Cerro Gordo Ghost Town for Sale

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TycoonManTech : red dead redemption 2 looks pretty cool.

Just Plain Ole Tommy : What about water?

Alejandro Cervantes : If I had a mil I would scoop this so quick. Plz somebody buy this for me

Collin Joseph Neal : Beautiful photography with aerials. Would love to shoot a movie here.

Jay Douglas : Wish I knew the music used in this video ! It very soothing.

JB_Calgary : so beautiful. a dream really. but I bet there are lots of spiders and scorpions.

Brett Houston Tube : Lovely place Could use a few interior shots...

Timmy Thomas jr : I would turn that Town Around..I'll First redo the Roads,Build Stop Signs,and Traffic Lights...Build 20 Homes a Year...Put 10 Gas Stations 7 to 10 Miles away from each other..Build 3 Schools... Fire Stations...Police Station(make sure they are not crooked)..Build 15 fast food restaurants...Build 5 Walmart's 3 Church 3 Town House complexes ,,,apartment buildings etc..it wouldnt look like the Old west anymore.I would make it that Immigrants can live how they want to live and people of all colors can live there..cant be racist,,rapists,pedophiles etc..the town will be Spectacular to live..I'll Rename the Town to...Greensboro or Pleasantville

Spdfreakls1 : Would you allow me permission to use this video for a Cerro Gordo historical video? I will absolutely give credit and a link to your original video in it. thanks

Wendy Muir : Some production studio should buy this, add a block of modern housing/office/workshop/tech facilities and use it for location work. It would pay for itself.

drmaxis935 : New Vegas 2 looks great!

mee lango : Looks pretty dry. Where are the water coming from?

life is unfair for now : I have 200.00 cash

chris branch : Lol, my house is worth the same as this whole town

William Mcdonald : American Green should have bought this town instead of Nipton and saved 4 million dollars.

Kogaion78 : thay's the whole town ???.....or just the toilet.......