We went into the main winch house, I remember there was an air shaft on the left as you walked towards the winch with a very chilly 30 mile an hour wind blowing out of it. I was told the wind was due to the depth of the main shaft and the air pressure difference between the top of the vertical shaft and the lowest horizontal shaft which opened close to ground level 8000 feet below. As I recall there was a depth indicator on the winch wheel showing 9000 feet, I couldn't resist kicking a broken piece of brick into the opening between the shaft wall and the elevator, seems like it took forever to hit bottom.

Jay Douglas : Wish I knew the music used in this video ! It very soothing.

2A556FMJ : Saw it was sold, is it still open to drive through?

chris branch : Lol, my normal size house is worth the same as this whole town

loi447 ! : is it still up for sale?

Lillian Storm : Wie is hier door het Jeugdjournaal?

Samuel Freeman : Hi there! I work with Weather.com, and we would love to feature your footage on our website and mobile app. With your permission and credit to you, would this be possible? Thanks!

drmaxis935 : New Vegas 2 looks great!

GuruTommy : What about water?

bbtesla : Since the deadly 5G is infecting every town by 2020. A unique draw to your town would be no 5G, no smart meters, no cell towers, no wifi. So, have 1,000,000? Start this coming trend, an oasis free from RF. Hey you Middle American towns that are losing your populations, you too! Make your town a free from RF oasis!

Justin howes : I bet whoever bought it before & before & before...Thought they would find a lot of old relics and coins and gold and after cleaning it out decided they sucked it dry and now sell it to the next sap!

Timmy Thomas jr : I would turn that Town Around..I'll First redo the Roads,Build Stop Signs,and Traffic Lights...Build 20 Homes a Year...Put 10 Gas Stations 7 to 10 Miles away from each other..Build 3 Schools... Fire Stations...Police Station(make sure they are not crooked)..Build 15 fast food restaurants...Build 5 Walmart's 3 Church 3 Town House complexes ,,,apartment buildings etc..it wouldnt look like the Old west anymore.I would make it that Immigrants can live how they want to live and people of all colors can live there..cant be racist,,rapists,pedophiles etc..the town will be Spectacular to live..I'll Rename the Town to...Greensboro or Pleasantville